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Province of Westphalia

"Anita". Fritz, his older brother, was called "Toby", Adolf was "Keffer", Wilhelm-Ferdinand was nicknamed "Wutz" and Paul was called "Paulinchen" or since they were expecting a girl, occasionally "Paula". Early life Lutze was born in Bevergern, Westphalia (Province of Westphalia), the son of a peasant craftsman. After a short career in the post office, he joined the German Army in 1912, serving with the 55th Infantry Regiment. He fought in the 369th Infantry Regiment and 15th Reserve Infantry Regiment during World War I. He became a company commander and was heavily wounded four times, including loss of his left eye. After the war, Lutze became a merchant and joined the police force. DATE OF BIRTH 28 December 1890 PLACE OF BIRTH Bevergern, Westphalia (Province of Westphalia), German Empire DATE OF DEATH 2 May 1943 birth_date At its beginnings, the area was held by the Noble Lords of Gevore-Bilstein. Johann II von Bilstein relinquished his lordly claim to Count Gottfried IV of Arnsberg in 1350. After Johann’s death in 1363, however, Gottfried could not assert his claim to the land of Bilstein and it fell to Count Engelbert III von der Mark. As a result of the Soest Feud, the land of Bilstein, and thereby also the area that is now the community of Kirchhundem, ended up in the ownership of the Archbishop of Cologne in 1445. The area was held by the Electorate of Cologne right up until 1802-1803, its overlordship ending only with Secularization. The former Duchy of Westphalia passed to the Landgrave at Hesse-Darmstadt. He introduced, through many reforms after 350 years of church control, the end of the Middle Ages in the southern Sauerland. After Napoleon’s (Napoleon I of France) abdication, Grand Duke Ludwig I (Louis I, Grand Duke of Hesse) also had to relinquish his holdings in Prussia, which he had only acquired a few years earlier. The area was incorporated into the newly formed Prussian Province of Westphalia. Under Prussian governance, other reforms were implemented. Among other things, the ''Amt (Amt (administrative division))'' of Kirchhundem, the current community’s forerunner, was brought into being in the course of the introduction of the ''Landgemeindeordnung'' (“Rural Community Ordinance”) in 1843. G. Becker, M. Vormberg: ''Kirchhundem, Geschichte des Amtes und der Gemeinde.'' Thus the area became a member of the newly founded administrative district of Minden in the Province of Westphalia. In 1816, in the process of forming the new Districts of Germany, Alfen, Nordborchen, Kirchborchen and Dörenhagen were integrated into the district of Paderborn, whereas Etteln became a member of the district of Büren (Büren (district)). In 1856 the Kingdom of Hanover opened the southern railway (''Südbahn'') from Hanover to Kassel with a station in Elze. After the annexation by Prussia (Kingdom of Prussia) in 1866, the town became an important railway junction with the building of the ''Weserbahn'' branch-off to Löhne in Westphalia (Province of Westphalia) by entrepreneur Bethel Henry Strousberg, finished in 1875. Elze is also the junction of the Bundesstraße 1 and Bundesstraße 3 federal highways.

Huntsville, Ontario

. October 20, 1961, in Mimico, Ontario ) is a Canadian (Canada) musician, filmmaker, and survival expert (survivalism) best known as the creator, writer, producer, director, cameraman and host of the television series ''Survivorman''. After a short career behind the scenes in the music industry, Stroud became a full-time wilderness guide, survival instructor and musician based in Huntsville, Ontario. Stroud has produced survival-themed programming for The Outdoor Life Network (OLN), The Discovery Channel, The Science Channel, and YTV (YTV (TV channel)). The survival skills imparted from watching Stroud's television programs have been cited by several people as the reason they lived through harrowing wilderness ordeals. The company operates eight retail stores, located in Bobcaygeon, Minden (Minden, Ontario), Bancroft (Bancroft, Ontario), Lindsay (Lindsay, Ontario), Uxbridge (Uxbridge, Ontario), Huntsville (Huntsville, Ontario), and Peterborough (Peterborough, Ontario) and Barrie. Ontario provincial police (w:Ontario provincial police) (OPP) are also investigating two other bodies this long weekend in May. Human remains were found in a construction area near Barrie (w:Barrie, Ontario) and a body was also found near Huntsville (w:Huntsville, Ontario) in a roadside ditch. A firebombing at a Royal Bank of Canada (w:Royal Bank of Canada) branch in Ottawa (w:Ottawa) has resulted in an urgent call for OPP re-inforcements. Ontario security has been increased in preparation for the June 26-27 G20 summit (w:2010 G-20 Toronto summit) at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (w:Metro Toronto Convention Centre) and the G8 summit in Huntsville and the ensuing arrival of international leaders and delegations.

South Beach

Calgary Herald '''Ocean Drive''' is a major thoroughfare in the South Beach neighborhood of Miami Beach (Miami Beach, Florida), Florida, United States. After a short career as a police officer, Wheeler focused full time on becoming a professional bodybuilder, taking the nickname 'Flex'. He competed for the first time in 1983 but it was not until 1989 that he secured a first-place trophy at the NPC Mr. California Championships. Since then, he has placed second at the 1993 Mr. Olympia, narrowly missing a win (something he was to repeat in 1998 and 1999). He is a 5-time Ironman Pro winner, 4-time Arnold Classic winner, and has enjoyed victories in the France Grand Prix, South Beach Pro Invitational, Night of Champions and Hungarian (Hungary) Grand Prix. The '''General Douglas MacArthur Causeway''' is a six-lane causeway which connects Downtown (Downtown Miami), Miami, Florida and South Beach, Miami Beach (Miami Beach, Florida) via Biscayne Bay. Synopsis Vincent and Matt are two friends from Brooklyn who decide to move to glamorous South Beach in order to seek out better opportunities. Vincent has aims of meeting with beautiful women and getting ahead by any means necessary, while Matt supposedly only wants to make enough money to go back to university, since his dad blew his college fund. However, as it turns out, Matt has other reasons for going to South Beach as well. Urban Beach Week - South Beach, Florida '''Urban Beach Week''' is a hip-hop festival held in Miami's South Beach over the Memorial Day weekend since 2001. http: 2011 05 27 v-fullstory 2238253 miami-beach-memorial-day-parties.html Urban Beach Week has been likened to a de-facto continuation of Freaknik's cultural activities. http: 2011 05 urban-beach-weekend-in-miami-tarnished.html Synopsis The show followed the lives of ten male and female fashion models (model (person)) from Irene Marie Models living together in Miami (Miami, Florida)'s South Beach area. The restaurants featured a distinctive exterior design with South Beach-inspired pastels trimmed with pink and blue neon lights and interiors decorated in a tropical motif. The '''Winter Music Conference''' is a weeklong electronic music conference, held every March since the mid-1980s in Miami, Florida, United States. Venues are hosted primarily in Downtown Miami and Miami's South Beach. It is aimed at professionals such as artists, DJs, record label representatives (A&R) (A&R), producer (music producer)s, promoter (Promoter (entertainment))s, radio and the media (News media). * ''Ol' One Tooth'', 1978, Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs (Palm Springs, California) * ''Sea Change'', 1978, South Beach Park, Pier 40, San Francisco * ''Isis'', 1978, North Harbor Drive & Laurel Street, San Diego Posner was fired for expressing her opinion on a YouTube (w:YouTube) video about regulations affecting her South Beach (w:South Beach) neighborhood. Like many rejuvenated (w:urban renewal) communities in the United States, Posner's historic south Fifth Street (w:Ocean Drive) has become the Tribeca (w:Tribeca) of Miami, a fashionable, trendy nightspot with a maelstrom of growth in hotels, restaurants and boutiques that have out-priced many long-term residents.




in the German (Germany) state of Hesse). Her father's name was Graumann. In her adolescence her family fortunes failed, so she travelled at the age of 22 to Vienna to study voice. Thereafter she went to Paris and studied with Manuel García II (Manuel Patricio Rodríguez García), who was to have the foremost influence on her. She made her debut as a singer in 1844, and had a short career in opera and recital. Her voice, however, was only adequate, so she moved to teaching in 1849. In 1852


series) All Creatures Great and Small '', ''Ennal's Point'', ''Survivors'', ''Oil Strike North'', ''Blake's 7'', ''Nekromanteia (Nekromanteia (Doctor Who audio))''. He also appeared in a 1978 episode, "Rogue", of ''The Professionals (The Professionals (TV series))'', in which he played a corrupt (Political corruption) CI5 agent. His short career as a policeman also stood him in good stead to play the role of Wally, an alcoholic ex-policeman, in an episode of the fourth series of the Sweeney called "Money, Money, Money". 2010s On July 7, 2011, the band opened the twelfth Exit Festival (Exit (festival)) with their performance on the Main Stage. WikiPedia:Blackpool Commons:Category:Blackpool


WikiPedia:Chad Dmoz:Regional Africa Chad Commons:Category:Chad


, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, China (Kwangsi and Kwangtung), Taiwan and Indonesia (Endeh, Flores, east Java, Komodo (Komodo (island)), Lomblen Islands). - The Skyraiders had only a short career in Algeria. But they nonetheless proved to be the most successful of all the ad hoc COIN aircraft deployed by the French. The Skyraider remained in limited French service until the 1970s. ref name

;date September 2009" date September 2009 ) was a famous Cambodian singer during the nation's thriving cultural renaissance. She sang from a variety of genres but romantic ballads emerged as her most popular works. Despite a rather short career she is credited with producing hundreds of songs and even starring in a few movies. Details of her life and fate during the Khmer Rouge is relatively unknown but it is generally accepted she did not survive.


21 birth_place Tokyo, Japan death_date is a Japanese voice actress (Seiyū) employed by 81 Produce. DATE OF BIRTH September 21, 1961 PLACE OF BIRTH Tokyo, Japan DATE OF DEATH Often, ''tarento'', whether men or women, have notoriously short career spans (around one or two years), and their earning capabilities are not as high

. Kado went on to wrestle fourteen more matches in her short career, losing every one. In her last match, on March 31, 1999, she teamed up with Michiko Omukai to face the team of Mariko Yoshida and Mikiko Futugami. About 22 minutes into the match she suffered a serious injury from a blow to the head, later discovered to be a sprained acute membrane in her brain. Kado was rushed to a hospital in Fukuoka (Fukuoka, Fukuoka), where she died from internal bleeding on April 9. death_place


''' (Rezső Charousek) , Dmoz:Regional Europe Czech Republic Regions Prague Commons:Category:Prague Wikipedia:Prague

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