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longEW E elevation_footnotes elevation_m -8 elevation_ft postal_code_type Postal code postal_code 130000 area_code +7 7292 registration_plate 12, R website ) in 1964–1991, is one of the biggest cities of western Kazakhstan, and the country's main seaport on the Caspian Sea. It is located on the Mangyshlak

''' ( ), for the Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko who spent 1850–1857 in political exile in Novopetrovskoye (Fort-Shevchenko), about

and History Museum *The Drama Theatre *Yntymak Square *Monuments of Famous people of the past: Kashagan, Zhalau Mynbayev and Taras Shevchenko thumb Shevchenko monument in Aktau (File:Shevchenko monument Aktau.jpg) thumb View of the seaside (File:Aktau beach.jpg) Time capsule In 1967 the people of Aktau erected


, 1848, the fortress of Orsk was home of the exiled Ukrainian (Ukrainians) poet and painter Taras Shevchenko. In 1861, the fortress was decommissioned and became a station of the Orenburg Cossack (Cossacks) army. In 1865, Orsk was granted the city status and became the uyezd center in Orenburg Governorate. The city grew dramatically starting from the 1870s. The population was mainly occupied with trade in cattle and grain, reprocessing

175 km sp us west at a location called Krasnogor, or "Red Hill," in 1741, but this settlement failed. A third Orenburg was successfully established by Ivan Neplyuyev at its present location approximately west down the Ural from Orsk in 1743. This third Orenburg functioned as an important military outpost on the frontier with the nomadic Kazakhs. It became the center for the Orenburg Cossacks. Shevchenko was imprisoned in Saint Petersburg

. He was exiled as a private (Private (rank)) with the Russian military Orenburg garrison at Orsk, near Orenburg, near the Ural Mountains. Tsar (Tsar#Russia) Nicholas I (Nicholas I of Russia), confirming his sentence, added to it, "Under the strictest surveillance, without the right to write or paint." Outside of Ukraine, monuments to Shevchenko have been put up in several locations of the former USSR associated with his legacy, both in the Soviet and the post


) *Odessa National Law Academy (branch) There is a number of colleges (both state and private): *Cherkasy Medical College *Cherkasy State Business College *Cherkasy Commercial Technical School *Cherkasy Musical College *Cherkasy Cooperative Economics and Law College Several public libraries are serving the city – Central Library of Lesia Ukrainka, City Library for Youth and Children, Central Oblast Library of Taras Shevchenko. Culture and recreation Cherkasy is a big

are: *Cherkasy Oblast Local History Museum – the collection of artifacts from the history, nature, culture, and ethnography of Cherkasy Oblast. *"Kobzar (Kobzar (book))" Museum of Taras Shevchenko – the only museum in the world about one book. *Cherkasy Art Museum – big museum where different exhibitions are held throughout the year. *Cherkasy Literary Memorial Museum of Vasyl Symonenko. *Cherkasy Museum of Vyshyvanka Theaters and Music

thumb left 230px Cherkasy Philharmonic (File:Cherkasy Philharmonic, Cherkasy, Ukraine.jpg) There are several theaters in Cherkasy, such as: *Taras Shevchenko Ukrainian Academic Drama Theatre of Cherkasy *Cherkasy Academic Puppet Theater *Youth Theater "Suchasnyk" The city has its own philharmonic, which was created in 1955. The big cultural center is concert hall "Druzhba Narodiv" (Friendship of Nations), where all major concerts are held. Besides, there are numerous


* Monument of Eternal Glory, Kyivs'ka Street * Bust of Olenko Dundych, T.H. Shevchenko Park * Monument to Taras Shevchenko, T.G. Shevchenko Park; Statue on Nezalezhnosti Plaza * Memorial to Warriors' Glory, Dubens'ka Street, Rivne Military Cemetery (1975, by M.L. Farina, architect-N.A. Dolgansky)thumb 163x163px Monument to Dmytro Klyachkivsky (File:Пам'ятник Климу Савуру 01.JPG) * Monument to the Warrior and the Partisan, Peremohy Plaza (1948 by I.Ya. Matveenko) * Monument to General Klym

with: * Radomsko County in Poland Images File:Prospekt Miru-Rivne.jpg Prospect Miru (Peace Avenue) File:Soborna Street-Rivne 2.JPG Soborna (Cathedral) Street File:Maidan Nezalezhnosti-Rivne.jpg Independence square with theatre and statue of Taras Shevchenko File:Railway Station-Rivne.JPG Railway terminal File:Monument

;vertical-align:top;" File:Taras Shevchenko Sculpture in Kharkov.jpg Monument in Kharkiv, Ukraine File:Taras Shevchenko Statue in Rivne.JPG Statue in Rivne, Ukraine File:Shevchenko-Moscow.jpg Monument in Moscow, Russia Transportation Kovel is the north-western hub of the Ukrainian rail system (railroad), with six rail lines radiating outward from the city. The first of these was built in 1873, connecting the city with Brest-Litovsk and Rivne. In 1877


. People and culture thumb 200px Theater (File:Театр Тирасполь thumb 200px Orthodox church in Shevchenko Street (File:Tiraspolskaya-Dubosarskaya-Church-2005.jpg) Demographics The population of the city was about 190,000 in 1989 and about 203,000 in 1992. 41% were Russians, 32% Ukrainians and 18% were Moldovans. As result of the political and economic situation that followed the proclamation of the independent (unrecognized) Transnistria

) was an avant-garde Russian painter. Life and work Mikhail Larionov was born at Tiraspol, near Odessa in the Russian Empire. In 1898 he entered the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture under Isaac Levitan and Valentin Serov. He was suspended three times for his radical outlook. In 1900 he met Natalia Goncharova and formed a lifelong relationship with her. He studied at the faculty of mathematics and physics of the T. G. Shevchenko

;'' 09:17, 27 April 2006 (UTC) '''Sheriff Stadium''' is home to Sheriff Tiraspol, a football team based in Tiraspol, capital of Transnistria, and owned by the local Sheriff corporation (Sheriff (company)). It seats 14,300 spectators. http: eng club stadium It is eligible for international events, that is why Moldova national football team plays some of their international home matches on this stadium.


is an interesting option as it allows ferry connections to Sakhalin and further on to Wakkanai in Japan – more details in the Russia to Japan via Sakhalin itinerary. The international trains are Khabarovsk-Harbin, ongoing twice a week and Khabarovsk-Pyongyang on special days. By boat * If you

See thumb 250px The Far East Regional Museum (File:Khabarovsk territorial museum.JPG) The Far Eastern Museums There is a fantastic cluster of top notch museums along Shevchenko Street, just behind the tall blue-domed Church of Theotokos on Komsomolskaya Square towards the river and stadium. Not only are the museums some of the best in the far east, they also make their home in some impressive century-old buildings dating back to before the revolution. After a visit, the nice river

promenade is just a short walk away, so you can wash all that new found knowledge away with some pivos in good company. *


Oblast administration building, Bottom centre: Choral Synagogue (Kharkiv Choral Synagogue), Bottom right: Taras Shevchenko Monument image_flag Kharkiv-town-flag.svg image_shield Kharkiv-town-herb.svg shield_size 90px image_blank_emblem KharkivSmartCity.jpg image_map Charkiw-Ukraine-Map.png nickname The First Capital of Ukrainian SSR, Первая столица. АТН, 19 декабря 2002 г.

The Kharkiv Conservatory is in the city. Landmarks Of the many attractions of the Kharkiv city are the: Derzhprom building, Memorial Complex, Freedom Square (Freedom Square, Kharkiv), Taras Shevchenko Monument, Mirror Stream, Dormition Cathedral (Assumption Cathedral, Kharkiv), Historical Museum, Choral Synagogue (Kharkov Choral Synagogue), Annunciation Cathedral (Annunciation Cathedral, Kharkiv), T. Shevchenko Gardens, Zoo, Children's narrow-gauge

)'' - style "vertical-align:top;" Monuments and memorials There are many monuments to Shevchenko throughout Ukraine, most notably at his memorial in Kaniv and in the center of Kiev, just across from the Kiev University that bears his name. The Kiev Metro station, Tarasa Shevchenka (Tarasa Shevchenka (Kiev Metro)), is also dedicated to Shevchenko. Among other notable monuments to the poet located throughout Ukraine are the ones in Kharkiv (in front of the Shevchenko


linking the train station to the historical center. In the eastern part, Oktyabr'skiy Avenue and Shevchenko Street lead to Rezh. The town is relatively small and easily explored by foot. If you need a lift, flag down one of the minibuses running from the train station to the historical center, which is at the bus stop ''universam Yuzhny'' (универсам «Южный»), at 23 Lenina St. Taxi * '''Gorod''' (Город): +7 (34356) 2-22-22, 2-33-99 * '''Iva''' (Ива): +7 (34356)&

they otherwise would. * '''Lebyazhka Mountain''' is a pretty hillock in a suburb northeast of Nevyansk. It is likely the best place for those who seek a panoramic view of the town and distant mountains. To reach the top, follow Shevchenko Street towards Rezh and bear left at the point where the main road veers right (Gorodskaya Street). With sufficient driving skill, the top is also accessible by car. Do *


320400 align right 354809 align center 2 Pavlodar Province ----- style "height:60px" Image:Egypt.Aswan.Mosque.02.jpg El-Tabia Mosque with two minarets in Aswan, Egypt. File:Центральная мечеть Павлодара.JPG The four minarets in Mashkhur Jusup central mosque, Pavlodar , Kazakhstan. File:Minaret of a mosque in the center of jubail town proper. Saudi Arabia.4-23-2010.jpg A Minaret of a Mosque in central Jubail, Saudi Arabia. * Fort-Shevchenko

– Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko *Pavlodar – Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich of Russia. *Petropavl – Saint Peter and Saint Paul. - PWQ UASP Pavlodar Airport Pavlodar, Kazakhstan - ) (born 15 June 1954 in Pavlodar, Kazakh SSR, Soviet Union) has served as the Minister of Defense and General of the Military of Kazakhstan Army


'''Streets:''' Vulytsia Marshala Malinovskogo, Vulytsia Molodogvardiiska, Vulytsia Semaforna, Vulytsia Tomska, Vulytsia Kosmonavta Volkova, Vulytsia 20 rokiv Peremogy, Vulytsia Gavanska '''Areas:''' Chapli, Pridniprovsk, Igren, Rybalske (Fischersdorf), Odinkovka, Shevchenko, Pivnichnyi Estate, Nizhnedniprovsk-Vuzel. Cityscape

demography of the city. Culture Attractions thumb left Entrance to the Taras Shevchenko (File:Taras Shevchenko Park (Entrance).jpg) Park in Dnipropetrovsk. The city has a variety of theatres (plus an Opera) and museums of interest to tourists. There are also several parks, restaurants and beaches. The major streets of the city were renamed in honour of Marxist heroes during the Soviet era. The central thoroughfare is known as Karla Marksa Prospekt, a, wide and long boulevard

. On the square, there are some remarkable buildings: the Museum of History, Diorama "Battle for the Dnieper River (World War II (Eastern Front (World War II)))", and also the park in which one can rest in the hot summer. Walking down the hill to the Dnieper River, one arrives in the large Taras Shevchenko Park (which is on the right bank of the river) and on

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