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North Battleford

to 1996. Eiling Kramer was born in 1914, in the North Battleford district. After attending school in Highworth, Eiling became a rancher and an auctioneer before pursuing a lifetime of public service. He is remembered as one of the most charming and colourful characters to grace Saskatchewan's political scene. He is the longest-serving member in the history of Saskatchewan's Legislative Assembly. First elected in 1952 as the member of the Legislative Assembly for North Battleford, Eiling won re-election in every campaign he contested. He served as a Cabinet minister in the New Democratic Party of Saskatchewan governments under Woodrow Lloyd and Allan Blakeney, managing portfolios that included the departments of Natural Resources, Co-operation and Co-operatives, and Highways. He was involved with the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, the Sherwood Co-op Association, the Saskatchewan Farmers' Union, and the Lions and Cosmopolitan Clubs. In Saskatchewan, Cree protesters blockaded the Yellowhead Highway near North Battleford in solidarity with the Six Nations (Iroquois) protesters in Caledonia. Following negotiations with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the roadblock was removed after about two hours. Wikipedia:North Battleford

San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago

served as Member of Parliament for the San Fernando (San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago) East constituency since 1971 and is currently the longest-serving member of the House of Representatives (House of Representatives of Trinidad and Tobago). Biographical Summary of the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, from NALIS, the National Library and Information Service of Trinidad and Tobago Manning was born in San Fernando and received his secondary education at Presentation College, San Fernando (San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago), and his Bachelor's Degree from the University of the West Indies at Mona (Mona, Jamaica), in 1969. After graduation he returned to Trinidad where he worked as a geologist for Texaco. He entered Parliament (Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago) in 1971 representing the San Fernando East constituency. DATE OF BIRTH 17 August 1946 PLACE OF BIRTH San Fernando (San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago), Trinidad and Tobago DATE OF DEATH birth_date The '''Hosay massacre''' (also known as the '''Hosay riots''' or the '''Jahaji massacre''') took place on Thursday October 30, 1884 in San Fernando, Trinidad (San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago) when the British colonial authorities fired on participants in the annual Hosay procession (the local name for the Shi'a (Shi'a Islam) Festival of Muharram (Remembrance of Muharram)) who had been banned from entering the town. '''Sydney Gordon Smith''', born at San Fernando (San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago), Trinidad on 15 January 1881, and died at Auckland, New Zealand, on 25 October 1963, was a cricketer who had three distinct careers, playing for Trinidad (Trinidad and Tobago cricket team) in the West Indies, for Northamptonshire (Northamptonshire County Cricket Club) in England and for Auckland (Auckland cricket team) in New Zealand. He also played for representative sides – for the West Indies (West Indian cricket team) side that toured England in 1906 (West Indian cricket team in England in 1906); for the MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club) sides that toured the West Indies in 1910-11 (English cricket team in West Indies in 1910-11) and 1912-13 (English cricket team in West Indies in 1912-13); and for New Zealand (New Zealand cricket team) in pre-Test cricket matches against MCC and Australian (Australian cricket team) sides. Headquarters and club station TTARS headquarters is currently located at Boy Scouts' Headquarters in Port of Spain, Trinidad. It houses a well equipped station covering all HF (High frequency) amateur radio bands on most modes and a packet radio digipeater. The club station is managed by a club custodian and open to guests to operate during some weekday evenings. A second TTARS sponsored station with the callsign 9Y4PCS in San Fernando (San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago) operates out of Presentation College and is managed by Anthony Lee-Mack, 9Y4AL, who is a teacher at the school.


Olympics Athens 2004 Olympics , is a bronze. * Christos Armandos Gezos, novelist and poet. * Kostas Kaznezis, Greek Army general in the Greek War of Independence. Banac, Ackerman, Szporluk, Vucinich, 1981: p. 46 * Spiro Koleka (1908–2001), long-serving member of the Politburo of the Party of Labour of Albania, one of the few members of the Greek minority serving in the Socialist People's Republic of Albania political system. Pettifer James, Poulton Hugh. ''The Southern Balkans. Minority Rights Group, 1994, ISBN 978-1-897693-75-9: "some Greeks rose to high positions under the one party state, with an ethnic Greek, Spiro Koleka, from the minority southern village of Himarë" * Petro Marko, one of the most famous Albanian writers of the post World War II era. Marko, Petro. Intervistë me vetveten (Retë dhe gurët) (memories). OMSCA, 2000. 99927-40-33-7 * Zachos Milios (1805–1860), Greek Army (Hellenic Army) officer and revolutionary. * Paskal Milo politician *Neço Muko, famous Albanian musician of the 1920s and creator of the ''avaz himariote'' music genre that became identified with Himarë. * Robert Ndrenika, actor * Andon Qesari, actor and director * Sotiris Ninis football player of Parma F.C. (Serie A) * Athanasios Pipis (-1821), revolutionary of the Greek War of Independence, from Vuno. * Spyromilios (1800–1880), Greek Army general and politician. * Spyros Spyromilios (1864–1930), Greek Gendarmerie officer, declared the region's autonomy (1914). * Pyrros Spyromilios (1913–1961), Greek Navy (Hellenic Navy) officer and director of the Greek Radio Orchestra. * Andreas Tatos (1989-), football player of Olympiakos F.C. (Greek Superleague). The success in the Epirus front enabled the Greek headquarters to transfer part of the army to Thessaloniki, in preparation for a confrontation against the Bulgarians (Kingdom of Bulgaria).

Hamilton, New Zealand

Panapa, Bryce Casey and Andrew Mulligan. The show is aired weekday mornings between 5:30am and 9am. Rog is the longest-serving member of The Rumble, having been a co-host on the show since its inception alongside Nick Trott. Trott left the show in 2006, when he moved back to his home town of Hamilton (Hamilton, New Zealand) in Waikato to work on the morning show on More FM. Leah Panapa also began working on the show in its early years, reading the news. Up until recently, Paul Ego was part of the show, and initially worked as the show's producer, and in addition to his duties on The Morning Rumble is an accomplished comedian, who fronts comedy TV show 7 Days. Paul left in March 2011. Bryce has attempted to break two world records during his tenure on the show, his most notable attempt being to break the record for the longest time ten-pin bowling continuously. He fell short by only a few hours. The '''''Waikato Times''''' is a daily broadsheet newspaper published in Hamilton, New Zealand, with a circulation to the greater Waikato region. New Zealand's Rhema broadcasts in the Waikato on 855 AM, from Hamilton (Hamilton, New Zealand). It also has a low-powered station in Tokoroa on 99.7 FM. Easy Listening began broadcasting in Hamilton (Hamilton, New Zealand) in 1993 when local station Easy Listening 97FM was rebranded as '''Easy Listening i97FM''' with the station remaining local until 1995 when programming was replaced with Auckland based programming. In 1996 the station was sold to The Radio Network and at the time in Hamilton the station reverted back to local programming but the format of the station mirrored that of Easy Listening i98FM in Auckland. In 1999 Easy Listening was dropped from the Waikato market and replaced with Newstalk ZB on this frequency. The Radio Vault - Hamilton - North Island Main Trunk Railway Wellington - Palmerston North - Taumarunui - Hamilton (Hamilton, New Zealand) - Auckland On 11 July 2006, Te Atairangi Kaahu suffered a possible heart attack and was admitted to intensive care in Waikato Hospital, Hamilton (w:Hamilton, New Zealand). She was discharged from hospital later in the month, in time to celebrate her 75th birthday. She died at her home in Ngaruawahia (w:Ngaruawahia). Earlier last week New Zealand Post announced that it would temporarily stop delivering mail to three streets in Hamilton (w:Hamilton, New Zealand) due to gang violence. The three streets includes 120 houses on Tennyson Road, Dryden Road, and Emerson Place, all the streets are located in Fairfield (w:Fairfield, Hamilton). Fiona Mayo, spokeswoman for New Zealand Post, said that if they had allowed posties to continue with services then they wouldn't be acting responsibly as an employer. The two-day postal delivery suspension placed on three streets in Hamilton (w:Hamilton, New Zealand), New Zealand (w:New Zealand) has been lifted by New Zealand Post (w:New Zealand Post) and the posties are back to work delivering mail.

St. Catharines

'''Vegfest''' is an annual vegetarian (vegetarian food) food festival held in numerous locations around the world including Seattle, Portland (Portland, Oregon), Detroit, Salt Lake City, Boston, New York (New York City), Washington, DC, Jacksonville, Florida, Tampere and similar events in San Francisco, Toronto, Ottawa and St. Catharines. The festivals promote veganism and vegetarianism, healthy lifestyles, environmentalism, community spirit and animal rights. * Kerr Hall, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario * Ridley College, St. Catharines, Ontario * Upper Canada College, Toronto, Ontario - Brock University Badgers (Brock Badgers) St. Catharines ON (Ontario) 1964 Seymour-Hannah Sports & Entertainment Centre 1,400 - After graduating from Ridley College in St. Catharines, Ontario, he attended the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal, Quebec and University of Windsor in Ontario. Niagara Region (Regional Municipality of Niagara) The Niagara region on the south shore of Lake Ontario is home to nearly 3,000 Filipinos. They form a tight knit community concentrated in the cities of St. Catharines and Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls, Ontario). Niagara-on-the-lake (Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario) is home to a very successful community and the only town to have had a Filipino mayor in Canada, Arturo Viola. *Highway 405 (Ontario Highway 405): QEW north of Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls, Ontario) – U.S. border at Queenston (Queenston, Ontario) *Highway 406 (Ontario Highway 406): E Main St. (Niagara Road 27) in Thorold – QEW in St. Catharines, a Super-2 (super two) with at-grade intersections between Port Robinson Rd. and E Main St. (Niagara Road 27) *Highway 407 (Ontario Highway 407): Burlington, Ontario


England (Part III: Parliamentary Constituencies) Royal Historical Society, London, 1991. The serving member for Peterborough (Peterborough (UK Parliament constituency)) is the Conservative (Conservative Party (UK)), Stewart Jackson MP , who defeated Labour's (Labour Party (UK)) Helen Clark (Helen Clark (UK politician)) in the 2005 general election (United Kingdom general election, 2005). In 1997 the North West Cambridgeshire (UK Parliament

constituency) North West Cambridgeshire constituency was formed, incorporating parts of the city and neighbouring Huntingdonshire. The serving member is the Conservative, Shailesh Vara MP , who succeeded the (then) Rt Hon Dr. Sir Brian Mawhinney, former Secretary of State for Transport and Chairman of the Conservative Party, in 2005. Mawhinney, who had previously served as Member of Parliament for Peterborough from 1979, was created Baron (life peer) Mawhinney of Peterborough in the county of Cambridgeshire later that year. Peterborough and North West Cambridgeshire are included in the East of England (East of England (European Parliament constituency)) constituency for elections to the European Parliament. It currently elects seven members (Member of the European Parliament) using the d'Hondt method of party-list proportional representation. Local government WikiPedia:Peterborough Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Cambridgeshire Peterborough Commons:Category:Peterborough


the lead vocals. Subsequently, he became permanent lead. Moore had a string of hits with the group in the 1960s, most notably "Saturday Night At The Movies", "Come On Over To My Place", "At The Club" and "Up In The Streets Of Harlem". He remained with the group touring the United Kingdom from early 1970 to 1999, establishing him as the group's longest-serving member. '''''Artie Lange's Beer League''''' is a 2006 film written, produced


, 1943) is a member of the Canadian Senate. Born in Barbados, with her appointment, she became the first Black Canadian (Black Canadians) to be appointed to Canada's upper house. She is currently the longest-serving member of the Senate, since the retirement of Lowell Murray on September 26, 2011. DATE OF BIRTH August 12, 1943 PLACE OF BIRTH Barbados, British West Indies DATE OF DEATH In the spring of 1805, Admiral Cornwallis was replaced by an ailing Lord Gardner (Alan Gardner, 1st Baron Gardner) who allowed the close blockade to be slackened. On 30 March the French fleet escaped from Toulon and reached Cádiz on 9 April. The French and Spanish (Spain) squadrons sailed separately from there and joined forces in Martinique on 26 May. On 15 May Collingwood and his squadron of seven ships received orders from the Admiralty to sail for Barbados. Before they could depart; however, Horatio Nelson arrived from the Mediterranean Sea in pursuit of the French, and ''Dreadnought'' proceeded to Cádiz for Collingwood to command a close blockade there. Early in October 1805 Captain John Conn assumed command of ''Dreadnought'', after having brought ''Royal Sovereign'' (HMS Royal Sovereign (1786)) out from England for Vice-Admiral Collingwood. Collingwood and Rotheram then moved to the newly recoppered first rate on the 10 October 1805, leaving Conn in command of the now sluggish ''Dreadnought'', with her barnacled hull badly in need of careening, but nevertheless with a well exercised ship's company, who for months having been under Collingwood's watchful eye, now contained the most efficient gun crews in the fleet. *# Fred Mitchell (Fred Mitchell (Bahamas)) (2002-2007) * '''Barbados''' - Billie Miller (1994-2008) * '''Belize''' - WikiPedia:Barbados Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Barbados Commons:Category:Barbados

Republic of Ireland

of being the second longest-serving member of Dáil Éireann (Records of members of the Oireachtas#Longest-serving former TDs). Widely praised Minister for External Affairs Aiken was Minister for Finance for three years following the war and was involved in economic post–war development, in the industrial, agricultural, educational and other spheres. However, it was his two periods as Minister for External Affairs that Aiken fulfilled his enormous political potential. As Foreign Minister he

;3 Derry City are a team from Northern Ireland who play in the Republic of Ireland's football league. The flag of the Republic of Ireland is used for the purposes of official records as Derry City are a team representing the Football Association of Ireland. '''Declan Bree''' (born 1 July 1951) is an Irish (Republic of Ireland) independent (Independent (politician)) politician who is currently the joint longest-serving member of Sligo Borough Council. He


(newspaper) SME language Slovak accessdate 24 April 2010 He is a member of the National Council of the Slovak Republic and a former member of Christian Democratic Movement. Mikloško was Speaker of the Slovak National Council (List of leaders of Slovak parliaments) from 1990 to 1992. Mikloško is the longest-serving member of parliament in Slovakia. He was also a candidate in the 2004 presidential election (Presidential election in Slovakia 2004) and the Slovak

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