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, there is a public transport and commuter system, with vehicles serving major boulevards. An agreement was signed on August 5, 2007 between Mauritania, Sudan, and China to build a $630 million Mauritania railway (Rail transport in Mauritania) linking the port of Nouakchott and phosphate mines at Bofal, about , it is the home to over 30 international or diplomatic


Qinghai. (Linxia City Travel: Long distance buses) commons:兰州


on the northeastern outskirts of the city, is primarily the hub for shuttle buses serving major towns in nearby counties. '''Zhao Leji''' (

Columbus, Georgia


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Augusta, Georgia

publisher Nielsen Media accessdate 2012-02-07 Georgia's primary commercial airport is Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), and is the world's busiest passenger airport. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Retrieved June 18, 2008. In addition to Hartsfield-Jackson, there are eight other airports serving major commercial traffic in Georgia

United States

. The '''National Highway System (NHS)''' is a network of strategic highways within the United States, including the Interstate Highway System and other roads serving major airports, ports, rail or truck terminals, railway stations, pipeline terminals (pipeline transport) and other strategic transport facilities. '''Todd Alan Brunson''' US Search

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