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. Thousands of visitors come each year to the municipal seat and some of the natural attractions around it. Hiking is popular in the areas on and around the Cerro Grande and the slopes of the volcano. Tourism is supported by a number of restaurants serving local dishes and hotels. Just over 35% commerce, services and tourism. Comala is the second most important tourist destination in the state after Manzanillo, with an average 400,000 visitors each year. In addition to the historic center of the town of Comala, the most important attraction is the former hacienda of Nogueras, a restored hacienda located just outside the town and belonged to artist Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo. Tourist attractions include the former hacienda of San Antonio, the Jabalí, La María and Carrizalillos Lakes. These have hotel and restaurant services along with boating and fishing at the lakes. La Maria Lake is surrounded by oaks and pines and has cabins and restaurants. The El Remate reserve is part of a project to protect the cultural history and ecology of the area while promoting it for tourism. Here the first electrical power plant for the state was constructed. There is a retreat called the “Centro de Reflexión” in Suchitlán, construction along the ravine of the Suchitlán River. It can accommodate 100 people, with special dining options as well as motivational speeches. It is located near the city of Colima in an area chosen for its climate and natural landscapes. See also *Pueblo Mágico Category:Populated places in Colima Category:Pueblos Mágicos Category:Populated places established in the 1550s Category:1550s establishments in New Spain - 003 Comala (Comala (municipality)) Comala (Comala, Colima) -


important economic activity is industry, producing processed foods, drinks, tobacco products and leather goods. Mining is limited to gravel, sand and other construction materials. There are small deposits of gold, silver, copper, quartz and mercury, but they have not been exploited. Most mines are located near the communities of San Pedro Tepetitlan and Xometla. Commerce is mostly limited to serving local needs. The municipality has a narrow economic base

Pictou County, Nova Scotia

-south spur to the Northumberland Ferries Limited terminal at Caribou (Caribou, Nova Scotia). The Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Railway is a freight line connecting Truro (Truro, Nova Scotia) to Sydney (Sydney, Nova Scotia), with spurs at Stellarton and Trenton serving local industries such as Trenton Generating Station. Via Rail Canada abandoned passenger rail service in the county on January 15, 1990, following nation-wide budget cuts. Maritime Bus provide motor coach (motor bus) service to New Glasgow. Northumberland Ferries Limited operates a seasonal passenger-vehicle ferry service from Caribou, Nova Scotia to Wood Islands (Wood Islands, Prince Edward Island), Prince Edward Island. A separate passenger-only ferry service is also operated seasonally from Caribou to Pictou Island (Pictou Island (Nova Scotia)).Aerodrome is a private commercial airport owned and operated by Sobeys. Access Routes Highways and numbered routes that run through the county, including external routes that start or finish at the county limits: Atlantic Canada Back Road Atlas ISBN 978-1-55368-618-7 Pages 53-54, 69-71 By now a prominent local figure, Fulton was elected to the House of Assembly (Nova Scotia Legislative Assembly) in 1799 (the 8th General Assembly of Nova Scotia). He joined Edward Mortimer (Edward Mortimer (politician)) of Pictou (Pictou County, Nova Scotia) and William Cottnam Tonge of Halifax (City of Halifax) to form a "country party" that opposed powerful Halifax merchants allied with then Lieutenant Governor, Sir John Wentworth and the Privy Council (Privy Council of the United Kingdom), who favoured development of Halifax town at the expense of rural areas and were known at the time as the "court party". The country party took three of four Halifax County seats contested, including Fulton who finished third. (At the time all candidates campaigned county-wide with the top four finishers receiving the four available seats.)




lat long directions same building as Dalarnas Museum phone +46 23 19169 tollfree fax hours price content Situated inside Dalarnas Museum, serving local as well as international cuisine. *

Belém address Av. Gov. José Malcher, 247 lat long directions phone +55 91 3242-4222 tollfree fax hours price content Very traditional place serving local specialities. Drink The refurbished warehouses by the riverside, '''Estação das Docas''' (or simply '''Docas''') offer a number of outside tables, and fairly expensive menus. '''Amazon beer''' has an in-house brewery and on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights offers an all you can drink and eat

Sydney, Nova Scotia

- formerly the second largest city in Nova Scotia, now a Metropolitan Area and part of the Halifax Regional Municipality. Joan Jessome, president of the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union, told ''The Canadian Press (w:The Canadian Press)'' that the guards refused to show up for their Thursday night shift, and did not show up for work on Friday. Jessome stated that the guards's refusal to work is permitted under the provincial Occupational Health and Safety Act. "What they've done is not a work stoppage. What they've done is exercise their right to refuse to do the work because they believe it's unsafe," said Jessome.


for the big oval billboard sign that says Dyriana bakery and cafe. phone +62 24 831 8531, +62 24 844 5175 tollfree fax hours 06:30-22:00 price content Freshly made baked breads with specific local taste - try the "roti pisang" (bread with a small banana inside), cakes, and a nice cafe serving local hot foods and cold drinks. Air-con. Often has live demonstrations of traditional products being made right in the bakery (call first, often around 15:00-17:00pm). *

Morgantown, West Virginia

a mine located northwest of Rivesville, West Virginia. Coal is the major commodity, with a train serving local chemical industries such as Tanner and Addivant (formerly Chemtura) http: reg3wcmd ca wv webpages wvd980552384.html that require tank cars. These are trucked in and then loaded onto high side gondolas or bulkhead flat cars. Conrail was split by Norfolk Southern and CSX in 1999. CSX pays for half of the cost of maintenance for the line. CSX uses


license and serves foreign alcohol in addition to local gin, vodka and whisky. Chittagong Club membership is closed but foreigners can apply for "temporary membership" for up to two years. The Chittagong Institute is a far smaller club but it does maintain a bar. It is located in Jamal Khan road. The Catholic club opens membership to all persons for a small fee but membership applications are only accepted once a year (during December?). It maintains a small bar serving local drinks

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