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Regional Municipality of Durham

local policing for all municipalities. **The Ontario Provincial Police patrol provincial highways * Durham Region Transit provides public transit service * Main roads, traffic lights and controls * Strategic land use planning * Subdivision and condominium approval * Water supply and distribution * Sewage collection and treatment * Collection of recyclable materials * Waste collection, except in Whitby and Oshawa * Waste disposal * Public health and social services The region also


, and a chance opened up when the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications in the coalition government of Juhan Parts, Meelis Atonen, a party colleague, had to resign. Ansip became his successor on 13 September. His track record as Minister is more difficult to evaluate because of the short duration of his service. One of the most controversial actions of Ansip's government was relocation of the main Tallinn World War II memorial known as the '' Bronze

St. Louis

- Burlington, IA) and ''local industry'' Bus service thumb left 250px Bus passing under the St. Louis Science Center walkway (File:MetroBus at St Louis Science Center.jpg) Local bus service in the city of St. Louis is provided by the Bi-State Development Agency via MetroBus (MetroBus (St. Louis)), with more than 75 routes connecting to MetroLink commuter rail transit and stops in the city and region. The city is also served by Madison County


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Dominican Republic

(12), Guatemala (10), New Zealand (10), The Philippines (7) Somalia (10), Taiwan (Republic of China) (675), Thailand (200), Tunisia (10), Lebanon (20) and other countries. Many of these tanks were upgraded to prolong their life. Some are still in service. A disturbance developed in the deep tropical Atlantic in the fourth week of August. It tracked westward into the Caribbean Sea where it encountered more favorable conditions


longer. For example, Middle East Airlines (MEA) of Lebanon flew 707s and 720s in front-line passenger service until the end of the 1990s. Since LADE of Argentina took its 707-320B from regular service in 2007, Saha Airlines of Iran is the last airline to keep 707s in scheduled passenger service. Armenians from Cilicia, Syria and Lebanon escaped from the Ottoman Empire after 1915, between 1917 and 1921, during Russian Civil War

Washington, D.C.

was recognized specifically by the Canadian Journalism Foundation; editor-in-chief Tony Burman later accepted the Excellence in Journalism Award (2004), for "rigorous professional practice, accuracy, originality and public accountability", on behalf of the service. In 1974, the NHL ended its first expansion (expansion team) period by adding teams in Kansas City, Missouri and Washington, D.C.

. , United States. Jesuit priest Edmund A. Walsh founded the School of Foreign Service in 1919, recognizing the need for a school that would prepare Americans for roles as diplomats and business professionals in the wake of the U.S.' expanding involvement in the world after World War I. The school predates the U.S. Foreign Service by six years.


of the first was France's TGV which entered service in 1981. By the year 2000, Western Europe's major cities (London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Geneva, Berlin, Rome, etc.) were connected by high-speed rail service. Commons:Category:Berlin Wikipedia:Berlin Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Berlin


; is a city in Turkey. It is the provincial capital of Tunceli Province


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