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La Crosse, Wisconsin

for the Empire Builder providing cross-country passenger rail service. Culture La Crosse has over 30 active arts organizations. http: fachistory.aspx?id 14380 The Pump House Regional Arts Center hosts visual arts exhibits throughout the year plus its own series of jazz, folk, and blues performers. The La Crosse Symphony is the city's regional orchestra and the La Crosse Community Theater has won both regional and national acclaim.


Building (located in the building that houses the Bhutan Times offices), Hong Kong Market - remains open until around 11PM (the latest in town). Cope Getting things done in Thimphu is relatively straight forward. All offices are computerized and the staff are well trained and helpful. However, it is often said that Bhutan has one of the world's highest rates of meetings and workshops per working hours. This cannot be substantiated, but certainly meetings are very much part of the civil service

culture here. In fact, it is often said that the ''last'' place you should begin a search for a civil servant is at his or her desk! As a result, you should be prepared to make several visits to an office in order to get a task complete as there is a very high possibility that the person dealing with your case will be out. *'''Visa extensions''' and '''route permits''' are available from the Immigration Office at the top end of Norzin Lam (just past the Textile Museum). Route permits should be applied for at least one full working day before the intended date of travel. A photocopy of passport (pages containing personal information and Bhutanese visa) is required. *'''Post Office'''. The central PO is located in the lower part of town on Chang Lam. It is a large and well organized facility that includes a philatelic department. Mailing letters packages in Bhutan is usually very safe though, like elsewhere, anything of value should be registered. *'''Banks'''. The three main banks in Thimphu are 'Bank of Bhutan', 'Bhutan National Bank' and 'Punjab National Bank'. The former is on Norzin Lam (mid way between the traffic circle and Taj Tashi Hotel), while the National Bank is located directly below the Bank of Bhutan, in the same building as the post office. The Punjab National Bank is on Norzin Lam, near the Clock Tower. All three banks provide money change service. *'''ATM'''. Bhutan does not operate an international ATM service, though certain shops specializing in tourist goods accept payment by credit card. *'''Western Union''', Thimphu Post Office. This facility can receive transfer of funds from overseas, but cannot make payments from customers' personal accounts. Embassies and Consulates *'''Bangladesh'''. Tel:''+975 2'' 222-362 *'''India''', India House, Jungshina. Tel:''+975 2'' 322-280 *'''Thailand'''. Tel:''+975 2'' 323-978 Go next Buses depart the inter-district bus station (across the river) throughout the day, though most, especially those heading to the east (Eastern Bhutan) and Jakar Bumthang leave between 6:30 to 7:30AM. As the inter-district buses are often full, it is advisable to purchase a ticket a few days in advance. Most districts are served by small Japanese Coaster Buses, which are comfortable and sturdy. Shared taxis are a quick and comfortable means to travel to nearby places, such as Paro (150nu) and Punakha (200nu). Shared taxis depart from the inter-district bus station, and drivers approach potential customers. They depart once full. Monastic complexes are referred to by their Bhutanese title of 'gompa', not 'monastery'. *'''Tango Gompa'''. About a hour drive from Thimphu down town followed by a one hour hike, this is one of Bhutan's historical monasteries in the Kagyu tradition. It was founded by the grandson of the Divine Madman, Drukpa Kinley, and houses some of his relics. The monastery offers spectaular viwes over the Thimphu Valley. *'''Cheri Gompa'''. As is the first Drukpa Kagyu Monastery established in Bhutan and located at the site where Shabdrong Rinpoche gained enlightenment, Cheri is one of the most important monasteries in Bhutan. The structure itself is cut into the steep mountainside and has a very atmospheric stone stairway connecting its various levels. Located about an hour's drive North of Thimphu, the trek begins from a prayer flag covered bridge and takes about one hour. Tango and Cheri are about a one hour hike apart, and so are usually visited on the same trip. *'''Phajoding Gompa'''. Founded in the 13th century by Togen Pajo, a yogi from Tibet, this monastic complex is a three hour hike from Thimphu (start from Motithang or BBS Tower). At a height of 3,640m, it commands excellent views over Thimphu. There is space for camping. Otherwise, the small '''Thujidrag Gompa''' (a forty minute walk from Phajoding) offers simple accommodation (often full at weekends) and cooking facilities - offer donation directly to monk in charge. Even if you do not plan to stay at Thujidrag, this cliff hanging monastery is still definitely worth a visit. Locally, it is famous for its sacred spring water. There are several sacred lakes in the area, though these are a full day's circular hike from Thujidrag. *Paro - The location of the international airport and center of a sacred valley. Paro is a 45 minute to one hour drive from the capital - an easy day trip. *Punakha - The former capital - a 90 minute journey. *Jakar - A town at the heart of a sacred and beautiful valley. The journey from Thimphu takes between 9 to 11 hours. A minimum of three days are needed to do justice to a visit. Commons:Category:Thimphu WikiPedia:Thimphu


'''North Warnervale''' is a proposed all stops station on the Newcastle and Central Coast (Newcastle and Central Coast railway line, New South Wales) intercity line of the CityRail network in New South Wales, Australia. It will serve the new town centre of Northern Warnervale (Warnervale, New South Wales) (Woongarrah (Woongarrah, New South Wales)). The plans were put forward to council in March 2006 but no construction has begun as yet. The notable information from the above nominated pages are in the CityRail article, thus all pages are redundant. So '''Delete All''' --Arnzy (User:Arnzy) (Talk (User talk:Arnzy)) 02:00, 25 April 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' as per nom. redundant duplication.Bridesmill (User:Bridesmill) 02:57, 25 April 2006 (UTC) *'''Comment''' - With great respect to everyone, I wish Americans and Canadians would keep out of debates like this. I don't think you guys know much about CityRail (if you do I am very sorry), but I wouldn't just jump on US and Canadian votes and randomly vote for their deletion for reasons that I may not know anything about. Anyway, the train types which the Sectors determine are listed on CityRail's webpage and the sectors are not obscure as people have suggested. However, I will agree that the five articles don't warrant their own page each - one page will suffice when the CityRail article is improved and that information doesn't need to be on the front page. I have merged all the information in the articles onto the front page so you are now welcome to delete them. ::That's a '''Delete all''' from me. (JROBBO (User:JROBBO) 13:17, 25 April 2006 (UTC)) Design origins The VLocity is an evolution Rail Technical Society of Australasia, South Australian Branch, July 2007 Newsletter, page 6, http: assets 2008 03 rtsa-sa-nl-jul-2007.pdf, accessed 8th February 2011 of the Xplorer (CountryLink Xplorer) Endeavour (CityRail Endeavour railcar) railcars built by ABB Transportation (now Bombardier Transportation) for CountryLink and CityRail, respectively, in New South Wales, themselves being derivatives of Transwa Australind railcars. National Express Group specified the NSW design as part of its bid to operate V Line under the public transport privatisation scheme of the Kennett (Jeff Kennett) government in the late 1990s. The train was originally known as a '''V Locity''' (with the slash character). * GG20B (Railpower GG20B) ''Green Goat'' hybrid shunting locomotive with Railpower Technologies. * CityRail Tangara (CityRail T and G sets) EMU * CityRail Hunter Railcar (CityRail Hunter railcar) DMU * CityRail Tangara (CityRail T and G sets) EMU * CityRail Hunter Railcar (CityRail Hunter railcar) DMU

Abu Dhabi

tram tramways and or bus rapid transit (BRT) routes. thumb Historic photo of the Abu Dhabi Public Library and Cultural Centre, with the Qasr Al Hosn palace in the background (File:abudabi1.jpg) thumb Typical Arabic house displayed at the Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi (File:Arabic Hut in Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi.JPG) Abu Dhabi has a diverse and multicultural society. ref name "


and in-cab signalling (cab signalling) which removes the need for drivers to see lineside signal (railway signal)s at high speed. TGVs are manufactured primarily by Alstom, now often with the involvement of Bombardier. Except for a small series of TGVs used for postal (mail) freight between Paris and Lyon, TGV is primarily a passenger service. The main language of Italy is Italian (Italian language) (a recent proposal aims to declare


are separately taxed and highly restricted. For instance, McKinsey estimates that a worker has to pay around 1600 euro for another's 400 euro service McKinsey: Finland's Economy - restricting service supply and demand - though some taxation is avoided in the black market and self-service culture. Another study by Karlson, Johansson & Johnsson estimates that the percentage


; Alcoholic beverages are separately taxed and highly restricted. For instance, McKinsey estimates that a worker has to pay around 1600 euro for another's 400 euro service McKinsey: Finland's Economy - restricting service supply and demand - though some taxation is avoided in the black market and self-service culture. Another study by Karlson, Johansson &

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