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and Russia. Through this exchange, Lankran strengthened its cultural roots, and its scientific, educational, health, and industrial bases. Location *Lankaran is in a very beautiful part of Azerbaijan. It lies in the South-East of the country. Lankaran is in one of the five natural geographical regions of Azerbaijan. The territory of Lankaran region borders on the Kur-Araz lowland in the North and the Caspian Sea in the South-East. It is surrounded by the Astara, Masalli and Lerik rayons. According to the relief, the territory consists mainly of plains and partly mountainous and it becomes narrow to the South. The highest point in Lankaran is 200 meters in the foothills and the lowest point in Lankaran is 28 meters below sea level by the Caspian coast. The distance between Lankaran and Baku is 268 km. Climate * '''Winter''' - The winters are cool, but there is not very much precipitation from December to March * '''Spring''' - The spring in Lankaran is beautiful allowing people to take a long neglected walk along the seaside * '''Summer''' - The summer in Lankaran is hot, but it is quite beautiful during the morning and the evening * '''Fall''' - The fall stay quite warm during the day, but at night it gets a bit cool Get in WikiPedia:Lankaran Commons:Category:Lenkoran

Irkutsk Oblast

by the political events of the twentieth century – the Russian revolution, the 1917 October Revolution, the Civil war and the Great Patriotic War. Since the 1930s the industrial construction of the city had begun. Mechanical engineering plants, the air plant, brick and concrete plants, tea fabric,and food industry plants were being built. Economic development of the city contributed to scientific, educational and cultural development. The first Higher education in Eastern Siberia, Irkutsk


, and is used for scientific, educational, cultural and tourist activities. It is one of the last habitats for the sauim-de-coleira, a species of monkey that only exists in the Manaus region and is threatened with extinction. It is possible to walk through four distinct ecosystems in the park: land covered by secondary growth, firm ground brush, sandbanks and degraded areas that were illegally cleared in 1989. It also has an amphitheater for 600 people, gardens planted with medicinal and aromatic herbs, orchid nursery, aerial trails and signs aiming to develop environmental education programs. About Mindú Park Public swimming areas The Tarumã, Tarumãzinho and Cachoeira das Almas bayous (branches of rivers), located near the city, are leisure spots for the population on weekends. Manaus has several public swimming areas that are being remodeled and urbanized lately. There are also many private clubs that can be visited. Meeting of Waters WikiPedia:Manaus commons:Manaus


, scientific, educational, transport and industrial centre of Ukraine, with 60 scientific institutes, 30 establishments of higher education, 6 museums, 7 theatres and 80 libraries. Its industry specialises primarily in machinery and electronics. There are hundreds of industrial companies in the city. Among them are globally important giants like the Morozov Design Bureau and the Malyshev Tank Factory (leaders in world tank production in the 1930s through 1980s); Khartron (aerospace and nuclear electronics); and the Turboatom turbines producer. Geography thumb left Kharkiv and vicinities, LandSat-5 satellite image, near natural colors, 2011-06-18 (File:Kharkiv, Ukraine, city and vicinities, LandSat-5 satellite image, near natural colors, 2011-06-18.jpg) Kharkiv is located in the northeastern region of Ukraine. Historically, Kharkiv lies in the Sloboda Ukraine region (''Slobozhanshchyna'' also known as ''Slobidshchyna''), in which it is considered the main city. The city rests at the confluence of the Kharkiv (Kharkiv River), Lopan (Lopan River), and Udy (Udy River) rivers, where they flow into the Seversky Donets watershed. Climate Kharkiv's climate is humid continental (Humid continental climate) (Köppen climate classification ''Dfb''), with cold and snowy winters, and hot summers. The seasonal average temperatures are not too cold in winter, not too hot in summer: Wikipedia:Kharkiv Commons:Category:Kharkiv Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine Provinces Kharkiv Oblast Kharkiv


as "Endangered Foreign Wildlife" by the United States (USA)' Endangered Species Act (ESA) since 1970; other than for scientific, educational or conservation purposes (for which a permit may be available) importing it into the USA is illegal. The Californian Yellow Warbler (''D. p. a. brewsteri'') and Sonoran Yellow Warbler (''D.p. a. sonorana'') are listed as "Species of Concern" by the ESA. Bachynski & Kadlec (2003), USFWS (1970, 2009abc) ref>

North Korea

; working for TF1 ''An animator's novel experience: Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea and Shenzhen: A Travelogue from China by Guy Delisle'', reviewed by Fraser Newham, Asia Times, 20 January 2007. ) and the SEK Studio (Scientific Educational Korea) company, he struggles with the difficulties of outsourcing (offshore outsourcing) and the bureaucracy of the totalitarian closed


north of the city. However, the prevailing northward winds blew most of the radioactive debris away


'''. Throughout the 19th century, Boston continued to grow rapidly, assimilating outlying towns into the metropolitan core. Its importance in American culture was inestimable, and its economic and literary elite, the so-called '''Boston Brahmins''' assumed the mantle of aristocracy in the United States. Their patronage of the arts and progressive social ideals was unprecedented in the New World, and often conflicted with the city's Puritan foundations. They helped drive unprecedented scientific

, educational and social change that would soon sweep the country. The Abolitionist movement, anesthesia and the telephone are a few examples of this. At the same time, the city's working class swelled with immigrants from Europe. The huge '''Irish''' influx made Boston one of the most important Irish cities in the world, in or out of Ireland. Gradually the Irish laborer population climbed into city's upper class, evidenced no better than by the continued importance of the '''Kennedy family

United States

recreational , ecological (ecology), historical, cultural, archeological (archeology), scientific, educational, or aesthetic qualities. The National Marine Sanctuary System consists of 14 marine protected areas that encompass more than . Individual areas range from less than 1 to 137,792 square miles. National Marine Sanctuary Frequently Asked Questions<

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