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a Georgian State champion in the junior division). In 1976 she entered the Moscow Choreographic Institute where her main teacher was Natalia Zolotova. In 1980, she made her stage debut in a school production of ''Coppelia''. She graduated and entered the Bolshoi Ballet in 1981. In 1983 she was promoted to the rank of soloist and performed in her native Tbilisi as a professional for the first time. Eventually she rose to become a prima ballerina. She, along with Andris Liepa

in 1963 and has two brothers. She began her training in Georgia (Georgia (country)) in 1969 when she entered the Georgia State Choreographic Institute (prior to that, she was practicing figure skating and had become a Georgian State champion in the junior division). In 1976 she entered the Moscow Choreographic Institute where her main teacher was Natalia Zolotova. In 1980, she made her stage debut in a school production of ''Coppelia''. She graduated and entered the Bolshoi


was 12. Bustamante was an allumni of the 1989 Governor's School of New Jersey as an art scholar. His first theatrical role was in a Hackensack High School production of ''West Side Story,'', which was well-received and led him to roles in several other productions, though his drama teacher told him that he would never be a professional actor because his accent was too thick for American TV. '''Ricardo Londoño-Bridge''' (8 August 1949 in Medellín - 18 July 2009) was a racing driver

Jackson, Mississippi

, Mississippi , where she played Juliet in a school production of William Shakespeare's play ''Romeo and Juliet.'' At age 14, Jones, accompanied by her mother and stepfather, Dennis Pearsall, moved from Jackson to Long Island. At 17, Jones was encouraged to pursue an acting and modeling career, subsequently living in London, Boston, New York City and Los Angeles. She was a high school homecoming (homecoming (tradition)) queen and a varsity cheerleader


was a contemporary of the younger Lorraine Ashbourne. Encouragement from those teachers led to him playing the male lead in a four performance school production of Ann Jellicoe's "Rising Generation" in 1971. December that year saw him playing John Proctor in a school production of ''The Crucible'' and then to his getting involved with Manchester Youth Theatre. He went to art college in Sheffield, now Sheffield Hallam University, but only stayed for a year. A few months of labouring and thinking followed. Then, having consulted a magazine in a public library which listed drama colleges, Threlfall successfully applied to Manchester Polytechnic School of Drama. By graduation, he had an audition with Mike Leigh. '''Shelley Rudman''' (born 23 March 1981) is a British (United Kingdom) Olympic athlete. She won a silver medal at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in skeleton (Skeleton (sport)); the only medal for Great Britain at the games. She originates from Pewsey, Wiltshire, and now lives in Sheffield, England. - 2005 Catonapotato CD Broken Face Digitalis Industries DIGI14 Recorded live in Leicester, Sheffield, Paris and Norrköping. Only Mott & Moore appear. - Outer Rhythm and Renegade Software With rave (rave music) culture going mainstream from the late 1980s Rhythm King also became interested in this and formed Outer Rhythm in 1989 (1989 in music). The emphasis at Outer Rhythm was electronic dance music techno (techno music) and was influential in developing the initial music careers of Leftfield and to a lesser degree Moby. Briefly Outer Rhythm was also associated with Sheffield's Warp Records - and the Yorkshire Bleeps and Bass scene which launched Warp (Warp Records), along with Belgium based R&S Records before the labels and their artists - including Aphex Twin, CJ Bolland, Dave Angel, Jam & Spoon, LFO (LFO (band)) and Nightmares on Wax went on to do big things in their own right. Martin Heath also diversified into computer games software in association with the Bitmap Brothers. Renegade Software was very successful and some of Rhythm King's artists - including The Beatmasters, Betty Boo, Bomb The Bass and Nation 12 contributed music to some of Renegade's titles. death_date WikiPedia:Sheffield Commons:Category:Sheffield

Portland, Maine

by an older sister, who put his name forward to be an extra in a high school production of ''The King and I.'' Despite finding himself standing on the wrong side of the curtain during the final dress rehearsal, he became enamored with the theater. Shalhoub graduated from Green Bay East High School, where his senior peers named him the best dressed and most likely to succeed. In his senior year he suffered a setback, breaking his leg in a fall off

Staten Island

, and students in Staten Island will take it at Staten Island Technical High School. Production The film was shot entirely in Staten Island New York, and the entire production from script to final edit taking only six months to complete, with only 15 days of filming in between. The original music score was composed by Alexander and Mark Peskanov. The film marked the first movie appearance of actor Tom Hanks who played a relatively small part. In fact it was said


Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States align left In high school, Hawke aspired to be a writer, but developed an interest in acting. He made his stage debut at age 13, in a school production of George Bernard Shaw’s ''Saint Joan (Saint Joan (play))'',

Puerto Rico

she performed in a school production of ''The Grapes of Wrath''. Her performance helped her overcome her stage fright, with which she struggled at the time. Commons:Category:Puerto Rico WikiPedia:Puerto Rico Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Puerto Rico


Bio publisher SAL accessdate 2008-07-24 archiveurl http: web 20080516030316 http: bio.htm archivedate 2008-05-16 KTTV moved here from its former longtime home at Metromedia Square in Hollywood in 1996, which had been sold to the Los Angeles Unified School District in 2000 and demolished in 2003 to make way for Helen Bernstein High School. Production ''The Creation of the Humanoids

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