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school plays

Delhi, Ontario

group) in this region. These events are played out either at or near the vicinity of the Delhi Community Arena. The local high school plays against other high schools in the region in sports like football (Canadian football), basketball, volleyball, association football soccer

Oneonta, New York

when his mother enrolled him in a summer Shakespeare workshop. Patrick Pacheco, "Raize of Light," ''InTheater'', January 23, 1998, 16-19. In high school, after moving with his father to Oneonta, New York, Jason performed in high school plays and with Oneonta’s Orpheus Theatre. He moved to New York City after high school where he briefly attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

Normal, Illinois

Community High School and participated in school plays and got into both singing and acting. LeMay went to Illinois State University and got a Bachelor of Science degree and completed a double major in music and musical theatre. He moved to Los Angeles in 1985 to star on TV. He appeared on hit TV shows like ''The Facts of Life (The Facts of Life (TV series))''. Life Scott was born in Cooksville, Illinois near the town of Normal, Illinois. He lived on a farm until the age of 19 when

Everett, Washington

, Alaska , where she was an honor student and was in school plays. She graduated from Smith College in 1985. She earned a masters degree in public policy from the London School of Economics. She

Bend, Oregon

. A '''house concert''' or '''home concert''' is a musical concert or performance art that is presented in someone's home or apartment, or a nearby small private space such as a barn, apartment rec room (recreation room), lawn, or back yard. "VIDEO: House concert in Royal Oak," ''Daily Tribune (Oakland Tribune)'', June 29, 2010. Found at Oakland Daily Tribune website. Accessed July 20, 2010. "Set Your Ass in the Grass 4th of July House Concert," ''Bozeman Daily Chronicle (Bozeman Chronicle)'', July 2, 2010. Found at Bozeman Daily Chronicle. Accessed July 20, 2010. Jenny Williams, "Marian Call House Concert, or The Importance of Music in Our Lives," By June 27, 2010, ''Wired'' "Geekdad" (blog). Found at Wired website. Accessed July 20, 2010. Ben Salmon, "Sisters musician plays show: Dennis McGregor plans solo house concert," ''The Bulletin'' (Bend, Oregon), June 25. 2010. Found at The Bend Bulletin website. Accessed July 20, 2010. "Scots playing in Merville" (Photo caption: "Findlay Napier and Gillian Frame will perform July 18 at a Merville house concert as well as offering guitar and fiddle workshops"), ''Comox Valley Record'' (Comox Valley, British Columbia), July 8, 2010. Found at ''Comox Valley Record'' website. Accessed July 20, 2010. William Demarest, "From Alaska to New City: Folk Singer Brings Haunting Tunes to 'The Borderline': Local folk music club hosts Kray Van Kirk for intimate concert." ''New City Patch'' (blog), July 15, 2010. Found at New City Patch website. Accessed July 20, 2010. House concerts website About Us page. Accessed July 21, 2010. Jim Kavanagh, "Intimate shows bring down the house,'' CNN, June 10, 2010. Found at CNN website. Accessed July 21, 2010. Andrew McGinn, "Freedom Farm Acoustic Concert season opens: The trend of 'house concerts' — it’s exactly what it sounds like — has come to the area," ''Springfield News-Sun'', April 16, 2010. Three photos by Marshall Gorby; captions: (1) "Gary Haber stands in front of the century-old livestock barn he turned into a concert venue. (2) "John Batdorf, a Springfield native who went on to record for Atlantic as one-half of the early '70s duo Batdorf and Rodney, will return to the area to play an intimate house concert, part of a growing trend of live shows." (3) "Gary Haber, owner of Freedom Farm just outside of West Liberty, in his "concert hall," the loft of a century-old barn." Found at ''Springfield News-Sun'' website. Accessed July 21, 2010. Recent uses Recently, Americana Unplugged established a house concert-type venue in downtown Davis, Oklahoma featuring folk (folk music) and Americana (Americana (music)) musicians to showcase the Music of Oklahoma. House concerts are now held across the United States, especially California, Texas, Brooklyn, New York, and Boston, Massachusetts. There have been house concerts across America, in such places as Springfield, Ohio, Bozeman, Montana, outside Phoenix, Arizona, Vermont, Sisters, Oregon (near Bend, Oregon), New City, New York, and Covington, Georgia. '''EllisLab''' a software development company based in Bend, Oregon, which develops applications written in PHP.

Quezon City

Quezon City, Philippines occupation Actor, Model (Model (person)) Life and career Estrada was born in 1973 in Quezon City, Philippines, and grew up with his family at Isabela City, Basilan where his father (Vicente Estrada) was a Municipal Councilor and his mother (Lilia Estrada) a public school teacher. At an early age, he was regularly cast in a variety of school plays and presentations, usually taking on the lead roles. DATE OF BIRTH 1973-06-13

Manchester, New Hampshire

Hampshire , in Andover (Andover, Massachusetts), Athol (Athol, Massachusetts), and Gardner, Massachusetts, and in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Early life She was born into poverty and a broken home in the mill town of Manchester, New Hampshire, writing from an early age. At Manchester Central High School she acted in school plays, and after graduation, she married George Metalious in 1943, became a housewife and mother, lived in near squalor and continued to write. With one


childhood. Hurt graduated from Middlesex School in 1968 where he was vice president of the Dramatics Club and had the lead role in several school plays. His high school yearbook predicted "With characteristics such as these, you might even see him on Broadway." Hurt attended Tufts University and studied theology, but turned instead to acting and joined the Juilliard Drama School. One of his classmates was actor Christopher Reeve. Additionally in 1985, a group set


article-339261-detail article.html title Robbie doing it for the kids with awards date 19 September 2008 publisher ''The Sentinel (The Sentinel (Staffordshire))'' accessdate 8 August 2010 and also attended dance school UKDDF in Tunstall. He participated in several school plays, and his biggest role was that of the Artful Dodger in a production of ''Oliver!'' (Oliver (musical)). Williams is a lifelong supporter of Port Vale F.C

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