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general practitioners now residing in Geraldton, including four general practitioners employed by the Geraldton Regional Aboriginal Medical Service (GRAMS). Most of the GPs and resident specialists in Geraldton are involved in teaching Rural Clinical School medical students. Community services include: Aboriginal Medical Service, Community Drug Service Team, Community Health and Development Centre, Community Mental Health Team, Private diagnostic facilities include: Geraldton Radiology


Connect Internet Cafes There are dozens of Internet Cafes in Xela as well as free wifi hot spots. * '''Xela Pages''' - Computer time rental, printing, scanning, cd DVD burning, fax service, skype booth with mic and camera. Price from $0.40 cent hour up to $1.25 hour - in front of Parque El Calvario 4ta Calle 19-48, Zona 1 * '''Alternativas ''' Computer time rental, printing & scanning, Price from $0.50 cent hour up to $1.50 hour. In front of Parque Benito Juarez - Zona 3 Go next It may be possible to arrange a tour of the Gallo brewery by calling ahead. You can spend hours in and around the Mercado de la Democracia in the commercial center of Xela. It is where the locals shop for most of their needs. Any concert is worth attending in the Municipal Theater. It is beautiful inside. Evening marimba concerts are often given on the steps of the Municipalidad on the west side of Parque Centro America. Walk around town. In the side streets, you'll often come upon a master giving guitar lessons or a group of men practicing Marimba. Go to a football game: Xelaju M. C. vs anyone. The crowd is animated and the fireworks alone can be worth the price of admission. Don't pay extra for the high priced seats, they remove you from much of the fun. Try to sit in the corner near the band. A "Xelaju M. C." flag to wave costs Q10. Grilled sausages are less. No alcohol permitted in the stadium. Fireworks! If it's your birthday, or you just feel like it, spend a couple of Quetzals for a big string of firecrackers. You'll normally hear them any evening or early morning. Yeah bring your ear plugs they usually sound off about 4AM. I understand they are called God Bombs and are used to wake God so He will hear your prayer. It definitely wakes the dogs who bark till the roosters wake and cook a doodle doo until they figure out it is not dawn. Ear plugs. Weekend nights are also an option, you will find night clubs in all the center, from the Central Park, to the Theatre, for 30 quetzales you can get in anywhere and drink something. Also in some seasons the "14A" is closed to the traffic because of some music festival, concerts, street art exhibitions etc. Attractions *Zunil is 9 km from Quetzaltenango. Monday is market day. Located on the Samala river and on the main highway leading down the coast, Zunil's people wear attractive clothes made by hand using traditional techniques featuring intricate designs and bright colors. This picturesque town is the center for the worship of "Maximon" or "San Simon" a life-sized mannequin endowed with occult power: Just 8 km from town on the slopes of the inactive Zunil volcano would have found the beautiful "Fuentes Georginas" thermal springs, equipped with restaurant and bungalows. *Fuentes Georginas were damaged by tropical storm Agatha in May 2010, but they reopened on Mar. 1, 2011. Unfortunately, they have implemented a dual admission policy charging foreigners twice what they charge locals. The restaurant closes at 6:30PM and doesn't serve anything but huevos (eggs) and meager salads after 6PM. The accommodations are rather spartan by any standards but is downright ridiculous for the 320Q night. However, the room rate includes admission to the pools for two days. It is recommended to take the bus into Zunil early and spend the day at the springs, heading back home at sundown. Admission to the pools for tourists is 50Q day. Destinations The "Quetzaltecos" villages of Quiche and Mam origins, have small places with impressive colonial style churches where the tourist will see the regional handcrafts displayed on market days. *Salcajá: 9 km from Quetzaltenango. Market day: Tuesday. local festival the 25th of August. Here was constructed the church of San Jacinto, the first of the religious constructions of the region and a beautiful example of colonial architecture. Also famous for its hand-woven "jaspe " materials and unique alcoholic beverages known as "caldo de fruta" " and "rompopo" . *San Juan Ostuncalco 12 km from Quetzaltenango. Situated in a valley of the mountainous region, it is the commercial centre for the Mam-speaking villages which border the departament. Here you may acquire musicals instruments, wicker furniture as well as lovely hand woven materials. *Almolonga 5 km from Quetzaltenango. Market on Wednesday and Saturday. Annual festival the 26th-29th of June. Known for its variety of vegetables which are cultivated on the smell farms which surround the village. You will also enjoy thermal springs such as "Las aguas amargas" and "El rosario" . *Cantel 10 km from Quetzaltenango. Visit the interesting cooperative for handmade blown glass. Chojolom, a small K'iche' archaeological site is located on a hill just outside the village. For a guide, ask at the Municipal offices, in a temporary location in a sidestreet to the right of the Catholic church. *Olintepeque : 7 km from Quetzaltenango. The place where according to legend, the famous Maya-Quiche prince Tecún Uman died in battle against Pedro de Alvarado in 1524. *San Andres Xecul : 7 km from Quetzaltenango, in the direction of the "Cuatro Caminos" highway junction, with a colonial-style whose facade is both colorful and picturesque. *'''Volcán Santa Maria''', 12,256 feet & '''Santiaguito'''. The summit of the Santa Maria Volcano lies at the end of the steep 3-4 hours climb from the village of Llanos del Pinal (located 6 km above Quetzaltenango). You'll best enjoy the truly awesome view during the clearer weather of the early morning hours. The whole coastal plain lies at your feet, along with the cities of Quetzaltenago and Tapachula, Mexico. You can look down into the very active '''Santiaguito''' crater which erupts at least once every hour. You can still enjoy the view minus the ragged hike by driving to the top of the adjacent '''Siete Orejas Volcano'''. (10,384 feet above sea level). *'''La laguna de Chicabal''', 3 hours by foot from the village of San Martin Sacatepequez (also known as Chile Verde) (14 km from Quetzaltenango). At this very picturesque lagoon, the sorcerers

Brunswick, Maine

and in Biddeford, Maine. He was appointed a trustee of Thornton Academy in 1826 and served as president of the board of trustees from 1845 to 1847. Biography Upton graduated from Phillips Academy, Andover in 1870. He studied at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, at Princeton University where he received his M.S. (Master of Science), and in Berlin, where he worked together with Hermann von Helmholtz. Bowdoin Medical School, Medical Department of Bowdoin College Brunswick (Brunswick, Maine) & Portland (Portland, Maine) 1820 '''Maine's 1st congressional district''' is a congressional district in the U.S. state of Maine. The geographically smaller of the two congressional districts in the state, the district covers the southern coastal area of the state. The district consists of all of Cumberland (Cumberland County, Maine), Knox (Knox County, Maine), Lincoln (Lincoln County, Maine), Sagadahoc (Sagadahoc County, Maine), and York (York County, Maine) counties and most of Kennebec County (Kennebec County, Maine). Located within the district are the cities of Portland (Portland, Maine), Augusta (Augusta, Maine), Brunswick (Brunswick, Maine), and Saco (Saco, Maine). '''Frances Caroline "Fanny" Chamberlain, née Adams''' (12 August 1825 – 18 October 1905) was born in the Greater Boston area. She was shuffled to different family members until she settled with Rev. George Eliashib Adams, a nephew of her father, in Brunswick, Maine as a small child. She grew up an educated and artistic girl with a talent for music and singing, which is what made her play music in the First Parish Congregationalist Church (Congregational church) (her adoptive father's church). Chabotar later served as vice president for finance and administration and treasurer at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine from 1991-02 where he was subsequently honored by the Maine Legislature on the 25th anniversary of his college teaching. Bowdoin students established the Kent John Chabotar Scholarship Fund in 2002. He received the Distinguished Alumnus Award in Education from St. Francis University in 2003, and the Academic Leadership Award from the Council of Independent Colleges in 2003.


Piłsudski and the Polish Independence – The Myth of the Commander . Retrieved on 5 April 2009 In 1885 Piłsudski started medical studies (medical school) at Kharkov University, where he became involved with ''Narodnaya Volya (Narodnaya Volya (organization))'', part of the Russian ''Narodniki'' revolutionary movement. In 1886 he was suspended for participating in student demonstrations. He was rejected by the University of Dorpat (Tartu, Estonia), whose authorities had been informed of his political affiliation. On 22 March 1887 he was arrested by Tsarist authorities on a charge of plotting with Vilnius socialists to assassinate Tsar Alexander III (Alexander III of Russia). In fact Piłsudski's main connection to the plot was the involvement in it of his elder brother, Bronisław. WikiPedia:Vilnius Dmoz:Regional Europe Lithuania Localities Vilnius Commons:Category:Vilnius


UNESCO Institute for Statistics Health care thumb U.S. medic checks an infant for an ear infection, August 2008 (File:US Navy 080818-N-4515N-154 Air Force Capt. Amber Tyler, medical augmentee embarked aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge (LHD 3), checks an infant for an ear infection at the Juan Comenius High School medical clinic.jpg) In June 2011, the United Nations Population Fund released a report on The State


surviving numerous zombie attacks, the group encounters Gary Fleck, an undead medical student (Medical school) who has managed to retain a high level of consciousness and self control unlike other zombies. Somaliland's leaders have distanced themselves from Somalia's central Transitional Federal Government, which they see as a threat to their independence. Image:Edna graduating nurses.jpg thumb right Edna Adan Ismail with a class of nursing school graduates at Edna Adan


the institution to study Law in Spain, even is ranked in first place over private and public universities such as Comillas Pontifical University or Charles III University.


article , and in older texts often as the '''Royal Caroline Institute''') is a medical university (Medical school) in Solna (Solna Municipality) within the Stockholm urban area, Sweden, and one of Europe's largest medical universities. It was founded in 1810 on Kungsholmen on the west side of Stockholm; the main campus was relocated decades later to Solna, just outside Stockholm (Stockholm Municipality). A second campus was established more recently in Flemingsberg, Huddinge (Huddinge Municipality) south of Stockholm. Södertörn University was established in 1996 by the Parliament of Sweden, because the number of students in the Stockholm area, particularly at Stockholm University, was deemed as too high. 1910s In 1917 Revolutionary fervour engulfed Sweden. Riots took place in many cities. In Västervik a workers council took control of day-to-day affairs. In Stockholm soldiers marched together with workers on May Day. In the upper-class neighbourhood of Stockholm, Östermalm, residents formed paramilitary structures to defend themselves from a possible armed revolution. 13th century The greatest medieval statesman of Sweden, and one of the principal architects of its rise as a nation, was Birger Jarl the Regent, who practically ruled the land from 1248 to 1266. He is today revered as the founder of Stockholm and as the creator of national legislations. His wise reforms prepared the way for the abolition of serfdom. The increased respect — and power — which later royals owe to Birger Jarl was still further extended by his son, King Magnus Ladulås (Magnus III of Sweden) (1275–90). Both these rulers, by the institution of separate and almost independent duchies, attempted to introduce into Sweden a feudal system similar to that already established elsewhere in Europe; the danger of thus weakening the realm by partition was averted, though not without violent and tragic complications by the opponents, the Folkung party. (Unfortunately, the term ''Folkung'' also later referred to Earl Birger's descendants, forming the royal Folkunge of Bjelbo dynasty.) Finally, in 1319, the severed portions of Sweden were once more reunited. Commons:Category:Stockholm Wikipedia:Stockholm Dmoz:Europe Sweden Stockholm County Localities Stockholm


year 2009 pages 199–200 isbn 978-0-7689-2698-9 Several universities located outside Boston have a major presence in the city. Harvard University, the nation's oldest institute of higher education, is centered across the Charles River in Cambridge (Cambridge, Massachusetts) but has the majority of its land holdings and a substantial amount of its educational activities in Boston. Its business (Harvard Business School) and medical (Harvard Medical School) schools are located in Boston, and there are plans for additional expansion into Boston's Allston (Allston, Boston, Massachusetts) neighborhood. commons:Boston

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