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Willimantic, Connecticut

manufacturing facility in Willimantic, which manufactures specialty wire and cable for commercial and industrial customers. Media Newspapers * ''The Chronicle''—daily newspaper Radio * WILI (WILI (AM)) AM 1400, talk radio * WILI-FM "I98.3" FM, top 40 * WECS FM 90.1, Eastern Connecticut State University–owned station Education '''Public Schools''' * Windham High School * Windham Middle School * Windham Technical High School * Arts at the Capitol Theater Performing Arts High School * Charles H. Barrows STEM fields Academy * Natchaug School * North Windham School * Windham Center School * W.B. Sweeney School * St. Mary-St Joseph School In this college town are located Eastern Connecticut State University as well as the downtown campus of Quinebaug Valley Community College. Appearances in pop culture A 2003 ''60 Minutes'' story, featuring reporter Dan Rather, focused on Willimantic due to the use of heroin at the Hooker Hotel. A 2004 documentary entitled "Heroin Town" rebutted the ''60 Minutes'' story and offered a positive spin on what was perceived by many Willimantic residents to not be truthful. In 2007, writer-director A.D. Calvo filmed portions of his debut film, ''The Other Side of the Tracks'', in Willimantic. More recently, during the summer of 2011, Calvo returned to film the majority of his third feature, ''House of Dust'', on the campus of Eastern Connecticut State University and various other locations in town. Notable residents thumb right 400px Giant sculptures of frogs atop spools of thread adorn a bridge next to the mill (File:Willimantic.JPG) * Apathy (Apathy (rapper)), rapper * Greg Baker, actor and musician * William Bonin, serial killer known as the Freeway Killer * Chris Dodd, senator * Eileen Farrell, soprano opera and concert singer * Jennifer Guthrie, actress * Skip Holtz, football coach * Julian Jordan (Julian Jordan (composer)), composer * James A. Kowalski, clergyman * Archduke Leopold of Austria (Archduke Leopold of Austria, Prince of Tuscany), prince of Tuscany * John T. Lis, professor of molecular biology and genetics * Fred Norris, radio personality * Isaiah Oggins, American spy for the Soviet Union, GULAG survivor, and victim of Stalinism. * John Tormey, actor * The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, indie emo band See also '''WILI-FM''' (98.3 FM, "Hit Music i-98.3") is a radio station broadcasting a Top 40 (CHR) (Contemporary hit radio) format. Licensed to the village of Willimantic, Connecticut, it serves eastern Connecticut. Willimantic is a village within the town of Windham, Connecticut. It is the sister station to WILI (WILI (AM)) 1400. The station is currently owned by Hall Communications. The studios are on Main Street in Willimantic, near the Willimantic Footbridge.


by Mitsuoki himself. Another school in effect around the same time called the Kano school, flourished just as the successors of the Tosa school. Arts in Edo during Mitsuoki's life After Tokugawa Ieyasu established Edo, the city went into a long period of isolation. The third shogun of Tokugawa, shut off Japan from the world to make his hold more secure, besides very limited contacts at the port of Nagasaki. Differences of opinion among the Christian missionaries who had been


Authority * WikiPedia:Bethlehem Commons:Category:Bethlehem


Some clubs moved out of their old stadiums into newly developed council built and owned stadia, where they are tenants. Clubs include Doncaster Rovers (Doncaster Rovers F.C.) at the Keepmoat Stadium


of the most famous Welsh (Wales) nationals of Irish-Catholic ancestry is screen actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. ... that '''Holyhead High School''', located on the Welsh (Wales) island of Anglesey


(see list) . High schools that have their own performing ensembles include theschool arts eurythmy-troupe San Francisco Waldorf High School ensemble. the study conducted in Switzerland used to support the claims made by Nestle and the Coca Cola Corporation has proven to be a dramatically overrepresented. The double blind placebo-controlled study investigated


Buehnen.htm (see list) . High schools that have their own performing ensembles include theschool arts eurythmy-troupe San Francisco Waldorf High School ensemble. '''Limburg-Styrum-Bronchhorst''' was a noble family of the Netherlands which originated in Germany. It was a line of the Limburg-Styrum family and was partitioned from Limburg-Styrum-Bronchhorst-Borkelö in 1766. '''Limburg-Styrum-Bronchhorst-Borkelö''' was a family


by Third Position views. Born '''Pierre Louis Delâge''' to a family of modest means in Cognac in the Charente ''département'' of France, as an infant he lost the sight in one eye. At the age of sixteen, he went to study at a trade school Arts & Metiers in the city of Angers, graduating with an engineering degree in 1893. Delage then fulfilled his military obligation and was stationed in Algeria. Discharged in 1895, he found work with a railway company in the south


ensembles in Dornach, Switzerland; Stuttgart, Germany; The Hague, Netherlands; London, England; Järna, Sweden, and Chestnut Ridge, New York (near New York City). All of these groups both perform locally and tour internationally. Many smaller performing groups also exist (see list). High schools that have their own performing ensembles include the school arts eurythmy-troupe

United States

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