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Lashkar Gah

Radio. Besides many other local Afghan and international TV channels, there is also a Bost Television channel broadcasting from Lashkar Gah. Recent developments thumb Peace Square (File:Peace Square Lashkar Gah.jpg) The city of Lashkar Gah has undergone large scale development in the past few years with new roads, markets and residential areas constructed. Many Afghans continue to leave their tribes and emigrate towards cities – such as Lashkar Gah. Government projects distributed land to the people, increasing the approximate size of the city. Modern architecture and building methods are more common, now, here than Mud squats and other more traditional Afghan architecture. The current Governor of Helmand province, Gulab Mangal (Mohammad Gulab Mangal), has funded large scale development of the city, the Governor's office and Justice Department have been recently renovated, new Police Headquarters and Eidgah have also been funded. Unlike much of Afghanistan the roads in Lashkar Gah are generally paved with asphalt. International Organizations and PRT in Lashkar Gah have helped to complete rehabilitation and infrastructure projects such as building: schools, roads and parks. In 2005 it was announced that a USAID (United States Agency for International Development)-funded project would build six reservoirs in Lashkar Gah, with responsibility for the water supply then being handed over to the Helmand and Arghandab Valley Authority. The city had been without fresh water for the previous 30 years due to the contamination of the Helmand River. USAID Field Report Afghanistan Feb 2005 ReliefWeb As part of Operation Moshtarak in 2010 – the British Army and local workforces constructed Route Trident, a road to connect Lashkar Gah and the northern, more economic, city of Gereshk, Court documents set a scene in which 36-year-old Semrau was in charge of a small group of soldiers caught in an ambush on October 19 last year. The Canadians were mentoring some new Afghan recruits, who were under British (United Kingdom) command. A United States Apache assault helicopter provided assistance to the group, who were in Lashkar Gah (w:Lashkar Gah), Helmand (w:Helmand), strafing the area.

Sihanoukville Province

Category:Provinces of Cambodia (Category:Sihanoukville) Category:Gulf of Thailand Phnom Penh: More Information: Phnom Penh#Etymology Sihanoukville Province: Named after the former king, Norodom Sihanouk Preah Vihear Province: Sacred Temple named after Preah Vihear Temple

Regional Municipality of Peel

former industrial sites (Brownfield land) close to (or Downtown) have been redeveloped including parts of the Toronto waterfront and Liberty Village, large-scale development is underway in the West Don Lands. '''Brampton''' ( ) is the third-largest city in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) of Ontario, Canada and the seat of Peel Region (Regional Municipality of Peel). As of the Canada 2011 Census 2011 census

Regional Municipality of York

The name York lived on through the name of York County (York County, Ontario) (which was later split into Toronto and York Region (Regional Municipality of York)), and continues to live on through the names of several districts within the city, including Yorkville (Yorkville, Toronto), East York, and North York, the latter two suburbs that were formally amalgamated into the megacity of Toronto (Amalgamation of Toronto#1998 amalgamation) on 1 January 1998. thumb left A garrison was established at what would eventually become Fort York (File:FortYork1804.jpg), built to protect what would be the new capital of Upper Canada. About half of the heist money has been recovered. It is alleged that the suspects had taken vacations to Spain, the Domincan Republic, and the Bahamas. thumb right upright Map showing the w:Regional Municipality of York Regional Municipality of York's (File:Map of Ontario YORK.svg) location in the Canadian (w:Canada) province of Ontario Twin brothers, their two sons, and the cousin who disclosed company information were those arrested. York Chief Armand La Barge said that police made the arrest as the five planned another robbery for Quebec.

Metropolitan Borough of Wirral

'''Andrew Mark "Andy" Robinson''' (born 3 November 1979 in Birkenhead, Wirral (Metropolitan Borough of Wirral)) is a professional football player, who plays for Tranmere Rovers (Tranmere Rovers F.C.). He plays as a Winger (Midfielder#Winger) and is comfortable playing on either side of the pitch.


Kaán, Sándor Hevesi and Ferenc Mező all studied in the ancient buildings of Nagykanizsa's "almae matres". Nagykanizsa started a new phase of large-scale development in the 1860s. The railway connecting Nagykanizsa with Vienna, Budapest and Rijeka was constructed at that time. There was rapid development in industry as well. This industrial and business development resulted in the foundation of banks. Besides the four local banks, an Austro-Hungarian and an Anglo-Hungarian bank also opened branch offices in town. Telephone lines were established and the town was connected with a long-distance system in 1895. At the same time a 70-bed hospital was opened. During World War I, military barracks were built in the town. This necessitated the construction of a municipal water network. Kanizsa became a modern town; drainage system construction and paving of streets began. World War I caused grave consequences. Kanizsa became isolated and lost its markets in the south and west. Oil helped the town to survive. After successful exploration by the American corporation ''Eurogasco'', Hungarian-American Oil Inc. was formed. Nagykanizsa became the centre of the Hungarian oil industry. Beer brewed in Kanizsa Brewery regained its reputation as one of the best Hungarian beers, carrying off the palm at more and more international competitions — at the beginning of the century the brewery was closed as demand for beer fell drastically. Kanizsa Trend Ltd. grew out of the company, with its furniture products gaining a high reputation all over Europe. The predecessor of the present day Tungsram Plc, now belonging to General Electric, was opened in 1965. It is now one of the biggest light bulb factories in the world. Károlyi Park, City Park, and large squares like Kossuth, Eötvös and Erzsébet squares were extended after 1962. A boating lake was formed, becoming a popular recreation centre. Notable people *Kanijeli Siyavuş Paşa, Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire *Edmund Gutmann, known Hungarian-Croatian wholesaler and industrialist Gallery Image:Nagykanizsa3.jpg Lake Csonakazo (boating) Image:Nagykanizsa1.jpg Deak Square Image:Nagykanizsa Vasember ház.jpg The Iron Man, the sign of the former ironmonger's shop on the wall of the House of the Iron Man Image:17 hosszusagikor.jpg The 17th eastern longitude monument erected by the Town Supporting Association Image:Nagykanizsa Inkey kápolna.jpg The baroque Inkey chapel International relations Wikipedia:Nagykanizsa commons:Nagykanizsa

West Palm Beach, Florida

such as Northwood Village, Old Northwood, Flamingo Park and El Cid. Many neighborhoods still struggle with urban blight and crime, as well as lowered property values caused by the Great Recession, which hit the city particularly hard. The latest large scale development within the city is the re-development of the mostly abandoned 1,000,000 + square foot Palm Beach Mall, located at the Interstate 95 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard interchange. Ironically, the very mall that initiated the original abandonment of the downtown, is itself now abandoned and considered by many an eyesore. Re-development of the mall into the Palm Beach Fashion Outlets has begun as of late 2012. The building of the outlet mall has been finished since February 2014. Geography and climate thumb The Grassy Waters Preserve (File:Habitat of Semiardistomis viridis (Say) at Grassy Waters Preserve, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA - ZooKeys-210-019-g018.jpeg) According to the United States Census Bureau, this city has a total area of '''CityPlace''' is an upscale lifestyle center (lifestyle center (retail)) in downtown West Palm Beach (West Palm Beach, Florida), Florida along South Rosemary Avenue. Besides shops, the center also includes rental apartments, condos, and offices. '''WXEL-TV''' is the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) member public television station serving South Florida, and is licensed to West Palm Beach (West Palm Beach, Florida). WXEL is owned by Barry University, a Catholic (Roman Catholic Church) university based in Miami (Miami, Florida); despite the Catholic-based ownership, WXEL shows no religious programming (other than documentaries provided by PBS). The station reaches viewers from the Treasure Coast all the way down to Miami-Dade County. Once you get a chance to talk to West Palm Beach, Florida (w:West Palm Beach, Florida) native Whitney Cunningham, who placed seventh on the eighth cycle (w:America's Next Top Model, Cycle 8) of the popular reality TV series ''America's Next Top Model (w:America's Next Top Model)'', you begin to understand what host Tyra Banks (w:Tyra Banks) meant when she described her as the "full package." Sub-freezing temperatures are also expected for a shorter time in West Palm Beach (w:West Palm Beach, Florida), Fort Lauderdale (w:Fort Lauderdale, Florida), and Miami (w:Miami, Florida). In south Florida, temperatures are expected to flirt with all-time record lows before sunrise.

Republic of the Congo

~theSitePK:349199,00.html Republic of Congo World Bank The country also has large untapped mineral (Mining in the Republic of Congo) wealth. In the early 1980s, rapidly rising oil revenues enabled the government to finance large-scale development projects with GDP growth averaging 5% annually, one of the highest rates in Africa. The government has mortgaged a substantial portion of its petroleum earnings, contributing to a shortage of revenues. The January 12, 1994 devaluation of Franc Zone (CFA franc) currencies by 50% resulted in inflation of 46% in 1994, but inflation has subsided since.

Johnstown, Pennsylvania

the state. With the coming of the railroads, the city’s growth improved. Johnstown became a stop on the main line of the Pennsylvania Railroad and was connected with the Baltimore & Ohio. The railroads provided large-scale development of the region’s mineral wealth. Iron, coal, and steel quickly became central to the town of Johnstown. By 1860, the Cambria Iron Company of Johnstown was the leading steel producer in the United States, outproducing steel giants Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Through the second half of the 19th century, Johnstown made much of the nation's barbed wire. Johnstown prospered from skyrocketing demand in the western United States for barbed wire. Twenty years after its founding, the Cambria Works was a huge enterprise sprawling over '''Frank Albert Benford, Jr.''', (1883 Johnstown (Johnstown, Pennsylvania), Pennsylvania – December 4, 1948) was an American electrical engineer and physicist best known for rediscovering and generalizing Benford's Law, a statistical statement about the occurrence of digits in lists of data. DATE OF BIRTH 29 May 1883 PLACE OF BIRTH Johnstown (Johnstown, Pennsylvania), Pennsylvania DATE OF DEATH 4 December 1948 airdate 15th September, 1949 location Johnstown (Johnstown, Pennsylvania) Altoona (Altoona, Pennsylvania) State College, Pennsylvania callsign_meaning '''J'''ohnstown '''A'''utomotive '''C'''ompany (original owner) '''WJAC-TV''' is the NBC-affiliated television station for the Allegheny (Allegheny Mountains) area of Pennsylvania that is licensed to Johnstown (Johnstown, Pennsylvania). It broadcasts a high definition (High-definition television) digital signal on UHF channel 34 from a transmitter northwest of the city in Laurel Ridge State Park along the Cambria (Cambria County, Pennsylvania) and Westmoreland (Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania) County line. Owned by Cox Enterprises, the station has studios on Old Hickory Lane in Johnstown. Syndicated (television syndication) programming on the station includes ''The Ellen DeGeneres Show'', ''Dr. Phil (Dr. Phil (TV series))'', ''Live with Kelly'', ''Entertainment Tonight'', ''The Big Bang Theory'', ''The Insider (The Insider (TV series))'' and ''Judge Judy''. Commissions Lieberman is known for his ability to write and tell the story behind historical events. He has created performances commissioned by the city of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, the Smithsonian Institution (for the National Air and Space Museum), Van Andel Museum Center (Public Museum of Grand Rapids), NASA, and Historic Philadelphia. Syd Lieberman biography at August House airdate October 13, 1986 (1986 in television) location Johnstown (Johnstown, Pennsylvania) Altoona (Altoona, Pennsylvania) State College, Pennsylvania callsign_meaning '''W'''e're '''W'''onderful '''C'''entral '''P'''ennsylvania '''WWCP-TV''' is the Fox (Fox Broadcasting Company)-affiliated television station for the Allegheny (Allegheny Mountains) area of Pennsylvania that is licensed to Johnstown (Johnstown, Pennsylvania). It broadcasts a high definition (high-definition television) digital signal on VHF channel 8 from a transmitter in Ligonier Township (Ligonier Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania) along the Somerset (Somerset County, Pennsylvania) County line. The station can also be seen on Comcast channel 8 and in high definition on digital channel 808. Owned by Peak Media, WWCP operates the area's ABC (American Broadcasting Company) affiliate WATM-TV (owned by Palm Television, L.P.) through a local marketing agreement (LMA). Early years Prosser was born on March 16, 1834 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the son of Welsh (Welsh people) immigrants. His family moved to Johnstown, Pennsylvania when he was very young. In Johnstown, Prosser received a limited formal education, but went on to teach school and study law (although he never practiced). He moved to California in 1854, where he engaged in mining.


. Houses in the newer parts of town, uphill from the waterfront, survived. In 1949, 606 houses, comprising almost all of the built-up area of the old quarter other than religious buildings, were demolished over the objections of local Jews who owned about half the houses. Arnon Golan, The Politics of Wartime Demolition and Human Landscape Transformation, ''War in History'', vol 9 (2002), pp 431–445. Wide-scale development began after the Six-Day War

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