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Trenton, Ontario

it turns north-northwest for another , running past Big Island (Big Island (Bay of Quinte)) on the south and Belleville (Belleville, Ontario) on the north. The width of the bay rarely exceeds two kilometers. The bay ends at Trenton (Trenton, Ontario) (Quinte West (Quinte West, Ontario)) and the Trent River (Trent River (Ontario)), both


" sign before Exit 119. Chilliwack is one of Greyhound's major depots, and virtually every bus running past it East, West or North will stop there. Chilliwack has an airport popular with recreational pilots, but no scheduled commercial flights. Closest commercial airports are Abbotsford (YXX), Bellingham Washington (BLI), and Vancouver (YVR) Get around There are two main roads in Chilliwack, and they're actually just one road with two different names. From the highway at Exit 119

South Lakeland

at Greenodd.JPG thumb The River Crake running past Greenodd '''Greenodd''' is a village in the Furness area of the county of Cumbria but within the historical county of Lancashire. For local government purposes the village is also within the area of South Lakeland District (South Lakeland). It is located 3 miles (5 km) north-east of Ulverston at the junction of the A590 (A590 road) trunk road and the A5092 (A5092 road) trunk road. The village is just outside

Portage la Prairie

thumb Portage la Prairie (File:Portage La Prairie Manitoba Canada (8).JPG) One of Portage la Prairie's most popular attractions, the Community Walkway, which parallels Crescent Lake, is a , multi-use trail used for walking, bicycling, skateboarding and rollerblading, running past many grand heritage homes and the tranquil, picturesque sites along the lake. Other attractions include the world's largest Coca-Cola can. It was constructed from an old water tower

Belleville, Ontario

Adolphus Reach), where it turns north-northwest for another , running past Big Island (Big Island (Bay of Quinte)) on the south and Belleville (Belleville, Ontario) on the north. The width of the bay rarely exceeds two kilometers. The bay ends at Trenton (Trenton, Ontario) (Quinte West (Quinte West, Ontario)) and the Trent River (Ontario

Ojai, California

is at State Route 126 (California State Route 126) in Santa Paula at the 10th Street junction. It runs on 10th Street, before branching off in a northwest direction from Santa Paula on ''Ojai-Santa Paula Road'' and serves as the major connector between the cities of Santa Paula and Ojai (Ojai, California), running past Thomas Aquinas College. In the city of Ojai, it is called ''Ojai Avenue'', and at the junction with State Route 33 (California State Route 33) (''Maricopa Highway''), it is co


, Christchurch, and briefly Reefton (Reefton, New Zealand). In the early 1940s, the Vulcan railcars (NZR RM class (Vulcan)) were introduced and they provided a twice-daily service between Ross and Christchurch via Hokitika. The "mixed" trains continued to operate until 1967, and all passenger services to Hokitika ceased when the Vulcan railcars stopped running past Greymouth in 1972. Since then, the line to Hokitika has been freight-only with traffic primarily coming from Westland Milk Products. '''''The Half Gallon Quarter Acre Pavlova Paradise''''' ISBN 978-0723303497 was a popular book by Austin Mitchell, published by Whitcombe and Tombs (Christchurch, 1972), with illustrations by Les Gibbard. It provided a witty, satirical description of life in 1960s New Zealand, and Kiwi (Kiwi (people)) culture (Culture of New Zealand). In 1929 the first open Sea Cadet Corps (Sea Cadet Corps(NZ)) was formed in Christchurch, by the Canterbury Navy League. Units formed in the four main centres and were controlled nationally by the Canterbury (Canterbury, New Zealand) branch of the League. The Navy League continued to manage these open community Sea Cadet units even when they came under the control of the Royal New Zealand Navy. thumb left Dunedin (ship) ''Dunedin'' (Image:SS Dunedin by Frederick Tudgay.JPG), the first commercially successful refrigerated ship. Thereafter the town developed as a port for the city and the province, superseding the earlier Otago (modern Otakou) as the harbour's international port. It was first connected by lighter with Dunedin at the head of the harbour, then also by a steep road from North East Valley to Sawyers Bay, a spur of the main road north. By the 1860s a harbourside road from the central city had been formed. In 1866 the Town Board was superseded by a Borough. On 1 January 1873, the first 1,067 mm narrow gauge railway in New Zealand opened: the Port Chalmers Branch, linking Dunedin and Port Chalmers. It was subsequently incorporated into the national rail network (Rail transport in New Zealand) through a connection to the Main South Line, which was opened through to Christchurch on 7 September 1878 and Invercargill on 22 January 1879. 1881 saw the opening of the Victoria Ship Channel allowing ocean-going vessels passage up the harbour to central Dunedin. 1882 saw the inauguration of New Zealand's refrigerated meat trade when the ship ''Dunedin'' (Dunedin (ship)) left Port Chalmers with the first such cargo. Early life Scott attended Mairehau High School in Christchurch. She trained as a nurse in Wellington and then became a doctor in Auckland. Commons:Category:Christchurch WikiPedia:Christchurch Dmoz:Regional Oceania New Zealand Canterbury Christchurch


The town has the A1 (A1 road (Great Britain)) main road from London to Edinburgh running past it (the town was bypassed in 1962). The main shopping High Street, until recently, was part of the busy A52 (A52 road) (which runs to nearby Nottingham), and ''Wharf Road'' and ''London Road'' (next to Sainsbury's (J Sainsbury)) still are, meeting the A607 (A607 road) (for Lincoln) at a busy junction. There is a motorway-style Grantham North Services at the north end of the bypass, on the new junction which has recently replaced a roundabout in May 2008. Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Nottinghamshire Nottingham Commons:Category:Nottingham

Democratic Republic of the Congo

). Kinshasa and Brazzaville are on opposite sides of the river at the Pool (see NASA image). Then the river narrows and falls through a number of cataracts in deep canyons (collectively known as the Livingstone Falls), and then running past Boma (Boma, Congo) into the Atlantic Ocean. The river also has the second-largest flow and the second-largest watershed (drainage basin) of any river in the world (trailing the Amazon (Amazon River) in both respects). The river and a 37&

Kingston upon Hull

running past or near Maghull Square. The M57 (M57 motorway) and M58 (M58 motorway) motorways start at Switch Island, between Aintree and Maghull. The Leeds and Liverpool Canal runs through the centre of old Maghull. The Trans Pennine Trail, a long distance footpath from Southport to Hornsea, near Hull (Kingston upon Hull) skirts Maghull, following the line of the old 'Cheshire Lines' (Southport & Cheshire Lines Extension Railway) railway. * 8 canals, including

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