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University , a privately run school founded by Fr. Urios on 1901, and the second, the Caraga State University Main Campus (Caraga State University), formerly known as the Northern Mindanao Institute of Science and Technology, a state-run school founded in 1918. Both are among the top 2 performing universities in the region. Butuan City is also famous for its educational competence. Proof of these are in awards earned. Teachers and school staff of the Butuan Central Elementary School, Butuan City SPED Center and Agusan National High School have large-scale exposure to specialization techniques, as well as seminars and workshops to complement, with partnerships like Philippine-Australia Project on Basic Education (PROBE), their abilities in teaching. There are various Chinese schools in the city, like the Timber City Academy and Butuan Faith Christian School, various National High Schools like the Agusan NHS, Tungao NHS, San Vicente NHS, Libertad NHS, Ampayon ISS (Integrated Secondary School). The city is also home of the Butuan City School of Arts and Trades (BCSAT), a specialization school in the fields of arts and in vocational courses. As an educational hub, Butuan has various Colleges with a variety of courses. Examples are the Agusan College, Inc., AMA Computer Learning Center, Butuan Doctors College, St. Joseph Institute of Technology, Agusan Business and Arts Foundation Agusan Institute of Technology, Asian College Foundation, Balite Institute of Technology-Butuan, Butuan City Colleges, Butuan City Liga College, Corjesu Computer College, Elisa R. Ochoa Memorial Northern Mindanao School of Midwifery, Father Urios Institute of Technology of Ampayon, Inc., Grand View College, Holy Child Colleges of Butuan City, Philippine Electronics and Communication Institute of Technology, Saint Peter College Seminary, and the Sunrise Christian College Foundation of The Philippines. Big private universities like the Ateneo University and De La Salle University have expressed to put up local branches but only Iglesia Ni Cristo-owned New Era University (NEU) have confirmed that right after their Centennial Celebration in Bulacan, they will push through with their NEU branches nationwide including one in to be located in Purok 8, Brgy. Ampayon. Other schools include the Rainbow of angels learning center, Solid Rock shilo mission academy, Ampayon Central Elementary School, Angelicum Montessori School, Butuan Christian Community School, Father Urios Institute of Technology of Ampayon,Inc., Florencio R. Sibayan Central Elementary School, Libertad Central Elementary School, Obrero Elementary School, and the Ong Yiu Central Elementary School. Infrastructure

Taizhou, Jiangsu

, where CPC General secretary, Chinese president Hu Jintao was born and raised.It is a high school famous for its elite education systems.The high school was founded by Gao Hama in 1939 . In 1980, it was named a Key Middle School (重点中学) by the government of Jiangsu province. Then in 1996 it was designated as a Provincial Run School (省立中学)and passed the National Model School Qualification (国家级示范性高中验收) in 1999. Scenery '''Hou Yifan''' (


Bahawalpur, Pakistan death_place Early life Azhar was born in Bahawalpur on July 10, 1968 as one of ten siblings although some sources list his birth date as August 7, 1968 as the third of 11 children. His father, Allah Bakhsh Shabir, was the headmaster at a government-run school, and his family operated a dairy and poultry farm. Azhar studied at the Jamia Uloom ul Islamia Banuri Town in Karachi, where


there was a virtual bipartite system, with fierce competition for the available grammar school places, which varied between 15% and 25% of total secondary places, depending on location. Bebb was born in Butler County, Ohio to Welsh (Wales) immigrants. He is the son of Edward Bebb. They were early residents of Paddy's Run, now known as Shandon, Ohio. In 1826 the Paddy's Run school was organized under the new state law, a new building was erected, and William Bebb was employed as the first


seriously, which in part led to her decision to transfer from Telopea Park High School, a government run school, to 'Chiron College', then a newly opened alternative school located in Birchgrove in Sydney. An unplanned pregnancy left 17-year-old Moore housebound for several months and time for piano practice. (She gave her baby up for adoption, and has since been reunited with her daughter, Emma Pearse) '''Karl

prison, located at Berrima (Berrima, New South Wales), New South Wales. The Centre was operational between 1839 and 2011, with a number of breaks in between. Initially established as '''Berrima Gaol''', the facility closed in 1909 and reopened in 1949 as the '''Berrima Training Centre'''. At the time of its closure, the Centre was the oldest Australian correctional facility in operation. '''Bentley Park College''' is a co-educational, Public school (government funded) state run

school located in Edmonton (Edmonton, Queensland), Queensland, Australia. The school educates students from preschool (Nursery school) to 12th grade (high school senior) and first opened in 1997. '''Bentley Park''' is a suburb of Cairns, Queensland, Australia, and is located approximately 9km south of the Cairns CBD (Central Business District). At the 2006 census (Census in Australia), Bentley Park had a population of 5,378. Commons:Category:Australia Wikipedia:Australia Dmoz:Regional Oceania Australia


), and in Paris. He had inherited considerable wealth from his mother's side of the family and spent it freely. Life Kromer was born in 1512 into a prominent German immigrants to Polish Carpatians (Walddeutsche) burgher (bourgeoisie) family in Biecz, in Lesser Poland. He completed his basic education in a local church-run school. In 1528 he transferred to Kraków, where in 1530 he graduated as a bachelor (Bachelor's degree) at the Cracow Academy. In 1533–37 he worked


, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States * restoration of diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) Bamileke and Bamum territory fell to the French (France) in 1916 after the Germans' defeat in World War I. The territory became part of the Baré-Foumban-Nkongsamba administrative area, and the capital was moved to Foumban. Dschang served as the seat of a French-run school for the sons of chiefs, which the French used to indoctrinate as well as instruct. The French maintained German plantations and labour sources, and new operations sprung up, such as a palm (Palm tree) plantation at Dschang. The new colonial overlords made improvements to the region's infrastructure, as well, especially to the road network. The river was named Rivière au Crédit by French (France) fur traders, because trading goods were supplied to the native Mississaugas in advance (on credit) against furs which would be provided the following spring. A trading post was set up at the mouth of the river, in Port Credit (Port Credit, Ontario), in the early 18th century. Many intellectuals supported the protests, including writers like Octavian Paler, Ana Blandiana, Gabriel Liiceanu, Stelian Tănase or film director Lucian Pintilie. Eugen Ionescu supported them by sending a telegram from France in which he wrote he was a "Golan Academician" (''Hooligan Academician (Académie française)''). "Fenomenul Piata Universitatii 1990", ''Revista 22'', May 12, 2003 The first planet discovered (designated HD 82943 b) was announced in 2000 by a team of French (France) astronomers led by Michel Mayor. The planet orbits its parent star at a mean distance of 1.19 astronomical units (AU) and taking approximately 441 days to complete the orbit. Nearly a year later, a second planet (designated HD 82943 c) was announced by the same discoverers of the previous planet. This planet orbits closer than the other, at a mean distance of 0.746 AU and taking 219 days to complete its orbit. The two known planets appear to have a 2:1 resonance (Orbital resonance) with one another. In the following years, he participated in the campaign "Diretas Já" (‘Direct Elections Now’), for direct elections of the president and, later, in the campaign of his grandfather for the Presidency of Republic. In 1985, Tancredo Neves won the elections for President, obtaining 480 votes in the Electoral College. Following the election, Aécio Neves accompanied his grandfather in visits to Ronald Reagan (United States), François Mitterrand (France), Sandro Pertini and Bettino Craxi (Italy), to King Juan Carlos (Spain) and to Pope John Paul II (the Vatican (Holy See)). ** Communes of the Calvados département I have no idea what to do with this. maybe it should be deleted. rhyax (User:Rhyax) 05:37, 8 Sep 2004 (UTC) *** Well, it is a list of the communes (Commune (subdivision)) of the Calvados ''département'' in France. In can certainly be improved, as other such lists have been (see: Lists of communes of France), but certainly not deleted! olivier (User:Olivier) 14:02, Sep 15, 2004 (UTC) *** This list seems perfect to me. It seems there is nothing to add really... --Edcolins (User:Edcolins) 20:01, Sep 27, 2004 (UTC) A second phase of German settlement came during the early 13th century consisting of settlers primarily from the Rhineland, Southern Low Countries (Low Countries), and the Moselle region, with others from Thuringia, Bavaria, and even from France. A settlement in northeastern Transylvania was centered on the town Nösen, the later Bistritz (Bistriţa) (Bistriţa), located on the Somes River (Somes River (Szamos)). The surrounding area became known as the Nösnerland. Continued immigration from the Empire expanded the area of the Saxons further to the east. Daughter settlements from the Hermannstadt region spread into the Hârtibaciu River Valley (''Harbachtal'') and to the feet of the Cibin (Cibin Mountains) (''Zibin'') and Sebeş (Sebes Mountains) (''Mühlbacher'') mountains. The latter region, centered on the city of Mühlbach (Sebeş) (Sebes) was known as the Unterwald. To the north of Hermannstadt was settled the Weinland near Mediasch (Mediaş) (Mediaş). Biography Rosy Armen was born in Paris, France on May 1, the same day as the May Day worker's holiday. She has been singing since the age of 4, when she would lead the youth orchestra of her school until she eventually started singing solo songs. Despite her parents disapproval of a career in singing, she continued on with her passion and eventually, found herself singing next to established French (French people) music stars such as Gilbert Bécaud, Charles Aznavour, and Johnny Hallyday. This success made her a well-known figure not only in France, but also all over Europe, the Soviet Union, United States and the Middle East where there were many Armenian communities and through her participation in Persia's Persepolis festivities. Early life Holloway was born in Devonport (Devonport, Devon), a district of Plymouth in the county of Devon, the eldest son of Thomas and Mary Holloway (née Chellew), who at the time of their son's birth had a bakery business. They later moved to Penzance, Cornwall, where they ran The Turk's Head Inn. In the late 1820s, Holloway went to live in Roubaix, France, for a few years. He returned to England in 1831 and worked in London as a secretary and interpreter for a firm of importers and exporters. In 1836, he set himself up as a foreign and commercial agent in London. Under Nazi rule With the establishment of the Protectorate, there was no official place for the Czech diplomatic service. As a last ruling, under German pressure, the Foreign Ministry ordered all Czechoslovak ambassadors to close their embassies (embassy) and transfer them to the Germans. Patriotic clerks hoped that the ambassadors, free from direct Nazi pressure, would disobey the order and keep the embassies for the future benefit of the Government-in-exile. As a last resort, if the host government were hostile to them, they should transfer their embassy to the host government rather than to Germany. Unfortunately, many ambassadors did not read between the lines and obeyed the order literally, as they usually did, causing significant damage to Czechoslovak interests. Given the sequence of events shaped by Chvalkovský, many countries, such as France (a signatory of Munich Agreement), initially considered the fall of Czechoslovakia a result of internal forces rather than German aggression. Chvalkovský thus caused considerable damage to Czechoslovakia during this critical period. As the son of Archduke Leopold V (Leopold V of Austria (Habsburg)) and Claudia de' Medici, he took over his mother's governatorial duties when he came of age in 1646. To finance his extravagant living style, he sold goods and entitlements. For example, he wasted the exorbitant sum which France had to pay to the Tyrolean Habsburgs for the cession of their fiefs west of the Rhine (Alsace, Sundgau and Breisach). He also fixed the border to Graubünden in 1652. * The third star symbolizes the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893, and is original to the 1917 design. Its six points stand for political entities Chicago has belonged to and the flags that have flown over the area: France 1693, Great Britain (Kingdom of Great Britain) 1763, Virginia 1778, the Northwest Territory 1798, Indiana Territory 1802, and Illinois 1818. The second album ''Songs for the Gentle Man'', was produced by Ron Geesin. St. John then recorded another album, ''Jumble Queen'', for Chrysalis Records in 1974. She emigrated to Greenwich Village in 1976 and virtually disappeared from the public eye for over 20 years. She appeared at a Nick Drake tribute concert in New York (New York City) in 1999, performing "Northern Sky" and "One of These Things First". She toured Japan in 2006 with the minimalist French (France) musician Colleen (Colleen (musician)). Nearly all of the remaining Expo 67 pavilions were demolished in 1975 to make way for a long rowing (Sport rowing) and canoeing (Canoe racing) basin for Montreal's 1976 Summer Olympics. The Olympic Basin is still the biggest artificial rowing basin in North America. The former pavilion of France and the pavilion of Quebec were gutted, redecorated, and became the Montreal Casino, a large gambling establishment owned and operated by the Government of Quebec. The Canadian Pavilion now serves the administration of the Société du parc Jean-Drapeau, a para-municipal body of the city of Montreal, manager of Parc Jean-Drapeau. He graduated from the University of Manchester in 1951, and lived in France for a year teaching English (English language). He also traveled extensively in Greece and Turkey during the 1960s, lecturing at the University of Athens and the University of Istanbul. His novels about fin-de-siecle Ottoman Empire, ''The Rage of the Vulture'' and ''Pascali's Island'', were inspired by these experiences. His second novel, ''The Greeks Have a Word For It'', was an out-growth of his teaching experience in Athens. The Cowboy and the Frenchman 1988 (1988 in film) '''The Cowboy and the Frenchman''' Slapstick made for French (France) Television as part of the series ''The French as seen by...'' by French magazine ''Figaro''. With Harry Dean Stanton, Frederic Golchan, and Jack Nance. (26 minutes) On 6 July 1918 at Villers-Bretonneux, France he performed the deed for which he was awarded the Victoria Cross: Brown had rushed a machine-gun post armed with a hand grenade, taking one officer and 11 men prisoner under heavy machine-gun fire. Commons:Category:France WikiPedia:France Dmoz:Regional Europe France

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