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Akron, Ohio

The Black Keys: My City Was Gone work Magnet (Magnet (magazine)) first Andrew last Parks date 2005-01-15 accessdate 2012-03-24 Of the factory, Carney said it was "not really ideal in any way. It's too far away. It's on the second story. It's hot as hell. You can't open the windows. The acoustics are horrible."


: 2012 01 27 reid-between-the-lines-43 publisher Belize Times Etymology The origin of the name Belize is unclear, but the earliest record


web url http: gibraltar_water_supply.html title Gibraltar Water Supply accessdate 20 December 2007 publisher AquaGib made of Jurassic limestone, and the narrow coastal lowland surrounding

Stockholm date 2011-04-15 accessdate 2011-11-16 Its closest rival is Bandit Rock 106.3 (Bandit Rock), another radio station based in Stockholm that mainly focuses on modern and alternative rock. Rockklassiker was elected "Radio station of the year 2001" by The Swedish Radio Academy. The first season


the idea of playing noisy, heavy rock, but calling ourselves after something diametrically opposed to that". His next bout brought a touch of tragedy to his career. He defended against Johnny Owen of Wales in Los Angeles. Many of the fans


construction. 2009–2010 Tour After Gonzalo Martinez's departure from the band, family-friend Shlomi Lavie stepped in to fill the void as drummer for the band's 2009 tour, promoting two new albums. After a successful 4-Day Carnival Cruise show(s) in the Bahamas alongside Post-grunge band Sponge (Sponge (band))

United States

noted for its array of musical styles, ranging from alternative rock to folk (Folk music) and blues. Though not a commercial hit, the album received unanimous critical acclaim and has been named as one of Cat Power's "masterpieces". In 1997, he released his first album in the United

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