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in central Örebro. File:Centralpalatset, Örebro, Sweden.jpg Centralpalatset, at corner of Storgatan, one of Örebro's main streets. Culture * Swedish Chamber Orchestra * Örebro is the hometown of the punk-rock band Millencolin. They named one of their albums Pennybridge Pioneers, where ''Pennybridge'' stands for Örebro as a colloquial translation into English. * The influential and highly popular grind band Nasum were formed in Örebro. * Örebro is one of the public broadcaster SVT (Sveriges Television)'s 12 local news districts and has television premises located in the city. Örebro has hosted a contemporary art exhibition called Open Art on four occasions: in 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2013. In 2013, the exhibition featured works by 90 artists from Sweden and many other countries throughout the world. http: en konstnarer The fifth edition of the exhibition is planned for the summer of 2015. http: about Örebro University is one of Sweden's most recent, being upgraded from ''högskola'' (university college) in 1999. It currently has around 16,000 students and a staff of 1,100. Gustavsvik, the largest water park (Waterpark) in the Nordic countries, is located just a kilometer south of central Örebro. With more than 700,000 visitors per year, it is one of the most popular tourist and leisure establishments in Sweden. Only Liseberg, Gröna Lund and Skansen are more popular. In the summer the manor of Karlslund is a very popular place to visit. Gallery File:Örebro universitet.jpg Örebro University File:Karlslunds herrgård.jpg Karlslund Manor File:Örebro Slottet.jpg Örebro Castle File:OP syd.jpg Olaus Petri Church File:Allehandaborgen.jpg Nerikes Allehanda, the local newspaper's former offices in Örebro. File:Örebro vattentorn.jpg View over Örebro Watertower ''Svampen'' with the mountain ridge Kilsbergen in the background. File:Allehandaborgen from Svartan river in Örebro, Sweden.jpg Allehandaborgen from Svartån river. Sports Football * Örebro SK are the most popular football team in Örebro County. The club was founded in 1908 and the team currently play in the first division in Sweden (Allsvenskan). * KIF Örebro DFF play in the highest level of women's soccer leagues in Sweden (Damallsvenskan). * BK Forward currently play in Division 1 Norra. * Örebro SK Ungdom currently playing in Division 2 Norra Götaland (Swedish Division 2). * Rynninge IK currently play in Division 2 Norra Götaland (Swedish Division 2). * IFK Örebro currently play in Division 3 Västra Svealand (Swedish football Division 3). * Karlslunds IF HFK currently play in Division 3 Västra Svealand (Swedish football Division 3). * Örebro Syrianska BK (Örebro Syrianska IF) currently play in Division 3 Västra Svealand (Swedish football Division 3). * Adolfsbergs IK currently play in Division 4 Örebro (Swedish football Division 4). * FK Bosna 92 currently play in Division 4 Örebro (Swedish football Division 4). Floorball * Örebro SK Innebandy * Lillån IBK * Örebro Innebandy * Nerike IBK Other sports *Örebro Volley play in the highest level of women's volleyball leagues in Sweden. They have won the league ten times. * Örebro HK currently play in Swedish Hockey League (the highest level) since the 2013–14 season (2013–14 SHL season), having been promoted in the 2012–13 season. * Örebro Black Knights are an American football Club that played in the Swedish Championship Finals in 1998, 1999, 2013 and 2014. * Örebro Universitets IF Rugby Karlslunds IF is a multi-sports club specialising in American Football, Bandy, Baseball Softball, Bowling, Football, Gymnastics, Skiing and Swimming. Notable people


Silvstedt , supermodel *Henning Sjöström, lawyer *Margot Wallström, former first Vice President of the European Commission and current Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict with the UN. Since 2014 Foreign Secretary of Sweden. *Caroline Lundmark, Swedish skier, currently skiing in the United States Artists *Moon Safari (band), a symphonic rock band. *The Wannadies, an alternative rock band formed in 1988. *Vintersorg, the most metal band in the World

. *Amber Oak, a pop-rock band. . Climate Skellefteå has subarctic climate with mild summers and cold and snowy winters.

fleeing from northern Sweden , Aftonbladet, 2007-11-23 (in Swedish) '''The Wannadies''' were an alternative rock band formed in 1988 in Skellefteå, northern Sweden. Story section at The band's initial line-up featured Pär Wiksten (vocals, guitars), Christina Bergmark (born 1 March 1963) (keyboards (Keyboard instrument), vocals), Stefan Schönfeldt (born 5 June 1965) (guitars

Huntington Beach, California

-499938-includes-holland.html accessdate March 17, 2013 newspaper The Orange County Register date March 17, 2013 page Real Estate 6 * The ska punk rock band Reel Big Fish formed here in 1992. * Dean Torrence, from the 1960s Pop group Jan and Dean, who co-authored the famous song " Surf City

, 2008 * (Hed) P.E., a punk rock hip hop group, was formed in Huntington Beach. * The Vandals, a punk rock band formed in Huntington Beach in length, it is one of the longest public piers on the West Coast (West Coast of the United States). (The longest is Oceanside Pier at 1,942 feet). It has been damaged or destroyed four times; in 1912, 1939, 1983 and most recently on January 17, 1988 destroying the End Cafe for the second time in the decade. '''Clayton ("Clay") Evans''' (born October 28, 1953 in El Bagic, Colombia) is a former medley (Medley swimming) swimmer from Canada, who was born in South America to Canadian parents. He moved to Huntington Beach, California at age fifteen and was recruited by UCLA on a swimming and water polo scholarship. Before entering UCLA, Evans represented Canada in the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich.


Contest . That very year in the same city the prolific Oskorri band (see above) got together featuring folk music, launching first album in 1976, where they paid homage to poet Gabriel Aresti, while in the Northern Basque Country Michel Ducau and Anje Duhalde teamed up and put together the first Basque rock band: The celebrated and politically engagé Errobi, releasing album ''Errobi'' (1975) to critic and public acclaim, ''Bizi bizian'' ensued. The group disbanded (not definitely) in 1979

. thumb 310px Rock band Zamara's live performance (Image:Zarama.jpg)Beginning at the mid-60s, Imanol Larzabal led a solo career as a singer songwriter, featuring a deep voice as well as a socially committed and poetic subjects, with the collaboration of domestic and foreign poets and singers. He went through a short period in prison and came back from exile in 1977. Friend of his and son of emigrant Souletin parents, Niko Etxart came back to the Basque Country from Paris with brand-new ideas

Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosovo

scene during the 1970s, with a part of bands incorporating elements of traditional music into their sound. At this period, bands like YU grupa and Smak achieved large mainstream popularity and massive album sales. The end of the 1970s featured the appearance of the prominent hard rock band Riblja Čorba, and the emergence of the closely associated punk rock (Punk in Yugoslavia) and New Wave scene (New Wave music in Yugoslavia)s. Pekinška Patka was the first Serbian punk

rock band to release an album, in 1980. The New Wave bands Šarlo Akrobata, Električni Orgazam and Idoli, which appeared on the influential compilation album ''Paket aranžman'' in 1980, were followed by a large number of New Wave acts. Around 1982, with the rising tensions in Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosovo, New Wave scene declined. During the 1980s, pop rock acts, such as Đorđe Balašević and Bajaga i Instruktori, dominated the mainstream scene


of the general court system. thumb 250px Peer Günt in 2007 (Image:Peergunt live.JPG) '''Peer Günt''' is a hard rock band from Kouvola, Finland, formed in 1976. The band became known in mid-to-late 1980's with three successful albums, ''Peer Günt'' (1985), ''Backseat'' (1986) and ''Good Girls Don't...'' (1987). '''Myllykosken Pallo –47''' (or '''MyPa''') is a Finnish (Finland) football (football (soccer)) club, based in the industrial town of Myllykoski, part

, assembled in 1993 as a hard rock band under the name ''Mary-Ann''. In 1999, they decided to change their musical style to gothic metal, changing their band name as well. The band disbanded on 13 April 2009, but has reformed as of 4 July 2009, and has begun work on a new album. http: index.cfm?fuseaction blog.view&friendId 451157052&blogId 501630451 region1 Southern Savonia location Kouvola, Mäntyharju lat_d 61 '''Repovesi National Park''' ( WikiPedia:Kouvola Commons:Category:Kouvola

Burlington, Ontario

;source bl&ots MPVbrCP2Na&sig aHg7dF8pNB4r9GJVFjlIq2t84eo&hl en&sa X&ei YZs0VO_OEZOZyATN0ILwCw&ved 0CDoQ6AEwBjgK#v onepage&q Sophia%20Shaw%20Henderson&f false accessdate 2014-10-07 *Robert Bateman (Robert Bateman (painter)), (1930- ), painter. *Phil McCoy (1930-2012), painter. Music *James Anthony (James Anthony (musician)) - (1955-), USA Hall of Fame Blues Guitarist. *Boys Night Out (Boys Night Out (band)) - Rock music rock band

. *The Creepshow, psychobilly band *Jeff Danna - (1964-), film music composer. *Dead and Divine - metal hardcore band *Finger Eleven - alternative rock band; all attended Lester B. Pearson High School *Grade (Grade (band)) - rock band *Sarah Harmer - (1970-), singer and songwriter; attended Lester B. Pearson High School *Jordan Hastings, (1982-), Alexisonfire, drummer *Idle Sons - rock band; attended Lester B. Pearson, Aldershot and M.M. Robinson High

Schools *Jersey (Jersey (band)) - (1995–2005), ska punk band *Melissa McClelland - (1979-), singer and songwriter. *Devraj Patnaik - (1975-), music composer, odissi dancer and choreographer *Ripped (Ripped (band)) - alternative rock band *Saint Alvia, punk rock band *Silverstein (Silverstein (band)) - post-hardcore band *Spoons (Spoons (band)) - 1980s new wave (New wave music) band *Tebey - (1983-), country music artist, attended Assumption Secondary


WikiPedia:Växjö Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Kronoberg_County Localities Växjö Commons:Category:Växjö

Ajax, Ontario

bayarea team bios candace-chapman title Women's Professional Soccer – FC Gold Pride – Candace Chapman archiveurl http: web 20100810011845 http: bayarea team bios candace-chapman archivedate 2010-08-10 deadurl yes accessdate 2014-09-23 and Olympian *Closet Monster, punk rock band *Christian Corbet, painter, sculptor and forensic artist *Joe Dickson, MPP and owner of Dickson Printing *Janet Ecker, former Ontario Minister

-dream-come-true-for-ajax-s-kyle-johnson archiveurl http: web 20140724081948 http: sports-story 1440125-an-olympic-dream-come-true-for-ajax-s-kyle-johnson archivedate 2014-07-24 deadurl no accessdate 2014-09-23 *The Johnstones, ska band *Rabindranath Maharaj, award-winning novelist *Not by Choice, punk rock band *Emmett O'Connor, professional association football (soccer) player *Kim Phuc (Phan Thị Kim Phúc), subject

of a famous photo from the Vietnam War *John Saunders (John Saunders (journalist)), sports journalist for ESPN and ABC (ESPN on ABC) *Corey Sevier, actor *Ken Shaw, CTV (CTV Television Network) Toronto news anchor *Snow (Snow (musician)), reggae artist, famous for his 1993 chart-topper "Informer (Informer (song))" *Rene Soetens, former Progressive Conservative MP *Sum 41, punk rock band *T-Minus (T-Minus (producer)), hip hop and R&B producer

Steinbach, Manitoba

*Michelle Sawatzky-Koop, Olympian, volleyball *Sean Tallaire, former professional hockey player *Ian White (Ian White (ice hockey)), professional hockey player Musicians *Julian Austin (Julian Austin (musician)), country musician *''The Pets (The Pets (2000s band))'', rock (Rock music) band (Rock band#Rock and pop bands), forerunner of ''The Waking Eyes'' -- The Pets. Retrieved 2 January 2010. *''Royal Canoe'', indie rock band *''The Undecided'', pop-punk band *''The Waking Eyes'', alternative rock band Politicians *Robert Banman, former MLA, provincial cabinet minister *Leonard Barkman, former MLA '''The Undecided''' was a Christian pop punk band from Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada. The group released one independent album before releasing two albums for Tooth and Nail Records. They released ''The Undecided'' in 1999 and ''More to See'' in 2001. They were the first Canadian group to be signed by Tooth and Nail. Group members were Matt Fast (vocals), Steve Dueck (drums), John Paul Peters (guitars) and Dan Thomas (bass). Peters has gone on to produce records for other bands, such as The Waking Eyes. Dan Thomas was formerly a member of Gooch (The Home Team).

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