Kuala Kangsar

;sultan" His father was a son of Sultan Idris Shah I (Idris Shah I of Perak) and a brother of Sultan Abdul Jalil (Abdul Jalil of Perak). He was named ''Raja Idris'' at birth. DATE OF BIRTH 17 August 1924 PLACE OF BIRTH Kuala Kangsar, Perak DATE OF DEATH 31 January 1984 Rivalry VI has its

rivals, both in Kuala Lumpur and nationally. St. John's Institution (St. John's Institution, Kuala Lumpur) and Methodist Boys' School (Kuala Lumpur) are VI's traditional regional archrivals for the past 100 years. This rivalry can be observed during sports tournaments between these three schools. Nationally, VI also has a rivalry with two elite institutions - the Royal Military College, Kuala Lumpur and the Malay College Kuala Kangsar. The rivalry with the former is apparent in football

and rugby MSSKL state level tournaments and the rivalry with the latter is evident in the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup, a football playoff between the premier schools of Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Kangsar, Perak. Dato' Seri (Malay titles) Dr Haji '''Megat Khas Bin Megat Omar''' (April 8, 1908 at - June 21, 1979). He was born in Istana Talang, Kuala Kangsar, Perak and a direct descendant of Megat Terawis, the first Bendahara of Perak

Nong Samet Refugee Camp

in large numbers after Vietnam invaded Kampuchea in December, 1978 and forced the Khmer Rouge out of power. Mason, Linda and Brown, Roger, ''Rice, Rivalry and Politics: Managing Cambodian Relief''. Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 1983, pp. 12-15. A refugee settlement was established near the Thai village of Ban Nong Samet sometime in May 1979, and received its first shipment of food aid on October 11. Mason and Brown, p

for 180,000 people until December 1979 when aid workers heard that much of the food was being hoarded by the warlord. UNICEF Monitoring Report, 6 March 1980. At this time the situation on the border was still too chaotic to do a proper census or to challenge In-Sakhan. Rivalry with neighboring camps File:Map of Thai Border Refugee Camps, 1984.jpg thumb right Map of Thai Border Refugee Camps, with roads and nearby Thai

communities, distributed to aid workers by the American Refugee Committee in May 1984. Rivalry with neighboring camps Nong Chan and Mak Mun led to frequent armed violence. In-Sakhan also had to defend the camp against the Khmer Rouge, who launched an attack on January 4, 1980 from nearby Phnom Chat. Durant, Thomas S., "Attack on 007 (Nong Samet), January 4, 1980," in ''Years of Horror, Days of Hope'', B.S. Levy and D.C. Susott, eds., 1986, 137-40 The camp


;Ibadan". Ogbogu Okonji, Agility Okonji, Nwanze Nwabuwa (AKA Nwanze Nwagbodi) and Uche Nwalama are four of the greatest musicians of Ibusa extraction. However, Ogbogu Okonji by far remains the most prominent of them all. Ibusa Sports Club ISC) The Ibusa Sports Club is the body responsible for the organization of Ibusa Annual Soccer event in the town and was founded in 1985 for this purpose. This football competition creates healthy rivalry among the ten Ogbes (Quarters) of the town

, considering the healthy rivalry the tournament usually holds for competitors. The 2007 edition of the tournament was won by the Bank PHB sponsored-Umueze team, which won the competition for the first time since the existence of the tournament. In the 2008 edition, the Umueze team failed to qualify beyond the group stage, losing to Umuekea and Umuodafe, two superior teams that would make it to the finals of the tournament. The Ogbeowele team have won the competition five times, 1985, 1989, 1991, 1992


, as well as a horse to the new king. During the middle of the 18 th century, a dynastic rivalry broke out between the various ruling Habe and other interest groups. This rivalry is said to have started during the reign of Bawa Dangiwa. Some traditions reported that as a result of this disorder, a civil war broke out in which hundreds of people were killed. Another problem which affected the polity was the conflict between Islam and tradition. For instance, during the reign of Gozo, he


the main entrance. Tehuantepec and nearby Juchitán (Juchitán de Zaragoza) have had a fierce rivalry dating back

as well. After the French left in 1862, Juchitán attacked Tehuantepec as a personal vendetta. Although there has been no blood shed since then, the rivalry and competitive attitudes have carried into modern times. Each has tried to outdo the other in festivals in both quantity and quality. The two communities mock one another in looks, hairstyles and clothing. DeMott, p.53-54. The center of the city has colonial era constructions such as the Santo

as religious festivals, today, most have lost their religious basis. DeMott, p.76. Most of these velas occur in the summer. The vela of Santa María Reoloteca occurs between 13 and 18 August. The Vela of Guiexoba occurs at the beginning of the year. The neighborhood is divided into north and south into a friendly rivalry of who can bring the best musicians from various parts of the state. In addition

Easton, Pennsylvania

year fields the game of the century accessdate 2007-05-29 author Erik Brady publisher USA Today date 2006-11-23 for its long-standing athletic rivalry with Phillipsburg High School (Phillipsburg High School (New Jersey)) in neighboring Phillipsburg, New Jersey. The two teams play an annual football game on Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving (United States)) Day that is considered one of the largest and longest-standing rivalries in American high school football. 2006

marked the 100th year anniversary of the Easton-Phillipsburg high school football rivalry The game, which was shown on ESPN, was won by Easton. In 2009, Easton was the location of the Gatorade REPLAY Game (REPLAY the Series) in which the 1993 teams from the Easton vs. P-Burg Game met again to resolve the game, which ended in a 7–7 tie. The REPLAY Game was won by Phillipsburg, 27-12.

Bridge on its way down the Delaware, as part of a flood that severely damaged every bridge between Easton, Pennsylvania and Trenton (Trenton, New Jersey). Phillipsburg High School has an athletic rivalry with neighboring Easton (Easton, Pennsylvania), Pennsylvania's Easton Area High School, which celebrated its 100th anniversary game on Thanksgiving Day 2006. Phillipsburg lost the game.


Rywkin, Moscow's Muslim Challenge, 42. Although the Basmachi were relatively united at certain points, the movement suffered from atomization overall. Rivalry between various leaders and more serious ethnic disputes between Kirgiz and Uzbeks or Turkmen (Turkmen people) posed major problems to the movement. **Ryūkyū Kingdom - Shō Tai, King of Ryūkyū (1848-11 March 1879) * '''Khiva''' - Abu al-Ghazi Muhammad Amin Bahadur, Khan of Khiva (1846–1855) * ''' Kokand

the emir who was untiringly taking care of law and order and reported that the city was so full of people that it was almost impossible to find one's way in the crowd. It wasn't until the 16th century when Khiva was made capital of an Islamic Khanate (starting a bitter rivalry with another Khan 460 km down the Silk Road in Bukhara), that the majority of Khiva's immense architectural projects began and the town established itself as a center of power in the region. Locals will say (sometimes

in hushed tones) that if Khiva didn't have a rivalry with nearby Bukhara, it would not be the significant site that it is today. In the 19th century only a strong central power was created and taxes and money were introduced. For a long period of time Khiva was one of the most important markets of slaves in Central Asia. Slavery. however, was formally abolished during the October Revolution of 1917 only. Khiva with its 94 mosques and 63 mederssahs is considered as an important center of Islam. Because

Longview, Washington

, Washington Kelso ) which serves seventh through twelfth grades. An intense rivalry exists not only between R. A. Long High School and crosstown Mark Morris High School, but also between Kelso High School across the Cowlitz River in Kelso. The R. A. Long Mark Morris rivalry culminates every year in so-called "Civil War" basketball games, the first held at R. A. Long's gymnasium (known locally as the "Lumberdome"), and the second

Parma, Ohio

schools play golf at Ridgewood for their home course. The rivalry that exists between these schools is well documented. ''Even though rivalry may exist on the field of sports, the Spanish pen pals found connections to begin new friendships''; ''“On the field, you think that the guys from Valley Forge and Parma are bad guys because they’re playing you tough trying

to get the win” said recent Normandy graduate Dan Ebinger, who will play defensive end. “But, after you meet with them, you realize that they’re all actually pretty nice guys. It’s pretty nice getting to know them as people instead of just judging them by how they played against you.”'' ; ''Normandy was upsetted last week against Parma. Over the years, a second rivalry has formed between Valley Forge & Normandy, the battle of Parma, a battle

Barnstable, Massachusetts

rivalry. From 2003–2009, Mashpee played Cape Cod Regional Technical High School. In 2009, Mashpee dropped the Thanksgiving rivalry with Cape Cod Tech and has since renewed the Thanksgiving rivalry with Sandwich, which is effective in the year 2010. In 2011, the high school football team won the Massachusetts Division 4 State Championship by defeating Cardinal Spellman (Cardinal Spellman High School (Brockton, Massachusetts)), 34-8 at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA. Additionally

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