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distance journeys. Baby Taxi & Tuktuk(Chinese auto-rickshaw) are also a common mode of transport within the city. There is a public bus service called "Nagar Paribahan", which runs frequently between '''Rupsha''' to '''Phultala''' and have stoppages in all major localities of Khulna. Motorcycle is also popular among the middle-class people, while the rich people prefer a private car. There are several luxury and economy nationwide bus services available in Khulna. Most


canal that has been there since it was excavated, the other is the new canal created after 1949. Wuxi has many private gardens or parks built by learned scholars and rich people in the past. Among these, Li Yuan, Mei Yuan are good examples that have been well preserved. Xihui Gongyuan (Xihui Park), located at the foot of Xi Shan also houses historical relics, notably Jichang Garden. It is about WikiPedia:Wuxi Commons:Category:Wuxi Dmoz:Regional Asia China Jiangsu Wuxi


and the upper was of wool or cotton thread. Most rich people would wear them. With the arrival of rubber industry lower class people use rubber in the sole of their shoes. Eat * *


the pool area and gym (if you're not staying there) content Speke is a very posh resort where rich people stay, but during the weekends it also serves as a recreational place for Kampala's aspiring middle class (especially the younger generation). There is ample of space to play volleyball or football, and there is a large well-kept pool (large enough to actually swim in) with an adjacent gym and squash courts. The park is also a good place to go for nice, relatively private but 100% secure romantic evening walks along the shores of Africa's largest lake. * WikiPedia:Kampala Commons:Category:Kampala

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Nicholas Perrot (1644 - 1717), explorer, diplomat, and fur trader, was one of the first white


; and is usually hosted by rich people mainly on the occasion of the observance of the birth and death of Islamic prophet Muhammad. Other occasions include the death anniversary of an individual, the birth of a child, any special achievement by someone, inauguration of a new business or celebration of the entrance to a new residence. WikiPedia:Chittagong Dmoz:Regional Asia Bangladesh Localities Chittagong Commons:Category:Chittagong


. Asia-Afrika 65 lat -6.920967 long 107.608323 directions near alun-alun or city square phone tollfree fax hours price content Architect: Van Gallen Last and C.P.W Schoemaker. Built in 1895 for a club house for rich people, named the Concordia Society. In 1955, this building was famous as the first Asian-African conference venue. Now it is a museum for that conference. * Commons:Category:Bandung Wikipedia:Bandung


of the Ha1 Te4 building. Enter through the elevator in back. * *


very special and important. On one hand, social and political unrest made concessions a haven for ousted politicians and businessmen, on the other hand, Tianjin, had geographically profits for transportation and duty-free customs, was full of opportunities. Various dignitaries and rich people lived in Tianjin. Living in a small Western-style house was more comfortable and convenient than a traditional courtyard and the Fifth Avenue was located in a prime location of the British concession, thus people rushed in to build their houses here. The neighbourhood became Tianjin's rich area at that time. Tianjin was undoubtedly the first in term of the size of rich area among the affluent cities in modern China. * Commons:Category:Tianjin WikiPedia:Tianjin Dmoz:Regional Asia China Tianjin


. Knight, Paul. "Superthief." September 22, 2009. 1. Retrieved on September 28, 2009. Dyson added, "When all your rich people from Dallas and Houston move out here, the thieves are just drawn to them. Thieves are just wired that way. You used to not have to lock your door in Henderson County." Ray Nutt, the sheriff of Henderson County, said in the same article

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