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Agros, Cyprus

president in Agros was Papairacles Tsaggarides, had a remarkable success”. The last curfew was imposed in Agros and Agridia on January 22, 1959, when the women of these two communities threw stones against English soldiers. The contribution of women to the Liberating Fight against the colonization is honoured with the construction of the Cypriot Woman Fighter’s monument, which is a devout offer to the memory and honour to the woman fighter of the 1955 generation in the region of Pitsilia

Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

for ''Julius Caesar'' (Julius Caesar (play)) The dramas enacted by the Arts & Crafts Club attracted considerable attention, with an article in ''The Clubwoman'' noting;

St. Augustine, Florida

; their settlement at Fort Mose (Fort Mose Historic State Park), founded in 1738, was the first legally sanctioned free black (free person of color) town in North America. Landers ''Black Society in Spanish Florida'', p. 25, citing Royal Decree of Charles II. The remarkable success of this enterprise encouraged him to consider launching an attack against another heavily armed British vessel, the ''Galatea'', anchored at the north end of Jekyll Island. Apparently he decided against it, and the ''Galatea'', unable to complete its mission, set sail for St. Augustine, Florida a few days later. Wood 2006 (#Wood) General Howe commended Elbert and his troops for their victory over the British ships and, partly because of this venture, decided to continue with the invasion of Florida. St. Augustine Alligator Farm (St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park) 999 Anastasia Boulevard St. Augustine (St. Augustine, Florida) Florida Website The 4th storm of the year started over the central Atlantic on August 24. It moved steadily westward, reaching hurricane strength on the 26th. The next day it reached its peak of 100 mph (160 km h) winds. The storm would retain that intensity until its landfall near St. Augustine, Florida on the 29th. It passed over the peninsula, weakening to a tropical storm, but managed to become a hurricane prior to its second Florida landfall on the 31st. The storm continued northwestward, dissipating over Mississippi on the September 1. It caused 68 deaths. Prime Outlets On December 8, 2009, Simon Property Group was offered the sale Prime Retail's Prime Outlets portfolio for $2.24 billion that includes centers at Williamsburg, Virginia, Houston Premium Outlets,Texas, San Marcos, Texas and Hagerstown, Maryland. In May 2010, Simon surprisingly acquired Prime Outlets-Puerto Rico in Barceloneta in which was renamed "Puerto Rico Premium Outlets." However at the time, Simon did not acquire the whole portfolio, excluding Prime Outlet centers at St. Augustine (St. Augustine, Florida) Florida where Simon's Premium Outlet mall is already located. The deal was expected to finalize in summer 2010, but there is no word if the remaining Prime Outlet centers would be renamed as Premium Outlets once the transaction is completed. , and as of the end of 2005 had 2,788 interments. It is currently closed to new interments.


with the purpose of becoming a professional dramatist. Though he had no friends and no influence, he speedily found an opening. A four-act play in verse, ''Un Hombre de Estado'', was accepted by the managers of the Teatro Español, was given on 25 January 1851, and proved a remarkable success. Academic Life Mullock became a Franciscan in 1825, having been educated at St. Bonaventure's College (St. Bonaventure's College (Seville)), Seville. He


. The organization began with radical new, community-focused health care programs in Haiti, which executed treatments based on local needs and by training community members to implement them. By the early 1990s, the program in Haiti was serving more than 100,000 people. It achieved remarkable success treating infectious diseases at low cost, spending $150 to $200 to cure tuberculosis patients in their homes, treatment that would have cost $15,000 to $20,000 in a U.S. hospital. Kim


. In World War I he was interned for five years in France. After the war he became a notable painter and sculptor in Lübeck and (1929) in Hamburg. A major work from this period is his fountain in Bad Segeberg. 1934 he left Nazi Germany for England. Here he specialized with remarkable success in stained glass. He made stained glass windows for the University of London (Goldsmith' Library in the Senate House Library (Senate House (London University))), Tate


), about a composer and an opera singer, featuring the songs "She Didn't Say Yes" and "The Night Was Made for Love". It ran for 395 performances, a remarkable success for the Depression years, and transferred to London the following year. ''The Observer,'' March 6, 1932, p. 9 It was filmed in 1934 with Jeanette MacDonald. Hatfield achieved alterna-rock stardom with the release of 1993's ''Become What You Are'' (recorded under the group name The Juliana Hatfield Three). Several songs from the album received regular airplay on major North American rock stations, with Hatfield's song "My Sister" becoming the biggest hit of her career, with a #1 placing on the Modern Rock Tracks chart, and the video becoming an MTV staple. Another one of her songs ("Spin the Bottle") was used in the soundtrack of the Hollywood film ''Reality Bites'' (1994). Hatfield also made the cover of Spin (Spin (magazine)) magazine. Hatfield's popularity coincided with the success, in the mid-1990s, of many other female alternative rock musicians. Such artists include Liz Phair, P J Harvey, Belly (Belly (band)), Letters to Cleo, Velocity Girl, The Breeders, Hole (Hole (band)), Veruca Salt (Veruca Salt (band)), Poe (Ann Danielewski), Throwing Muses, Magnapop, Bettie Serveert, and Frente!.


, SAFA has achieved remarkable success with qualification for the World Cup finals in France in 1998, the title of African champions at the 1996 African Nations Cup finals, which the country hosted, and the runners-up berth in Burkina Faso two years later. At under-20 level, South Africa were runners-up at the 1997 African championships in Morocco and qualified to play in the world under-20 championships in Malaysia. The '''Rabat-Tangier expressway


given him the benefit of his own experience as a playwright. Early in 1850, Ayala removed his name from the university books, and settled in Madrid with the purpose of becoming a professional dramatist. Though he had no friends and no influence, he speedily found an opening. A four-act play in verse, ''Un Hombre de Estado'', was accepted by the managers of the Teatro Español, was given on 25 January 1851, and proved a remarkable success. Biography


in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) province of Pakistan - that also contains the Allai Valley. In 1822, Maharaja Ranjit Singh granted both Pakhli and Damtaur as a jagir to Hari Singh Nalwa as a reward for his remarkable success in the Kashmir mountains. Latif, S.M. (1891) 1967. History of the Punjab - From the remotest antiquity to the present time, rpt, New Delhi: Kalyani Publishers, p. 427 As soon as Hari Singh received Pakhli and Damtaur in jagir, he built the famous town of Haripur (Haripur, Pakistan) in the heart of the plains of Hazara-i-Karlugh. Hazara Gazetteer 1907, Lahore: Punjab Government, p. 233 This fortified township has grown over the last 175 years into the Haripur District (Pakistan). The ruins of several forts built by this indomitable Sikh general continue to dot the landscape of Pakhli, which continued as Hari Singh Nalwa's jagir till his death in 1837. It was after him that this entire region came to be known as Hazara (Hazara, Pakistan). '''Chacha Khan International Airport''' Commons:Category:Pakistan WikiPedia:Pakistan Dmoz:Regional Asia Pakistan

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