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Lafleche, Saskatchewan

and in the winter of 1916 and 1917 a convent with a school for boys and girls was completed. '''Delwood Frederick "Yogi" Huyghebaert''', O.M.M. (Order of Military Merit (Canada)), C.D. (Canadian Forces Decoration) (Lt Colonel-Ret) (born in Lafleche, Saskatchewan) is the current Member of the Legislative Assembly (Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan) for the riding of Wood River (Wood River (electoral district)), Saskatchewan. He represents the Saskatchewan Party.

Madurai Nayak dynasty

gave him some religious work and allowed him to attend the royal court. http: r.sewell-vijayanagar-history-india


is preserved in the National Library. The script used in Bhutanese literature is in the Bhutanese script (though evolved from Tibetan script) known as ''jo yig'' developed in the 16th century. The printing process of these books on handmade paper and its binding are display items at the National Library. Modern literature is still evolving and a religious biography of women titled ''delog'' is a popular religious work. There are many writers who write in English now, mostly short stories and collection of folk tales of Bhutan; a popular author is Kunzang Choeden. Brown, p. 59 ;Royal Academy of Performing Arts The Royal Academy of Performing Arts (RAPA), located in Thimphu, was established at the initiative of late King, Jigme Dorji Wangchuck in 1954, with the basic objective of preserving and promoting performing arts traditions of Bhutan. In 1967, it was institutionalised as an academy and the Royal Dance troupe was its creation. The institution provides training in national dance forms of Bhutan such as mask dances and also preserves the folk dance heritage. The professional dancers of the Academy hold performances during the annual Thimphu Tsechu dance festival that is held in the premises of the Tashichhoe Dzong. Performances lasting for one hour are also arranged on specially requested occasions. The present activities at the academy are being reorganised with further expansion of its programs, including curriculum development for teaching. Brown, p. 106 ;National Library thumb The National Library of Bhutan, Thimphu. (File:National Library-Thimphu-Bhutan-2008 01 23.jpg) thumb right Interior of the National Library. (File:Nationale Biblotheek-Thimphu-feve.jpg) Established in 1967, built in the style of a traditional temple, the National Library houses many ancient Dzonghka and Tibetan texts. It has been planned as "a major scriptural repository and research facility dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the rich literary, cultural and religious heritage" of Bhutan. The building is very lavishly decorated and is said to represent the finest vibrant Bhutanese architecture. Brown, p. 104-105 On the ground floor of this building, among the highly prized collections, there is a book reported to be the heaviest in the world, weighing Commons:Category:Thimphu WikiPedia:Thimphu


Last Gawler Link http: dictbiog 0-dict-biogG.html#gawler1 accessdate 28 March 2011 Gawler's new, sister-in-law Mary Ann married William Leeke, a fellow officer from the 52nd. Gawler and his wife were sincerely religious and when the 52nd was sent to New Brunswick in 1823 they did much social and religious work. Gawler returned to England in 1826 and from 1830 to 1832 was engaged in recruiting. He reached the rank of lieutenant-colonel in 1834 and in 1837

Akron, Ohio

, with branches to Canton, Massillon, Dover, New Philadelphia, Uhrichsville, and Dennison. The first gas from the pipeline burned in Akron on May 10, 1899. After receiving the A.M. degree from Wittenberg College (Now Wittenberg University) in Springfield, Ohio, in 1903, Douglas was ordained in the Lutheran ministry. He served in pastorates in North Manchester, Indiana, Lancaster, Ohio, and Washington, D.C.. From 1911 to 1915, he was director of religious work at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The next six years, he was minister of ''The First Congregational Church'' in Ann Arbor, Michigan, from there moving to Akron, Ohio, and serving as the Sr. Minister of the First Congregational Church of Akron from 1920 - 1926 then to Los Angeles, California and finally to the St. James United Church at Montreal, Quebec, from which pulpit he retired to write. His biographer, Louis Sheaffer, comments, "he never stated publicly why he changed denominations." birth_name origin Akron (Akron, Ohio), Ohio, United States instrument Vocals, guitar, harmonica, bass '''Joseph Arthur''' (born September 28) is an American singer-songwriter and artist from Akron (Akron, Ohio), Ohio. Combining poetic lyrics with a layered sonic palette, Arthur has built his reputation over the years through critically acclaimed releases and constant touring; his unique solo live performances incorporate the use of a number of distortion and loop pedals, and his shows are recorded live at the soundboard and made available to concertgoers immediately following the show on recordable media. Arthur was discovered by Peter Gabriel in the mid-'90s, and signed to Gabriel's Real World (Real World Records) label as the first North American artist on the label's roster. Arthur released his debut album ''Big City Secrets'' (1997) and follow-up, ''Come to Where I'm From'' (2000) on Real World before signing with various independent labels between 2002 and 2006. He established his own record label, Lonely Astronaut Records, in 2006, and released two studio albums, ''Let's Just Be'' (2007) and ''Temporary People'' (2008) with backing band The Lonely Astronauts. Arthur subsequently returned to performing and recording as a solo artist, releasing ''The Graduation Ceremony'' in 2011 and the double album, ''Redemption City'' in 2012. * A cereal mill in Cedar Rapids (Cedar Rapids, Iowa), Iowa owned by John Stuart, his son Robert Stuart (Robert Stuart (businessman)), and their partner George Douglas; * The German Mills American Oatmeal Company, owned by "The Oatmeal King", Ferdinand Schumacher of Akron (Akron, Ohio), Ohio; * The Rob Lewis & Co. American Oats and Barley Oatmeal Corporation. Formally known as "Good For Breakfast" instant oatmeal mix. The '''Soap Box Derby''' is a youth soapbox car racing program which has been run in the United States since 1934. World Championship finals are held each July at Derby Downs in Akron, Ohio. Cars competing in this and related events are unpowered, relying completely upon gravity to move. Following her retirement from figure skating in 1960, Heiss played the female lead in the 1961 film ''Snow White and the Three Stooges''. She married Hayes Alan Jenkins, who had won the 1956 Winter Olympic gold medal in men's figure skating, and whose brother David Jenkins (David Jenkins (figure skater)) had won the men's figure skating gold medal in 1960. Although Heiss briefly skated in ice shows after the Squaw Valley Winter Olympics, she retired from the sport in 1962. However, in the late 1970s, she returned to coach several skaters in her hometown area, Akron, Ohio where she became a prominent figure skating coach and is now coaching in Lakewood, Ohio. Some of her students include Timothy Goebel, Tonia Kwiatkowski and Miki Ando. '''Jarrod Alexander Cooper''' (born March 31, 1978 in Akron, Ohio) is a former American football safety (Safety (American football position)) with the Oakland Raiders and Carolina Panthers. He was drafted by the Panthers in the fifth round of the 2001 NFL Draft. He played college football at Kansas State (Kansas State Wildcats football). - 14 align "left" Cleveland-Akron-Canton-Lorain-Elyria align "left" Cleveland (Cleveland, Ohio), OH; Akron (Akron, Ohio), OH; Canton (Canton, Ohio), OH; Lorain (Lorain, Ohio)-Elyria (Elyria, Ohio), OH 2,722,194 - Biography Sanders was born in Leon, New York, where he attended the common schools, and taught school in New York. He was a nephew of Sidney Edgarton (First Montana Governor). He moved to Ohio in 1854, where he continued teaching, and studied law in Akron (Akron, Ohio), gaining admission to the bar (bar (law)) in 1856. In 1991, Ruiz de Velasco created a painting for the Playboy Collection in Chicago, Illinois. She was then asked by the curator , Jack Bolton, of the Rockefeller Collection in New York to create a piece for their collection.In 1994, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company Goodyear Corporation in Akron, Ohio held an exhibition of Ruiz de Velasco's artwork in their private executive gallery (Art gallery). In 1995, Coronado S.A. de C.V. held an exhibition of Ruiz de Velasco's artwork in their gallery in México, D.F (Mexican Federal District). '''Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens''' (70 acres) is a notable country estate (estate (land)), with gardens, located at 714 North Portage Path in Akron, Ohio. It ranks seventh on the list of largest houses in the United States. A&E, with Richard Guy Wilson, Ph.D., (2000). America's Castles: The Auto Baron Estates, ''A&E Television Network'' During his architectural career Schneider designed a number of offices, academic buildings, and residences. Perhaps his best-known work is Stan Hywet (Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens) (1915), an Akron (Akron, Ohio) mansion based on several English country houses. Aslet, Clive (2005). ''The American Country House'', p. 78. New Haven & London: Yale University Press. ISBN 0300105053. His academic work includes the ornate Italian Renaissance-style Rockefeller Physics Building (1905) and Quad Hall (1925) at the Case School of Applied Science (now Case Western Reserve University), and Austin Hall at Ohio Wesleyan University. Other work includes the classical Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen Building (1921), Plymouth Church (Plymouth Church of Shaker Heights) in Shaker Heights (Shaker Heights, Ohio) (1923), and the office building of the Cleveland Baseball Company at League Park. Born in Melrose, Iowa, he attended the public schools and graduated from the State University of Iowa (in 1916) and from its College of Law (University of Iowa College of Law) (in 1927). He received his LL.M. from Columbia Law School in 1928 and was a sales analyst and accountant for a rubber company in Akron, Ohio, and Dallas, Texas, in 1916 and 1917. During the First World War he served as a first lieutenant with the Thirty-fifth Infantry, United States Army, from 1917 to 1919. After the war, he continued work in the rubber industry, then became an assistant professor of military science and tactics at the University of Iowa from 1921 to 1923. He was admitted to the Iowa bar (bar (law)) in 1927 and commenced practice in Iowa City, of which he served as city solicitor from 1933 to 1935 and mayor from 1935 to 1937.


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Marshall Islands

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Phoenix, Arizona

-infamous-as-1930-s-trunk-murderess.html Fushek was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1952. His family moved to Phoenix, Arizona in the 1960s. After graduating from Phoenix Central High School in 1970, he attended St. John's Seminary in California, where he decided to dedicate his religious work to children and teens. In 1978 he was ordained a priest in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix. Later, he attended the University of Notre Dame and received a Masters degree in theology


in sharp contrast to Ingres's poverty, quickly became strained, and Ingres found new quarters. Cohn and Siegfried 1980, pp. 23, 114 In 1821 he finished a painting commissioned by a childhood friend, Monsieur de Pastoret, the ''Entry of Charles V into Paris''; de Pastoret also ordered a portrait of himself and a religious work (''Virgin with the Blue Veil''). The major undertaking of this period, however, was a commission obtained in August 1820 with the help of de Pastoret, to paint the ''Vow of Louis XIII (Louis XIII of France)'' for the Cathedral of Montauban. Recognizing this as an opportunity to establish himself as a painter of history, he spent four diligent years bringing the large canvas to completion, and he travelled to Paris with it in October 1824. right thumb 200px Portrait of Monsieur Bertin ''Louis-François Bertin'' (Image:Louis-Francois Bertin.jpg), 1832, oil on canvas, 116 x 96 cm, Louvre Although her mother was a grandchild of King George III (George III of the United Kingdom), May was only a minor member of the British Royal Family. Her father, the Duke of Teck, had no inheritance or wealth, and carried the lower royal style of ''Serene Highness'' because his parents' marriage was morganatic. Pope-Hennessy, pp. 36–37 However, the Duchess of Teck was granted a Parliamentary (Parliament of the United Kingdom) Annuity (Annuity (financial contracts)) of £ (pound sterling)5000, and received about £4000 a year from her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge. Pope-Hennessy, p. 114 Despite this, the family was deeply in debt and lived abroad from 1883, in order to economise. Pope-Hennessy, p. 112 The Tecks travelled throughout Europe, visiting their various relations. They stayed in Florence, Italy, for a time, where May enjoyed visiting the art galleries (art gallery), churches and museums. Pope-Hennessy, p. 133 Upon Gian Gastone's death on 9 July 1737, Francis Stephen ceded Lorraine and became Grand Duke of Tuscany. In 1738, Charles VI sent the young couple to make their formal entry into Tuscany. A triumphal arch was erected at the Porta Galla in celebration, where it remains today. Their stay in Florence was brief. Charles VI soon recalled them, as he feared he might die while his heiress was miles away in Tuscany. In the summer of 1738, Austria suffered defeats during the ongoing Russo-Turkish War (Russo-Turkish War (1735–1739)). The Turks reversed Austrian gains in Serbia, Wallachia and Bosnia (Bosnia Eyalet). The Viennese rioted at the cost of the war. Francis Stephen was popularly despised, as he was thought to be a cowardly French spy. Crankshaw, 26. The war was concluded the next year with the Treaty of Belgrade. * Lü Guang, founding emperor of the Di state Later Liang (d. 400) * Zenobius (Zenobius of Florence), bishop of Florence (d. 417) * 25px (File:Coat of Arms of Bratislava.svg) Bratislava in Slovakia (at the time Czechoslovakia) (since 1976) Commons:Category:Florence Wikipedia:Florence Dmoz:Regional Europe Italy Regions Tuscany Localities Florence

Saint Petersburg

into something that would give you the work you need, viz. secular and religious work, running side by side. This is the proper work for man and I think you could find it. Would you like to go to Stamboul (Istanbul) as extra unpaid attaché to Lord Dufferin; if so, why not try it, or else as private secretary to Saint Petersburg? If not, will you then come to me in Syria to the Hermitage? Believe me with kind regards, yours faithfully C. G. Gordon. * Cojutepeque

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