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significantly since the past and continue to widely expand their relations, in the past Pakistan has said that it does not recognise Western Sahara and that its status is disputed and remains to be decided by UN Resolutions, but at the same time it gave the Moroccan point of view that it is an internal matter.Pakistan and Morocco enjoy friendly relationship based on deep religious and great human values commonly shared by both countries.These relations in recent years growing at large extent


friendly relationship based on deep religious and great human values commonly shared by both countries.These relations in recent years growing at large extent and thousand of Pakistani visit Morocco every year. Saudi influence thumb upright Funded by King Faisal of Saudi Arabia (File:Faisal mosque2.jpg), the Faisal Mosque in Islamabad is the largest mosque in Pakistan. Although the Saudi involvement in mosques around the world can be traced back to the 1960s, it was not until


, Australia and the United Kingdom they are also widely available in general supermarkets. Oltmans in Suriname In the eighties Oltmans also actively interfered with the post-colonial Dutch-Suriname relationship. He recognised a bilateral relationship based in negative sentiments similar to the Dutch-Indonesian relationship. Intend on playing a mediating role Oltmans traveled to Suriname to interview military dictator Bouterse. He published a book that was banned in Suriname


a good professional and personal relationship based on an admiration that appears to have been mutual. Bleek was widely respected as a philologist, particularly in the Cape. While working for Grey he continued with his philological research and contributed to various publications during the late 1850s. Bleek requested examples of African literature from missionaries and travellers, such as the Revd W Kronlein who provided Bleek with Namaqua texts in 1861. Niger experienced a serious food crisis in 2005 (2005–06 Niger food crisis) following erratic rainfall and desert locust invasions. Nomads such as the Tuareg (Taureg people) and Fulani, who make up about 20% of Niger's 12.9 million population, had been so badly hit by the Niger food crisis that their already fragile way of life is at risk. Niger way of life 'under threat', BBC News, August 16, 2005 Nomads in Mali were also affected. Mali's nomads face famine BBC News, August 9, 2005 poptime popplace Guinea, Nigeria, Cameroon, Senegal, Mali, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic, Burkina Faso, Benin, Niger, The Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Chad, Mauritania, Sudan, Egypt, Ghana, Togo, Côte d'Ivoire. rels Islam '''Fula people''' or '''Fulani''' or '''Fulbe''' ( Commons:Category:Niger Wikipedia:Niger Dmoz:Regional Africa Niger


, by the Bavarian Baron Karl von Venningen, whom she married in a relationship based on convenience (marriage of convenience) in 1832. Heribert was born on 27 January 1833 in Palermo, Sicily where Jane was residing at the time with her husband. '''Bobingen''' is a town in Bavaria, Germany. It lies on the rivers Wertach (Wertach River) and Singold, on the edge of the Augsburg-Westliche Wälder Nature Park, in Augsburg District (Augsburg (district)), some 13 km south


relationship between the guru and the disciple. It is considered that this relationship, based on the genuineness of the guru, and the respect, commitment, devotion and obedience of the student, is the best way for subtle or advanced knowledge to be conveyed. The student eventually masters the knowledge that the guru embodies. '''Vengurla''' ( Commons:Category:India Wikipedia:India Dmoz:Regional Asia India

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