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of the Korean Peninsula and unified the parts of the peninsula south of the Taedong River. Several major cities are located on the Hun He, including Shenyang, the provincial capital, Fushun, farther upstream, and Yingkou at the mouth. Anshan (Anshan, China) is located on the southeastern edge of the basin. arena Tiexi Gymnasium city Yingkou, Liaoning, China (People's Republic of China) colors red, black Geography

Kingdom of Libya

Standard of Idris I (Idris of Libya) (1951–1969) The flag of the Kingdom of Libya was adopted when Libya gained full independence in 1951. It consisted of a white star and crescent on a triband red-black-green design, with the central black band being twice the width of the outer bands. The design was based on the banner of the Senussi dynasty from Cyrenaica, which consisted of a black field and star and crescent design, and was later used as the flag of the region

Federated Malay States

The Federated Malay States had a flag of its own until its dissolution in 1946. The flag consisted of four different-coloured stripes, from top to bottom: white, red, yellow and black. Different combinations of these colours represent the four states that formed the FMS — red, black and yellow are for Negeri Sembilan; black and white for Pahang; black, white and yellow for Perak; and red and yellow for Selangor. The same design concept is used in Emblem of Malaysia Malaysian national emblem

and yellow for Perak # Red, black and yellow for Negeri Sembilan # Black and white for Pahang This design forms the basis of the Federation of Malaya's (Federation of Malaya) national emblem (Emblem of Malaysia) along with the guardian tigers (Malayan Tiger) and a quartered shield of the same, symbolic four colours mentioned above. The phrase "Dipelihara Allah" was also adopted as the current state motto for the state of Selangor. Naval Ensign File:Naval Ensign


alt Zemplén Kalandpark,Magas-hegyi Sportcentrum url http: email address Torzsás u. 25 lat 48.4122 long 21.6371 directions phone hours price Bob sled: Adult 1 5 slip(s) HUF700 2 800; Children 1 5 slip(s) HUF550 2 200; Adventure Park Green Blue Red Black Course HUF1 250 1 400 2 000 2 600, Canopy, Climbing Wall HUF1400, Ski Trails: slip 1 Adult Child HUF1 700 1 400; 10-slip Adult Child HUF2200 2000; 4 hour Adult Children HUF3 300 2 800; 1 day Adult

Bridgewater State University

system outside the University of Massachusetts system. The university consists of the main campus located in Bridgewater (Bridgewater, Massachusetts), and two satellite campuses, one in Attleboro (Attleboro, Massachusetts); and one on Cape Cod, which opened in January 2015. The school's sports teams are the Bears, and the school colors are Crimson Red, Black and White. History Foundation Bridgewater State University was founded by Horace Mann as a normal school


with a red stripe. In Sousse, there are also white taxis with red, black, blue and yellow stripes serving destinations in the greater Sousse area (eg. Akouda, Hammam-Sousse, Kantaoui, Chott Mariem). They leave from the "Station Louage" which is best reached by normal taxi (see above). '''Tuk-Tuk's''' and '''Mini-trains''' can get you a fun ride to Port El Kantaoui, which is about 12 km away. They are open, shared transports and start their journey when they're full (or almost). Expect to pay 2 dinars per journey at the first and 2,5 at the latter. Tuk-tuks are bright purple. '''Horse-drawn carriages''' provide another option for a fun ride to Port El Kantaoui at no more than double the price of a taxi (if you bargain). See thumb 250px The Grand Mosque as seen from the tower of Sousse's Ribat. (Image:Sousse_Grosse_Moschee.JPG) All of Sousse's main sights are located within the labyrinthine medina in the heart of the city. * Dmoz:Regional Africa Tunisia Localities Sousse Commons:Category:Sousse

Enid, Oklahoma

;GREATER ENID CHAMBER OF COMMERCE arena Mark Price Arena city Enid (Enid, Oklahoma), Oklahoma colors Red, Black, & White thumb left 100px Former logo (Image:Oklahoma Storm.png) The '''Oklahoma Storm''' was a United States Basketball League team located in Enid, Oklahoma. Founded by sports agent and attorney (Lawyer) James Sears Bryant, the Storm successfully captured the USBL

National Transitional Council

The National Transitional Council, supported as the legitimate administration by the United Nations since September 2011, uses a seal to certify official documents. The emblem depicts a crescent moon and star, represented in the colors of the Libyan flag used by the NTC (red, black


attended the National Theatre School (National Theatre School of Canada) in Montreal and the Moscow Theatre School. * '''Egg rolls''' * '''Potstickers Fried Pork Dumplings''' — Generally filled with diced pork and vegetables (mostly cabbage, green onion scallion) in a doughy wrapper served pan-fried with a vinegar (can be white, red, black, rice wine vinegar...), sesame oil and ginger sauce. Often called "wor tips" in southern Alberta, especially

Nizhny Novgorod

WikiPedia:Nizhny Novgorod Commons:Category:Nizhny Novgorod Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia Administrative Regions Nizhegorodskaya Oblast Nizhny Novgorod fi:Nižni Novgorod

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