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São Caetano do Sul

footnotes '''São Caetano do Sul''' (or '''São Caetano''') is a city in São Paulo state in Brazil, located in the Greater São Paulo Metropolitan Area. It is the city with the highest per capita income in Brazil (US$31,322.00 in 2010) and it also has the highest Human Development Index. Geography São Caetano do Sul is located on a plateau that is part of the Serra do Mar (Portuguese for "Sea Range"), part of the vast region known as the Brazilian Highlands, with an average elevation of around 800 metres (2,625 ft) above sea level - though at a distance of only about Commons:Category:São Caetano do Sul WikiPedia:São Caetano do Sul

Moscow Oblast

commons:category:Moscow Oblast wikipedia:Moscow Oblast

Kiryat Arba

shooting were killed by Hamas militants while driving on Route 60 near the settlement Kiryat Arba, in the West bank. According to witnesses, militants opened fire on the moving vehicle, but then "approached the car" and shot the occupants in their seats at "close range". The attack was described by Israeli sources as one of the "worst" terrorist acts in years. 4 "Israeli

Loreto, Baja California Sur

; archivedate 2007-06-06 In the "La Giganta" Mountain Range ("Sierra de la Giganta"), there are cave paintings in canyons and rock shelters. The nearest sites to Loreto are "Cuevas Pintas" (15 km to the west) and "La Pingüica" (60 km to the North).


. The first route is through the Russian territory only, but the second one covers the Russian and Ukrainian territories (i.e., Russia-Ukraine-Russia). If you fail to have a Ukrainian visa (citizens of many countries don't need it), you have to take the first route trains. Get around See Do Buy Eat * "Novyj Rim" — a restaurant in the south-west district of the city, prices are in the upper medium range; * "Akropol" — a mainly

Primorsky Krai


such as Beizhen Temple, Shenshui Bridge, Fish Pool, Guanyin Pavilion, Sijiao Pavilion, Kuangguang Pavilion, Lotus Stone, Cloud Pass and Wanghai Temple are scattered throughout the mountain range. "Mount Bijia" (笔架山): This is an interesting island in the Bohai Sea south of Jinzhou's coastline. During most time of the day, Mt. Bijiashan can only be accessed by boat, but when the sea recedes, a natural zigzagging cobblestone bridge emerges from the Bohai Sea and connects Mt. Bijia

Tristan da Cunha

According to the island's January 2014 newsletter, the summer season gets underway with Sheep Shearing Day held on a Saturday in mid-December. Almost the entire population gathers on the far end of Patches Plain where the sheep pens are sited. Hand-clippers are used in the shearing and the wool is later carded, spun and hand-knitted into garments, some of which are sold under the name "37 Degrees South Knitwear Range". Christmas Break-up There is an annual break from government


. 4th-3rd century BCE. Bronze, 42cm high, 4 kilograms. Documented in "Cambridge Ancient History" IV. Also in Boardman "The diffusion of Classical Art in Antiquity", with photograph: "A bronze figurine of a kneeling warrior, not Greek work, but wearing a version of the Greek Phrygian helmet.. From a burial, said to be of the 4th century BC, just north of the Tien Shan range". Ürümqi Xinjiang Museum. Just three weeks after Kucha, the rebellion started

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