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in Accountancy from the Punjab University. During the Second World War, his parents moved to New Delhi, capital of the British Indian Empire. It was here that he discovered his love for journalism. The newspaper world attracted him far more than the dull books of accountancy. He had a passion for reading and writing and a fondness for newspapers and magazines. He sat glued to his radio set, listening to the latest war news. Ibid, http: thenews spedition mkr 2009 article1.html Betrayal by Lt Gen Gul Hassan Maj Gen Mitha was Quartermaster General at GHQ when prematurely retired by the civilian Chief Martial Law Administrator, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, in December 1971. He was just over 48 years old. Lt General Gul Hasan added his name to a list of officers whose retirements were announced by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in his first speech as president on December 20, 1971. This came as a surprise as Maj Gen Mitha had no hand in the ''Officer's Revolt'' at Gujranwala and the hooting down of General Abdul Hamid Khan (Abdul Hamid Khan (general)) (Chief of Staff) at a GHQ meeting. Early life Govinda’s father, Arun Ahuja, was born in pre-partition Gujranwala, Punjab (Punjab region) ,Pakistan on January 26, 1917. wikipedia:Gujranwala


42, char de la clandestinité", ''Histoire de Guerre, Blindés & Matériel N° 90'', p. 57 The type with the new turret, a new four cylinder engine and the EM3 R61 radio set was named ''Panhard 178B'' and taken into production at Firminy; a first order of 150 was made on 5 January 1945 and confirmed on 31 July 1945. Before actual manufacture started however, it was decided to fit the smaller 47 mm SA35 gun and a machine gun. In total 414 vehicles were manufactured


: aerojac aaa stan_wojenny sprzet_mo1.html softland APCs of the MO p. 2 These vehicles have previously been used in Afghanistan. They were later modified by adding an additional radio set. They were used by ZOMO. ZOMO Equipment. Retrieved on 21 September 2011.<

White House

that Putin was personally responsible for any murders of his Russian political opponents, such as the journalist Anna Politkovskaya and the supposed KGB defector in London, Aleksandr Litvinenko. President Harding became the first president to have a radio in his office, when on February 8, 1922, he had a radio set installed in the White House, so that he could listen to news and music, as his schedule permitted. WikiPedia:White House, Tennessee Dmoz:Regional North_America United_States Tennessee Localities W White_House


Independent Local Radio, set up in 1998 in Liverpool after the closing of alternative music station 107.6 Crash FM and its subsequent purchase by Forever Broadcasting. It launched with a format broadly in keeping with that of Crash, but with a greater amount of mainstream pop and dance music. The station is now owned by UTV Radio. '''''Tin Planet''''' is the second album from Liverpool-based Britpop group Space (Space (indie rock band)). It was released on March 9, 1998 and peaked at #3 in the UK charts, two places higher than their debut album ''Spiders (Spiders (album))''. Decommissioning ''Albemarle'' returned to the United Kingdom in September 1916, paying off at Portsmouth to provide crews for antisubmarine vessels. She began a refit at Liverpool in October 1916, and upon its completion in March 1917 she went into reserve at Devonport Dockyard (HMNB Devonport); her main-deck casemate 6-inch (152-mm) guns were removed and replaced with four 6-inch (152-mm) guns on her battery deck between September 1916 and May 1917. *USS ''Haraden'' (USS Haraden (DD-183)) became HMCS ''Columbia'' (HMCS Columbia (I49)) on 24 September 1940. She was scrapped on 7 August 1945. *USS ''Hopewell'' (USS Hopewell (DD-181)) became HMS ''Bath'' (HMS Bath (I17)) on 23 September 1940; while escorting her sixth convoy (OG-71) between Liverpool and Gibraltar, ''Bath'' was torpedoed by ''U-204'' (German submarine U-204) on 19 August 1941 and sank rapidly. *USS ''Kalk'' (USS Kalk (DD-170)) became HMCS ''Hamilton'' (HMCS Hamilton (I24)) on 23 September 1940; lost while being towed to Boston for scrapping in 1945. Education Born in Liverpool, Roberts was educated at St Mary's College, Crosby and the University of Oxford (Keble College (Keble College, Oxford), now Honorary Fellow (Fellow#Oxford, Cambridge and Dublin)), earning a degree in Modern Languages in 1968 and taking his MA (Master of Arts (postgraduate)) in 1972. '''Speke''' (pronounced ''Speak'') is an area of Liverpool, Merseyside, England, close to the boundaries of the Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley. It is Commons:category:Liverpool Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Merseyside Liverpool Wikipedia:Liverpool


four cylinder engine and the EM3 R61 radio set was named ''Panhard 178B'' and taken into production at Firminy; a first order of 150 was made on 5 January 1945 and confirmed on 31 July 1945. Before actual manufacture started however, it was decided to fit the smaller 47&nbsp;mm SA35 gun and a machine gun. In total 414 vehicles were manufactured, making for a grand total of Panhard 178 cars of 1143. In contradistinction to this Panhard 178B, older vehicles are sometimes designated Panhard


Tawau to Sandakan could take more than nine days to arrive and nineteen days was the average time for a letter to get to Singapore. Since it took many days for the locals to receive mails and newspapers, they tended to rely on radio to keep themselves informed of world news - for the wars in Europe, China etc. Even then, few people could afford a radio set. Today, prawn farming is one of the main activities in Tawau. Spawners from Sabah, especially Tawau, are graded the best


. Armoured hulls were constructed mainly by the Indian Railways. The armament typically consisted of Bren light machine gun, in some variants mounted in a small turret, and Boys anti-tank rifle. The No. 19 radio set (Wireless Set No. 19) was carried. The vehicle was in production from 1940 until 1944, a total of 4,655 units were built. Bakken is now a driving coach for the Canadian (Canada) bobsleigh team and is married to Florian Linder who is also a coach for the Canadian bobsled


station Radio Veronica. Several months before, Flight Lt. (Flight Lieutenant) Charles Cholmondeley RAF of Section B1(a) of MI5, Not Sir Archibald Cholmondeley as in The account of Operation ''Mincemeat'' by Robert W. Martin. suggested dropping a dead man attached to a badly-opened parachute in France with a radio set for the Germans to find. The idea was for the Germans to think that the Allies did not know the set was captured, and pretend to be Allied agents operating it, thus allowing the Allies to feed them misinformation. This was dismissed as unworkable; however the idea was taken up later by the Twenty Committee, the small inter-service, inter-departmental intelligence team in charge of double agents. Cholmondeley was on the Twenty Committee, as was Lt. Cmdr. (Lieutenant Commander) Ewen Montagu, a Royal Navy intelligence officer. '''Huahine''' is an island located among the Society Islands, in French Polynesia, an overseas territory of France in the Pacific Ocean. It is part of the Leeward Islands group (Îles sous le Vent). The island has a population of about 6,000. Geography The '''Alpine Line''' ( Commons:Category:France WikiPedia:France Dmoz:Regional Europe France

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