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. Born in Ahvaz, south of Iran, he studied ney initially with Hassan Kassai. In 1966, he started performing for Iranian national radio programs. Tangsiri CD cover User:Zora engages in Wikipedia:Edit warring The user engages in edit-warring in all articles related to Islam, Muslims, and Arabs, diverging into articles about Iran Persia. The following articles include, Islamic conquest of Persia, Battle of Karbala, Muawiyah I

Kaluga Oblast

operator broadcasting television and radio programs in the oblast. As of 2007, 100% of the oblast territory has been covered by television broadcasting services. TV programs of the regional television company and radio local news programs are broadcast in the entire territory of the oblast through satellite transmission equipment. In addition, cable television networks are being developed in the oblast. Starting from 2013, a federal project will be launched to introduce digital television (Digital Television in Russia) and radio broadcasting with an increased number of TV and radio channels and improved quality of services. Science, education, and culture wikipedia:Kaluga Oblast Commons:Category:Kaluga Oblast

Vernon, British Columbia

Responsibility in Canadian Literature, http: ''Ryga a Journal of Provocations'', the Mackie Lecture and Reading Series, the Kalamalka Press, ''KIdsWWwrite'' (a creative writing ezine) and the KIWW Digital Archives, as well as several radio programs and newsprint collaborations such as ''The Kalamalka Chronicles''. John Lent’s participation in and authoring of the opening chapter


: The First Sixty Years page 251 His first encounters with jazz were through Voice of America radio programs and tours initiated by the U.S. State Department. Coming of age in Communist Poland, Stanko was impressed by the correlation jazz had with a message of freedom. In 1958 he saw his first jazz concert given by Dave Brubeck.

Topeka, Kansas

nominee to replace Bob Dole in the US Senate election, 1996, losing to Sam Brownback. After leaving Blackwell Sanders, Kline hosted two radio programs: ''The Phill and Mary Show'' on Kansas City AM station KMBZ (KMBZ (AM)), and ''Face Off With Phill Kline'' on Topeka (Topeka, Kansas) AM station WIBW (WIBW (AM)). He also served as the finance director of the Johnson County Republican Committee. From August 2004 through April 2006, Brenneman was CEO of the Burger King


Istre i Kvarnera' takes place every year in different town of Istria and Kvarner regions. Performers perform in local chakavian dialect exclusivly. * A major perpetual program in the Čakavian of Dalmatia is given by the local television stations in Split, Rijeka and Pula. Other minor half-Čakavian media with temporary Čakavian contents also include the local radio programs in the towns of Split (Split (city)) and Rijeka and Krk island radio. - ''Galeb (Yugoslav yacht Galeb)'' WikiPedia:Rijeka Dmoz:Regional Europe Croatia Localities Rijeka Commons:Rijeka

Central African Republic

of the mission ran clinics, hospitals, schools, publishing operations, and radio programs. The Rift Valley Academy was built at Kijabe for missionary children. Scott Theological College in Kenya helped train African church leaders. The churches founded by the mission in each of its fields were eventually organised into branches of the independent Africa Inland Church which continues to work closely with the mission today. # The Gambia, Somalia, Republic of Upper Volta Upper Volta

Akron, Ohio

and financial giant created by war production and migration. Los Angeles assembled more cars than any city other than Detroit, made more tires than any city but Akron (Akron, Ohio), made more furniture than Grand Rapids (Grand Rapids, Michigan), and stitched more clothes than any city except New York. In addition, it was the national capital for the production of motion pictures, radio programs and, within a few years, television shows. Construction boomed as tract houses were built

Federal Aviation Administration

Business Registry Business Name Search, Pacific Aviation Composites USA, LLC in nearby Bend, Oregon. The new Lancair LC-40 was based on the fixed-gear ES. The first prototype flew in July 1996, followed by the certification prototype in early 1997. Various versions of the chemtrail conspiracy theory have circulated through internet websites and radio programs.


of ten. In 1936 he graduated from the Teacher's School of Music and in 1942 from the Opera Department of State Conservatory in Ankara. The following ten years, he performed at the State Opera in Ankara as a celebrated bass baritone, appearing in operas such as ''Madame Butterfly'', ''Fidelio'', ''Tosca'' and ''Rigoletto''. During his contemporary music education, he also studied Turkish folk music and consequently made regular radio programs, playing baglama saz

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