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-release single, "Musik non stop" (Music Non Stop), a disco-rock song, became a huge radio hit and helped bring recognition for this album. The album was, for the most part, faster and less ballad-focused than Isola, and also mildly experimental with drum-machines and electronics. The singer and songwriter of Kent, Jocke Berg, later complained that he thought the album was too long (thirteen songs spread over one hour). Two more singles were released


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in a small apartment, The Cardigans recorded a demo tape with Persson providing lead vocals on only one of the songs towards the end of the tracklist. A&R man Ola Hermanson heard the demo and signed the band to his Trampolene imprint. In 1994, they released their debut album ''Emmerdale (Emmerdale (album))'' in Sweden and Japan; it was re-released internationally in 1997. The album included the Swedish radio hit "Rise & Shine", which was later voted the best of 1994

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Carolina . Their first "official" release (their actual first release was called ''Paper or Plastic'' 1996 , released through a small Winston-Salem-based label called Huel Records), ''A Sense of Coalition'' (1998) gained popularity on college radio stations for a cover of Don Henley's "The Boys of Summer (The Boys of Summer_(song)#Codeseven version)" (not to be confused with The Ataris' cover of the same song that became a mainstream radio hit years later

Nassau, Bahamas

hit, "Padlock" in 1983 with the Compass Point All Stars in Nassau, Bahamas which became a club (nightclub) and radio hit two years later. '''''Whammy!''''' is the third studio album by New Wave (New Wave music) band The B-52's. It was recorded at Compass Point Studios in Nassau, Bahamas, in December 1982 and was produced (record producer) by Steven Stanley. The record was refined and mastered (audio mastering) at Sterling Sound, New York City

Kingston, Ontario

music singer and guitarist. His major label debut album, ''poor lil' rockstar'', was released on Warner Records in 2000, and spawned the four Canadian top 40 singles: "Staring at the Sun", "The One Thing", "Abused" (which was initially banned by video station MuchMusic) and the top ten rock radio hit "More". DATE OF BIRTH December 22, 1971 PLACE OF BIRTH Kingston, Ontario, Canada DATE OF DEATH 1990 Royal

Bridgeport, Connecticut

content. Other than a few similar-sounding songs, the respective bands' sounds were largely dissimilar lyrically and musically, and as time passed, the comparisons became less valid. Their first EP (Extended play), ''The Backyard'', was financed by Brad Morrison and released on the Bridgeport, Connecticut co-op label Incas Records in 1984 and became a college radio hit. Their first full-length album, ''Surprise Surprise Surprise'', was released in 1987 on Rough Trade

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

; That same year, keyboardist vocalist Erik Avakian joined the lineup and the band moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1994 where they played at local Pennsylvania bars and nightclubs. Their first EP (Extended play) ''Porcelain (Porcelain EP)'' was released in 1996 and sold well locally, spawning a small radio hit with "Shimmer (Shimmer (song))". The popularity of the EP brought them to the attention of Sony's 550 imprint, which released their second EP '' Hazleton EP


and then more political; he became heavily involved with progressive causes. His growing political concerns were first hinted at in three discs: ''Humans,'' ''Inner City Front,'' and ''The Trouble with Normal.'' These concerns became more evident in 1984, with Cockburn's second US radio hit, "If I Had a Rocket Launcher" (No. 88 in the US) from the ''Stealing Fire'' album. He had written the song a year earlier, following a visit to Guatemalan refugee camps in Mexico that were attacked before and after his visit by Guatemalan military helicopters. His political activism continues to the present. Cockburn has travelled to many countries (such as Mozambique and Iraq), played many benefit concerts, and written many songs on a variety of political subjects ranging from the International Monetary Fund to land mines. His internationalist bent is reflected in the many world music influences in his music, including reggae and Latin music (Latin American music). Potential future mines, in descending order of magnitude, are being explored in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uganda, Greenland, China, Mozambique, Canada, Australia, the United States, Finland, Afghanistan, http: index.php?context va&aid 12486 and Brazil.

Republic of Macedonia

performed "Kraj" at the opening ceremony of Big Brother Serbia. The album which is scheduled to be released in the early spring 2010 titled like the first single ''Kraj''. The second single was released in December 2009, just couple of days before New Year's Eve. The song titled as "Za Godina, Dve" (titled in Serbian (Serbian language) as "Uspomene na tebe") is a powerful ballad about ending a relationship. The song became an instant radio hit in Republic of Macedonia

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