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capitalists for competing with the private sector. As a result, production-for-use projects that capitalists found offensive were terminated by the time the WPA began in late 1935, and no such government production of consumer goods has been repeated since.

Confederate Ireland

gentry stood to lose their land under the Adventurers Act; it galvanised their efforts and they realised that it could only be repealed by taking a loyal stance. However, while the moderate Confederates were anxious to come to an agreement with Charles I and did not press for radical political and religious reforms, others wished to force the King to accept a self-governing Catholic Ireland before they came to terms with him. Failing that, they advocated an independent alliance with France

Hungarian Soviet Republic

of Trianon , which made Ruthenia part of Czechoslovakia, a nation less inhospitable to radical political activists than the Hungary of Miklós Horthy. After World War I, Transylvania proclaimed union with the Kingdom of Romania (Union of Transylvania with Romania). As a result, in April 1919, the newly established Hungarian Soviet Republic vowed to retake the region by force, and Hungarian troops attacked Romanian formations in Transylvania


Terminal Vitebsky Station in Russia, Baku - the capital of Azerbaijan, and the Bulgarian seaside resort of Varna. Plot As the Soviet Union begins to undergo radical political change, a group of renegade Soviet military officers steal a nuclear missile and launch it towards the Soviet Union from Turkey. The Soviet city of Donetsk is destroyed by the stolen missile. When the missile hits, Soviet defense systems see that the weapon was launched from Turkey, and conclude that a NATO attack is in progress. The Soviets retaliate by launching ICBMs and SLBMs at the United States from both nuclear submarines and from land-based silos. Stadiums The most important matches of the Ukrainian national team are held in Kiev's Olimpiysky National Sports Complex, the previous home of Dynamo Kyiv (which presently only uses the stadium for major European matches). The alternative stadiums include: Ukraina (Ukraina Stadium) (Lviv), Dnipro Stadium (Dnipropetrovsk), Chornomorets (Chornomorets Stadium) (Odessa), Metalist (Metalist Stadium) (Kharkiv), and now most recently Donbass Arena, along with many others. However as new infrastructure and stadiums are built (especially in preparation for Euro 2012), other venues will include stadiums in the cities of Lviv, Donetsk, Odessa, among others. Biography Moskalenko was born in the village of Grishino, near Donetsk in Ukraine, in the family of peasants. He attended a number of military academies and joined the Red Army in 1920 and fought on various fronts during the Russian Civil War. During the Soviet-Finnish War, he was the commander of artillery for the 51st Rifle Division. WikiPedia:Donetsk Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine Provinces Donetsk Oblast Donetsk commons:Донецк


, ending forced labour but angering indigenous peoples. DeLancey and DeLancey (#DeLancey) 4. The League of Nations mandates were converted into United Nations Trusteeships (United Nations Trusteeship Council) in 1946, and the question of independence became a pressing issue in French Cameroun. France outlawed the most radical political party, the Union des Populations du Cameroun (Union of the Peoples of Cameroon) (UPC), on 13 July 1955. Commons:Category:Cameroon WikiPedia:Cameroon Dmoz:Regional Africa Cameroon


, and with nine cycle routes to choose from there is no excuse for not getting your bicycle out. * '''Inline Skating''' Eat Drink Stay safe Brandenburg lacks big cities and therefore also most of their associated crime. However unemployment, low birth rates and general lack of persepctive for young people have hit some rural towns hard, and some have lost half their population since 1990. This along with disilusionment after reunification has led some people to radical political ideas and some of them are violent. A former spokesperson of the German government said prior to the 2006 soccer worldcup that there are "small and medium sized communities in Brandbenburg and elsewhere that he would advise people with other skin colors not to go to, as they might not return with their lives". Obviously this was an exaggeration to get a debate going, and the situation has improved a lot since than (the right wing extremist party for example is no longer represented in the state parliament as they poll well under the 5% threshold), but caution is advised in some areas, especially at night, and especially for people who look "different" or "foreign". That being said all in all violent crime is extremely rare in Germany as a whole and Brandeburg is no exception. Almost all visitors to Brandenburg never encounter any problems and if you should, the police is usually able and very willing to help you. As the right-wing extremist groups are seen as a huge embarassment to the state's reputation and also something of a tired cliché in inner-German debate, you should exercise some caution when speaking about that topic, as you might get people upset. Go next * The Baltic Sea Coast (Germany) in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania * Poland is right across the Oder Odra * Berlin * The Lausitz in the south is shared with Saxony WikiPedia:Brandenburg Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Brandenburg Commons:Category:Brandenburg


candidates loyal to president Alexander Lukashenko. The Central Election Commission declared this to be due to the overwhelming popular fear of mass demonstrations and of the "radical political changes" demanded by the opposition. This declaration was met with immediate anti-governmental demonstrations in the centre of Minsk protesting against electoral fraud. President Lukashenko commented that the opposition in Belarus is financed by foreign countries and is not needed.<


, a former NKVD ''rezident'' in Washington D.C., identified Adler as a Soviet agent designated "Sax." Haynes "Archival Identification" This agent, transliterated "Sachs (Saks)" appears in the Venona decrypts supplying information about the Chinese Communist through both Gorsky (Anatoly Gorsky) and American Communist Party head Earl Browder. Government work Despite Keeney's radical political views, activities in several “popular


-wing entities as a part of the political chaos in Turkey at the time. In 1979, as a propaganda of the deed, the group attempted to assassinate Kurdish tribal leader Mehmet Celal Bucak who they claimed exploited the peasants, and collaborated with Turkey. This marked a period of intense urban warfare (History of the Kurdistan Workers Party#Urban War (1978-1980)) between other radical political elements. The 1980 Turkish coup d'état pushed the organization to another stage (History of the Kurdistan Workers Party#Syria (1980-1984)) with the members doing jail time, being subject to capital punishment, or fleeing to Syria. On November 10, 1980, the Turkish Consulate in Strasbourg, France was bombed in a joint operation with the Armenian (Armenians) radical group ASALA, which they claimed as the beginning of a "fruitful collaboration." Commons:Ankara Wikipedia:Ankara Dmoz:Regional Middle East Turkey Provinces Ankara

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