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Spearfish, South Dakota

. In the 20th century, the history of Spearfish was tied very closely to mining and tourism. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who visited Spearfish Canyon in 1935, later called the area "unique and unparalleled elsewhere in our country," and wondered, "How is it that I've heard so little of this miracle and we, toward the Atlantic, have heard so much of the Grand Canyon when this is even more miraculous?"


of Sainte-Victoire-D'Arthabaska, Arthabaska and Victoriaville merged to form the city of Victoriaville. The aboriginal name "Arthabaska", unique and well-appreciated by residents, was retained in several ways, notably in the name of the regional county municipality and in the name of the highest (and only) mountain that overlooks the city; as well, in 2004, the section of Route 116 (Quebec Route 116) that passes through Victoriaville was renamed boulevard Arthabaska. Economy Textiles

Bowe Bergdahl

power as commander-in-chief. Obama Disputes Limits on Detainee Transfers Imposed in Defense Bill, ''The New York Times'' The White House released a statement acknowledging that the release of the Guantanamo prisoners did not comply with the law but cited the president (POTUS)'s signing statement, and "unique and exigent circumstances"



San Miguel de Allende

lat long directions 4 blocks from the main square phone tollfree fax price USD100-150 checkin checkout content Well known as a "unique intimate inn". Converted colonial home with 12 rooms and suites. Simplicity and good taste have been combined to make every room a special one to be remembered. Stay safe San Miguel de Allende is a safe place day and night. No wonder thousands of retired North Americans choose this city as their home. Use common sense

South San Francisco, California

GamesRadar date 2009-09-11 accessdate 2010-08-31 IGN AU (IGN)'s Cam Shea wrote that while Fawful had "unique cadence", it was "a little tiresome"; he also felt that Fawful should have remained a sidekick. IGN's Lucas M. Thomas included him

Eugene, Oregon

columns story?columnist caple_jim&id 3472344 "Why did we have to wait so long for the trials to return to Pre Country?" . ESPN. Retrieved 2010-06-07. The Nike corporation (Nike, Inc.) had its beginnings in Eugene. History thumb 350px Willamette Street c. 1920 (File:Eugene Willamette Street.png) Eugene is named after its founder, Eugene Franklin Skinner (Eugene Skinner). Until 1889, it was named '''Eugene City'''.

electing the first faculty and naming John Wesley Johnson as president. The first students registered on October 16, 1876. The first building was completed in 1877; it was named Deady Hall in honor of the first Board of Regents President and community leader Judge Matthew P. Deady (Matthew Deady). The city's name was shortened from Eugene City to Eugene in 1889. Eugene grew rapidly throughout most of the twentieth century, with the exception being


as the '''Tuareg sabres or knives'''. You'll be pretty hard pressed to get away from vendors selling all the same "unique" necklaces, earrings, knives and other handicrafts, so make sure to drive them down to a good price. A fair rule is to offer about a third of the price they originally quote, then haggle so you pay half their first price. They are used to this and so always start at too high a price. However, the things they sell are generally of good quality and great for souvenirs

Kingston upon Hull

, Dorset "Troy-town" (unique design; described by John Aubrey; ploughed up 1730) Early career He made his first appearance on the stage in Brentford at the age of twenty as Dumont in Nicholas Rowe (Nicholas Rowe (dramatist))'s ''Jane Shore''. His first London appearance was at the Haymarket Theatre in 1778; he played in benefit performances of Thomas Otway's ''The Orphan'', Charles Johnson (Charles Johnson (writer))'s ''The Country Lasses'', and David

-town" *Holderness, between Marfleet and Paull, East Riding of Yorkshire (near Kingston upon Hull) "The Walls of Troy" (this had a unique dodecagonal layout; illustrated 1815) *Pimperne, Dorset "Troy-town" (unique design, roughly triangular, with paths winding apparently at random; described by antiquary John Aubrey in 1686; ploughed up 1730) Image:Humberside_Airport_10Jun06.JPG thumb left 250px Humberside International Airport

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