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churches and museums, the highlight-event every year is the "Rhine in flames", spectacular fireworks that fill the sky with beautiful colors *Ludwigshafen (Ludwigshafen (Rhein)): With the biggest chemical factory in the world, Ludwigshafen is no health spa *Neustadt an der Weinstrasse — is situated in the heart of the Palatinate region, including a number of vineyards, castles and the chance to taste some really good wine *Oppenheim — on the Rhine *Speyer — largest Romanesque cathedral in the world, UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1980; you'll also find the Historical Museum and the Museum of Technology *St. Goar — in the Middle Rhine Valley near the Loreley *Traben-Trarbach *Trier — in Roman times Trier had thermal baths, places of assembly and an amphitheatre; today the colossal Porta Nigra town gate, the imperial baths and the impressive basilica keep that history alive *Worms — the annual host of the "Backfischfest", Rhineland-Palatinate's biggest wine festival and fair; it attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to the city Other destinations * Dernau * Ingelheim (Ingelheim (Rhein)) * Mayen * Nürburgring * Queidersbach * Taunus Get in By train If traveling into Germany by train, Rhineland-Palatinate is easily accessible from Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart. By plane The international Hahn Airport (Hahn) is situated in the Rhineland-Palatinate. Zweibrucken Airport also has regular scheduled flights to and from Berlin Schönefeld and London Stansted. Get around The region has very good connections by train or bus, and all destinations and attractions are easily reachable. Koblenz, Ludwigshafen, Kaiserslautern, Speyer and the other romantic cities are easy to reach via train, and in the cities you can also move forewards with a bicycle, which is often as rental-bike available. You can also cruise up or down the Rhine between Koblenz and Mainz; see Rhine Valley for details. A boat trip that will be a memorable experience forever. Several car-rental opportunities are to be found in the region, also a practical possibility to get around easily. See thumb 275px Rheinstein Castle near Trechtingshausen in the Middle Rhine Valley (Image:Burg Rheinstein Trechtingshausen 995-Lh.jpg), look from Assmannshausen '''Palatinate Forest''' The Palatinate Forest is the biggest coherent forest in middle Europe; it is a biospehere reserve. '''Speyer Cathedral''' The Speyer Cathedral is the biggest romanuesque church worldwide; its foundation stone was laid in 1030. It is the resting place of 7 salian emperors. '''Castles''' The Palatinate Forest hides over 50 castles and ruins that were mostly destroyed in the War of the Grand Alliance, for example: Castle Trifels - Castle where Richard Lionheart of England was held as a hostage and the place where the imperial regalia was stored Limburg Monastery Castle Lindenbrunn Castle Berwartstein '''German Wine Route''' The German Wine Route is the oldest wine route worldwide; it runs through the biggest winegrowing area in Germany, the Palatinate. The western side is protected by the Palatinate Forest, on the eastern side lies the Rhine rift. Do The Rhineland-Palatinate region is ideal for outdoor activities like '''Hiking, Biking, Golf, Nordic Walking, Camping''' or whatever the heart desires. An important history gives the chance to experience old times, through a range of '''museums, castles, churches and different exhibitions'''. There are also the possibility to sleep over in old castles, and live the life of the old empires. Special Events like for instance '''Rhine in flames, wine festivals, christmas markets and concerts''' are also to be mentioned. Sleep WikiPedia:Rhineland-Palatinate Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Rhineland-Palatinate commons:Rheinland-Pfalz


, Evil came to within two points of the Good side. In Week 14, the last events of the Wrath of Umbar Roadshow were run in Sheffield, Liverpool, Shrewsbury, Croydon and Ipswich; while the week was also characterised by "spectacular results" for Good in Mordor and Morannon. The outcome was a narrow overall victory of 145 Victory Points for Good and 142 for Evil. ref name "


in Sheffield, Liverpool, Shrewsbury, Croydon and Ipswich; while the week was also characterised by "spectacular results" for Good in Mordor and Morannon. The outcome was a narrow overall victory of 145 Victory Points for Good and 142 for Evil. The world's first Christmas grotto was in Lewis's Bon Marche Department Store in Liverpool. The grotto was opened in 1879, entitled "


HitQuarters date Aug 6, 2002 accessdate April 10, 2011 Welch told HitQuarters he was impressed by her "spectacular voice", her character and her lyrics. At the time she was still living at home with her parents. Together they decided it would be best for her career to move to Toronto and start writing with other people. After graduating from high school, Morissette moved from Ottawa to Toronto. ref name PeopleintheNews >

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Carbone in Arthur Miller's ''A View from the Bridge'' (from July 30 to August 3, 1957 and directed by Ulu Grosbard who was by then a regular director at the Gateway Theatre). Archive Playbill 1952 1955 1956 1957. Retrieved 2–3 January 2012 Miller himself attended one of Duvall's performances as Eddie and also during this performance he met important people that allowed him to, in two months, land a "spectacular lead" in the ''Naked City


claim they were practicing the lines for the Moulin Rouge's new show, "Spectacular Spectacular". With the help of Zidler, Toulouse-Lautrec and the rest of the troupe pitch the show to the Duke with an improvised plot about an evil maharajah attempting to woo an Indian courtesan who is in love with a poor sitar player ("The Pitch (Spectacular Spectacular)"). The Duke agrees to back the show on the condition that only he is allowed to see Satine. Meanwhile, Satine


in nationalist movements and some more "spectacular" actions are remembered, such as his exposition of the ''Tricolore (Flag of Italy)'' (current Italian flag, then prohibited) to celebrate the expulsion of Germans (Germany) in 1846. Yet, he was with Nino Bixio (Garibaldi (Giuseppe Garibaldi)'s later major supporter and friend) in a committee for public health, already on a clear Mazzinian position. In March 1848, hearing of the insurrection in Milan, Mameli organised an expedition

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from Miami, Florida. Pretty Ricky originally consisted of four brothers: Corey "Slick'em" Mathis, Diamond "Baby Blue" Smith, "Spectacular" Blue Smith, and Marcus "Pleasure P" Cooper who is the group's only singer since the rest of them take roles as rappers. Pleasure P left the group in 2007 to embark on his solo career. He is now replaced by Emmanual DeAnda ( A.K.A Manny DeAnda, B.K.A Lingerie) '''Raymond Berry Oakley III''' (April 4, 1948

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