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Chivington, Colorado

(the former school house degrades, year-by-year), and many piles of bricks mark where the town once stood. Standard green highway markers ("Chivington") identify what these ruins once were. The post office existed into the 1980s but nearby Eads (Eads, Colorado) today offers the nearest postal service and amenities like stores and gas stations. Lamar (Lamar, Colorado) is the closest remaining "significant" town on Colorado's eastern plains. Chivington appears

Barry Town United F.C.

!!width "50" Position!! style "width:600px;" Significant achievements!! style "width:200px;" Years of service!! style "width:300px;" Other notable clubs - style "text-align:center;" 2012 13 Chris Mason Defender (Defender (football)) A POW in WW2, who amassed 400+ appearances either side of war. 1937–1951 - style "text-align:center;" 2012 13 Ashley Griffiths Defender (Defender (football)) 22-year association, appearances

Norfolk Island

the more radical of two models proposed in the review, the island's legislative assembly would have been reduced to the status of a local council (Local government in Australia). However, in December 2006, citing the "significant disruption"

this did not save him from several weeks incarceration in the Sydney debtors' prison in May 1825. Here he evidently contracted dysentery, to which he succumbed in August 1825. Same-sex couples, in the ACT (Australian Capital Territory), New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria (Victoria (Australia)) may enter into a "registered relationship" (called "civil partnerships" in the ACT and Queensland and "significant relationships" in Tasmania


Association of Turkish Students date accessdate 2010-11-21 DATE OF BIRTH 1964 PLACE OF BIRTH Famagusta, Cyprus DATE OF DEATH In 2006 the Turkish government began discussions for Northern Cyprus's main port Famagusta, and main civilian airport Ercan, to be able to operate direct connections with the UK government describing it as a "significant and creative offer".

Tupelo, Mississippi

: info.php?id 162&county Itawamba&state MS&count 2 "Significant Tornadoes Update 1992-1995" , Mid-South Tornadoes, Mississippi State University Martis D. Ramage, Jr. ''Tupelo, Mississippi, Tornado of 1936'', Fire broke out at the Lee County Training School, which was destroyed. Its bricks were salvaged for other uses. The area is subject to tornadoes. In 2008 one rated an EF3 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale struck the town. On April 28

Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory

that favorable conditions occur. Spring and fall experience peaks of activity as those are the seasons when stronger winds, wind shear, and atmospheric instability are present.


an ultraviolet (UV) system. Three groundwater wells are in close proximity to the settlement area of Stouffville (Main Street, east of 10th Line); consequently 239 "significant drinking water threats" have been identified. Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, ''CTC Source Protection Region: Updated Assessment Report - Toronto and Region Source Protection'', Vol. 1, Report, pp. 2-29; 4-26; Fig. 4.21, 4.22, 4.23; Table


New Town. Crawley New Town: Growth of the New Town last Hudson first T. P. (ed) year 1987 work Victoria County History of Sussex (Victoria County History) publisher British History Online pages 75–81 accessdate 26 February 2009 It was built in two stages between the 1950s and the 1970s, but retains some older buildings from before the New Town era and has "significant areas of pre-New Town character". commons:Crawley

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

continued to operate in Syria. In February 2014, after an eight-month power struggle, al-Qaeda disavowed any relations with ISIL. According to journalist Sarah Birke, there are "significant differences" between the al-Nusra Front and ISIL. While al-Nusra actively calls for the overthrow of the Assad government, ISIL "tends to be more focused on establishing its own rule on conquered territory". ISIL is "far more ruthless"

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