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Laveen, Arizona

''The Lima News'' location Lima, Ohio id pages page date 1930-01-29 accessdate 2008-07-26 quote archiveurl archivedate above Laveen after a "sharp gun fight".


like "sharp mountain peak"). Lyncker vi. The source for the latter designation comes from the 1602 ''Historia S. Bonifacii'' by Johannes Letzner, who claims that after Boniface destroyed the Donar Oak near Geismar (now in Fritzlar, Hesse) he traveled to the Stuffenberg in Eichsfeld, where the god Stuffo was worshiped by the local population. Boniface fought and defeated the god, who fell into a hole, still called "Stuffo's hole," ref

Empire of Japan

the Spanish-American War. Hawaii was put under martial law until the end of the war. The '''Mitsubishi J8M ''Shūsui''''' (Japanese (Japanese language): 三菱 J8M 秋水, literally "Autumn Water", used as a poetic term meaning "Sharp Sword" deriving from the swishing sound swords make) was a Japanese (Empire of Japan) World War II rocket (Rocket engine)-powered interceptor aircraft closely based on the German (Nazi Germany) Messerschmitt Me 163


Gardens, Kew. ISBN 1-84246-068-4 The specific epithet ''oxycedrus'' means "sharp cedar" and this species may have been the original cedar or ''cedrus'' of the ancient Greeks. Meiggs, R. 1982. Trees and Timber in the Ancient Mediterranean World. '''ISO 3166-2:LB''' is the entry for Lebanon in ISO 3166-2

Sri Lanka

witnessed had their tusks fitted with "sharp Iron with a socket with three edges". After impaling the victim's body with its tusks, the elephant "then tear it in pieces, and throw it limb from limb". Knox, Robert. "An Historical Relation of the Island Ceylon". London, 1681. No nation currently uses execution by elephant as a punishment; however, accidental deaths by elephant still occur. These fall into three major types: * '''Wild elephants''': Death by elephant is still common in parts of Africa and South Asia where humans and elephants co-exist: in Sri Lanka alone, 50–100 people are killed annually in clashes between humans and wild elephants. "People–Elephant Conflict: Monitoring how Elephants Use Agricultural Crops in Sri Lanka" Smithsonian National Zoological Park. Retrieved on February 29, 2008. * '''Domestic elephants''': While working as a police officer for the British colonial government in Burma in 1926, George Orwell was forced to deal with an incident in which a domestic elephant went "musth" and killed a man by stepping on him. Orwell describes the incident in his famous essay "Shooting an Elephant", noting that "The friction of the great beast's foot had stripped the skin from his back as neatly as one skins a rabbit." Sri Lanka In Sri Lanka, the President (President of Sri Lanka) have ADCs from the three armed services as well as ''Extra-ADCs''. All general (general officer), flag (flag officer) and air officers have their own ADCs usually selected from their parent regiment or unit. * Seychelles * Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka Army * Suriname '''APIIT''', the '''Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology''', is an educational organisation specializing in providing education and training programmes in computing and Information Technology. Founded by Datuk Dr Parmjit Singh and based originally in Malaysia, APIIT has since established other centres in India and Sri Lanka. The Institute works in collaboration with selected universities in the United Kingdom and has produced more than 14,000 graduates. Expansion led to the opening of the Kuala Lumpur city campus in 1997, followed by campuses in Karachi, Pakistan (1998), Colombo, Sri Lanka (2000), Lahore, Pakistan (2000), Panipat, India (2001) and Perth (Perth, Western Australia), Australia (2004). In 2003 the Malaysian campus moved to new premises at Technology Park Malaysia, where it is now known as ''APIIT TPM''. Theravada account In Sri Lanka, Avalokiteśvara is still venerated as ''Natha-deva'', and his image is sometimes mistaken for that of the bodhisattva Maitreya. Baruah, Bibhuti. ''Buddhist Sects and Sectarianism.'' 2008. p. 137 Sri Lanka Due to its strategic location in the Indian Ocean, the island of Sri Lanka has been a confluence for settlers from various parts of the world, which has resulted in the formation of several mixed-race ethnicities in the Island. The most notable mixed race group are the Sri Lankan Moors, who trace their ancestry from Arab traders who settled on the island and intermarried with local women. Today, The Sri Lankan Moors live primarily in urban communities, preserving their Arab-Islamic cultural heritage while adopting many Southern Asian customs. :Similar to ''ernesti''; upperparts lighter and yellower. * ''Tyto alba stertens'' Hartert, 1929 – W Pakistan through India east to Yunnan and Vietnam, south S Thailand; N Sri Lanka. Southeast Asian birds sometimes included in ''javanica''. :Similar to ''alba'', but noticeably speckled below. Pipe bands are a long-standing tradition in other areas with Celtic (Celts) roots, such as the regions of Galicia (Galicia (Spain)) and Asturies in Spain and Brittany in France, as well as other regions with Celtic (Celts) influence in other parts of Europe. It's also a long-standing tradition in the British Commonwealth of Nations countries and former British colonies like the United States of America, Canada, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brunei, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Pipe bands have also been established in countries with few Scottish or Celtic connections like Thailand, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina. - Asia Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, East Timor, India, Indonesia, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Thailand, Vanuatu, Vietnam - Buddhism One of the earliest Buddhist apologetic texts is ''The Questions of King Milinda (Milinda Panha)'', which deals with ethical and intellectual problems. In the British colonial era, Buddhists in Sri Lanka wrote tracts that rejected Christianity. In the mid-19th century, encounters between Buddhists and Christians in Japan (Religion in Japan) prompted the formation of a Buddhist Propagation Society. In recent times A. L. De Silva, an Australian convert to Buddhism, has written a book, Beyond Belief, designed to refute the arguments of Christian evangelists. Gunapala Dharmasiri has challenged the Christian concept of God (God in Christianity) from a Theravadan Buddhist (Theravada) perspective. Relations with India Antigonus is mentioned in the Edicts of Ashoka as one of the recipients of the Indian Emperor Ashoka's Buddhist (Buddhism) proselytism. "The conquest by Dharma has been won here, on the borders, and even six hundred yojanas (5,400-9,600 km) away, where the Greek king Antiochos (Antiochus II Theos) rules, beyond there where the four kings named Ptolemy (Ptolemy II Philadelphus), Antigonos (Antigonus Gonatas), Magas (Magas of Cyrene) and Alexander (Alexander II of Epirus) rule, likewise in the south among the Cholas (Chola dynasty), the Pandyas, and as far as Tamraparni (Sri Lanka)." (Edicts of Ashoka, 13th Rock Edict, S. Dhammika). No Western historical record of this event remains. Vexillology *Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Bhutan, China, Colombia, Egypt, Ecuador, Germany, Malaysia, the Philippines WikiPedia:Sri Lanka Dmoz:Regional Asia Sri Lanka commons:Sri Lanka


assessors Conifer Specialist Group year 1998 id 42243 title Juniperus oxycedrus downloaded 12 May 2006 The specific epithet ''oxycedrus'' means "sharp cedar" and this species may have been the original cedar or ''cedrus'' of the ancient Greeks. Meiggs, R. 1982. Trees and Timber in the Ancient Mediterranean World. Aged fifteen, he joined the navy as a midshipman and served in Morocco, the Baltic Sea, the Caribbean Islands and in India


, Hartley won a Silver Medal at the 1974 British Commonwealth Games in Christchurch, New Zealand and then a Gold Medal at the European Games in Rome in the 400m relay. '''John "Jack" Sharp''' (15 February 1878, Hereford – 28 January 1938, Wavertree, Liverpool) was an English (England) sportsman of outstanding talent who is most famous for his 9 year playing career at Everton F.C. from 1900-09 which saw him win two caps for his country as well as being


, regional carrier Cincinnati Bell began selling the "Sharp Jump", model number PV300GC, in early 2011. Both devices have a modified version of the Danger OS installed, although any mention of Danger has been removed. This modified OS is independent of any backend service, and the original Danger Web browser, Instant Messaging and Email applications have been removed. The Web browser was replaced with Opera Mini whereas the Instant Messaging clients were replaced

Our Commissioners. Ontario Human Rights Commission. Last accessed December 17, 2008. '''Sharp-shinned Hawk''' (''Accipiter striatus'') is a small hawk . In fact, "sharp-shins" or "sharpies" (as they are sometimes casually called) are the smallest to reside in USA and Canada, though some Neotropical species are smaller (notably the aptly named Tiny Hawk). The taxonomy is far from

CC (April 18, 1909 – July 22, 1995) was a Canadian (Canada) civil servant and president of the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). '''Isadore "Issy" Sharp''', (born October 8, 1931) is a Canadian (Canada) businessman and founder and chairman of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts (Four Seasons Hotel). The older of three famous brothers (the other two being Edmund Boyd Osler (Ontario politician) Edmund Boyd Osler


"sharp cedar" and this species may have been the original cedar or ''cedrus'' of the ancient Greeks. Meiggs, R. 1982. Trees and Timber in the Ancient Mediterranean World. The '''Battle of Atoleiros''' ( ) took place on 6 April 1384, between a Portuguese (Portugal) force and a punitive expedition from Castile (Crown of Castile) sent by John I (John I of Castile). The battle took place near the population centre of the same name

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