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Military District 1962 1970 Still active 23, (34), 35th, 36th Guards, 38, 39th Guards, 57, 62 - Development By 1992, the Russian Ministry of Defense (Ministry of Defence (Russia)) announced that it could no longer afford to manufacture two main battle tanks in parallel. Since both the "quality" T-80U


accessdate 2009-04-23 Excuses reportedly included various "quality concerns", including the inability of the local drivers to shift the finicky Saginaw manual transmission. This issue was eventually identified as being due to an apparent clutch release issue that eventually required on-site retrofitting by a crew of Canadian technicians sent to Iraq to support the infamous "Recall in the Desert". Later speculation was that the Iraqis were actually forced to back out

Burlington, Vermont

there to 2010; the state was $33,385; the nation, $36,871. In 2009, Moody's confirmed the city's bond rating at AA3, "high" quality, the second best rank, ''Burlington Free Press'' (August 1, 2009) but in 2010, the city-owned Burlington


content Upscale Chinese seafood dining. You can mingle with Harbin's moneyed and enjoy exotic fish. When you walk in you can pick which fish you want from the giant tanks. Drink thumb Ice sculpture of the local brew, ''Harbin Beer'' (File:Harbin Beer Sculpture.jpg) Just because Harbin is below freezing a good amount of the year, doesn't mean it's devoid of a nightlife. In fact, Harbin is one of the more "rowdier" cities in China. Just don't expect Shanghai or even Beijing &quot

;quality" establishments. Most places in Harbin have puke stains on the toilets that are months old. With a good amount of foreigners living in the city studying and working, the weekends are always bustling around 2-3 locations such as Blues, The Box, Pacers, or the small bars around the Universities. Dongbei people are ''reqing'' (热情) or very lively and seem to drink with almost every meal! Oftentimes at restaurants you'll see drunk men singing away and then lighting up their cigarettes

Lower Saxony

of the Aller, flows through the town from east to west and is joined near the centre of the town by the River Geislede. * "Hochschule 21", a private college with a renowned architecture program. Official Webpage. * "Gymnasium Halepaghen-Schule", local highschool. Former member in the "Quality Network for Schools" in Lower Saxony, Humanitarian School and rating highest in the county. Official Webpage German Wikipedia Site (:de:Halepaghen-Schule) * "Gymnasium Süd", local highschool Official Webpage German Wikipedia Site (:de:Gymnasium Buxtehude Süd). Partnerships Since 1990 Thale has had a town partnership with Seesen (Lower Saxony) on the northwest edge of the Harz and, since 1998, with the French town of Juvisy-sur-Orge, 18 km from Paris, as well as Tillabéri in Niger, northwest of the River Niger. '''Nordenham''' ( Commons:Category:Lower Saxony Wikipedia:Lower Saxony Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Lower Saxony


favorite piece of art, your wedding photo, or photos of your family. Insist on "A" quality - it costs a little more but it's worth it. You can also get incredibly rapid framing while you wait and inexpensive art supplies. There is a handsome modern gallery exhibiting works by Dafen local painters. And don't miss the experience of the Qi Xing teahouse, built round several 300 year old Hakka houses with beautiful courtyards. *

Tulsa, Oklahoma

publisher City Data accessdate 2007-05-06 Tulsa houses two world-renowned art museums, full-time professional opera and ballet companies, and one of the nation's largest concentrations of art deco architecture. <


ranked Vienna first in its annual &quot;Quality of Living" survey of hundreds of cities around the world. <

;ref Monocle's (Monocle (2007 magazine)) 2011 &quot;Quality of Life survey" ranked Vienna sixth on a list of "the top 25 cities in the world to call home" (up from eighth in 2010).

, on url http: monocle-quality-of-life-2011-6?op 1 accessdate 2 December 2011 http: sections affairs Magazine-Articles 08-Vienna In the days when sports teams were financed almost entirely by ticket sales, the CFL


; For four consecutive years (2009–2012), the human-resource-consulting firm Mercer (Mercer (consulting firm)) ranked Vienna first in its annual &quot;Quality of Living" survey (Mercer Quality of Living Survey) of hundreds of cities around the world, a title the city

&quot;Quality of Life Survey" ranked Vienna fourth on a list of the top 25 cities in the world "to make a base within" (up from sixth in 2011 and eighth in 2010).

: monocle-quality-of-life-2011-6?op 1 accessdate 2 December 2011 The city


City diplomatic building; he thought the phrase had a "sort of murky and disturbing&quot; quality. Mission of Burma made their debut on April 1, 1979 as a trio, performing at The Modern Theater. Later that month Miller wrote a song, "Nu Disco", that he felt would be improved by a tape loop. Azerrad, 2001. p. 98 Miller then contacted Martin Swope, with whom he had earlier written some John Cage and Karlheinz

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