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miles (32 km) east north-east of Charing Cross in London. The expanded site was opened in 1968 after a pipeline (Pipeline transport) was constructed to link two Shell (Royal Dutch Shell) refineries in Stanlow in the North West of England at Ellesmere Port in Cheshire, and Shell Haven on the Thames Estuary at Stanford-le-Hope in Thurrock. The pipeline allowed "white oil" products, such as petrol and diesel (Diesel fuel), to be transported cheaply and efficiently across the country. Along with Buncefield, a number of other pipeline-fed installations were built at the same time. These depots were always shared by the oil companies who have benefited together from the lower costs compared with other transportation methods. However, when they opened, such depots, including Buncefield, sometimes became difficult to manage from an industrial relations perspective. Drivers and other operatives from different oil companies, but members of the same Trades Union, usually the Transport and General Workers Union, were able to coordinate their industrial action more effectively by being on the same site as one another. In 1990 a further pipeline was completed, linking the site to the Lindsey Oil Refinery in Humberside. DATE OF BIRTH 28 August 1962 PLACE OF BIRTH Aveley, Thurrock, Essex, England DATE OF DEATH


or butter and a variety of toppings) in Semarang. * '''Jalan Pandanaran''', has numerous stores selling locally made "Semarang-ish" products worth buying as presents. Although parking is a bit of a hassle, it may only take you a minute or two to walk from where you are parked to visit these shops. '''Food Stalls''' ''(Note: Unless stated otherwise, these food stalls are only open after sunset every day)'' *


consensu'' ("Nothing new without a common agreement"). The ''Nihil novi'' act transferred legislative power from the king to the Diet (''Sejm''), or Polish parliament. This date marked the beginning of the First ''Rzeczpospolita'', the period of a ''szlachta''-run "republic". Products are manufactured in a variety of locations, including the company's own production sites in Izmir, Turkey (Izmir), Radom, Poland; Morrovalle, Italy; Cleveland



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. Another Khan, Jansher Khan, also won three titles in the 1980s and 1990s. Jansher's last win in 1995 marks the last time that a Pakistani player won the title. In recent years, players from the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada have enjoyed success at the event. *'''31 December''': After a Chicago Tribune story, Whole Foods has pulled three "gluten free" products


over Potsdamer Platz, headquarters of Deutsche Bahn and Daimler Before the second world war Berlin was a center for major German industrial companies as well as administrative headquarters of many companies in all fields. However soon after the war ended many of these companies moved south or west, went bust or were nationalized in the GDR. Therefore one of the most important "products" produced in Berlin today by both academic and company-sponsored institutes is research


''' - in the largest cities the Globus department stores have a grocery store on the underground level. Coop offers a low-price-line (Coop Prix-Garantie) of various products and in Migros you can find "M-Budget" products. Sometimes it's exactly the same product, just for cheaper price. They also offer prepaid mobiles as cheap as 29.80 CHF, including 19 CHF money on the SIM-Card and the some of the cheapest call rates. The German discounters ''Aldi'' and '''Lidl''' are also present


;br Hanna Suchocka Tadeusz Mazowiecki Wiesław Chrzanowski president of the Republic first lady former president of the Republic former first lady prime minister marshal of the Sejm marshal of the Senate (Senate of Poland) ambassador to the Holy See former prime minister former marshal of the Sejm - valign "top" Products are manufactured

United States

producer, Offering over 100

. The pervasive presence of "as seen on TV" products is the subject for much comedy on TV, often exaggerating the typical pitches of "as seen on TV" products and using the now famous phrase "But Wait, There's More". One such example of mockery is the fictional "Spishak" company, a series of sketches on ''MADtv''. ''Arare'' was brought to the U.S. (United States) by Japanese immigrants (Japanese in Hawaii) who came as plantation workers in the early 1900s

; The commercial website was launched in the late 1990s, selling computer and electronics, books and software. In 2000, TigerDirect expanded its product offerings to include "refurbished" and "recertified" products, brand-name computers from IBM, HP, eMachines, Gateway (Gateway, Inc.) and others. '''Interstate relations between the United States and Belarus

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