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OF BIRTH Dezful, Iran DATE OF DEATH * The United Nations World Food Programme says that it needs USD to be able to continue its Afghanistan operations to June this year. "Poor and hungry schoolchildren who receive take-home rations of food as an incentive to attend school will receive at most half their usual ration and in some cases none at all", says the U.N. More than 50% of the nation's children are malnourished. http


architecture Gothic style, the Capilla Cristo Pobre church ("Poor Christ Chapel") is one of the most notable architectural examples in Jauja. It is patterned after the, Notre Dame (Notre Dame de Paris). Via Crucis’s paintings, brought from France, are on display at the Capilla de Cristo Pobre. The church is administered by the Daughters of Charity and is part of the San Vicente de Paul High School. File:Jauja CristoPobre Nave.jpg thumb right Inside the Capilla Cristo Pobre church

Simcoe, Ontario

Southern California ranch life for Harper's ''The New Monthly Magazine'' saying: "I looked around with some curiosity for this was the first time I had had an opportunity to see how the old Californians of wealth live." Nordoff found the adobe style of living "poor and simple" with a mix of "squalor and splendor." *Kent Street, Kent, UK *Kent Street (Kent Street (Simcoe, Ontario)) in Simcoe (Simcoe, Ontario), Norfolk County, Ontario

Echo Park, Los Angeles

the fort." His parents eventually divorced, mainly due to financial problems, and LaBeouf had what he has described as a "good childhood", growing up poor in Echo Park (Echo Park, Los Angeles) with his mother, who worked selling fabrics and brooches.


Kere (Poorman's satay) : A cheap vegetarian satay made from grounded tempe (tempeh) from Solo (Surakarta) city, served in peanut sauce and pickles. The word "kere" in the Javanese language means "poor"; it originally was meant to provide the poor people of Java with the taste of satay at an affordable price, since meat was considered a luxury in the past. Today, sate kere also includes intestine, liver and beef satays mixed with tempe ones. * Krom Phrarajawangboworn

Koenigswald GHR von Koenigswald in 1936. Many more finds have subsequently been made at the Sangiran site, Sangiran Early Man Site - UNESCO World Heritage Centre although official reports remain critical of the site's "poor" presentation and interpretation. http: archive 2002 whc-02-conf202-17reve.pdf *'''Sumenep''' - Bendara Saud

East York

Journal of Sociology'' 96, 3 (Nov.): 558-88. Barry Wellman and Scot Wortley, "Brothers' Keepers: Situating Kinship Relations in Broader Networks of Social Support." ''Sociological Perspectives'' 32, 3 (1989): 273-306. Barry Wellman, Peter Carrington and Alan Hall "Networks as Personal Communities." Pp. 130-84 in ''Social Structures: A Network Approach'', edited by Barry Wellman and S.D. Berkowitz. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1988. Vicky Cattell. (2001). "Poor

North York

to the north. It is a multicultural neighbourhood. Daniel Negreanu attended Pineway public middle school in North York, where the principal complained to his mother about Daniel's "poor manners or behavior" and threatened to expel him for "ignoring the school rules." While nursing dreams of a career as a professional snooker player, the now 15-year-old Daniel learned how to play poker. By 16, he was spending time in pool halls, hustling, sports betting, and playing cards. PokerListings bio When he was several credits short of graduation Daniel dropped out of high school and began his life as a rounder (Card shark) playing at the local charity casinos, usually at Casino Country and Fundtime Games, and looking for illegal games around the city. While in Toronto, Daniel met and began dating Evelyn Ng, The name York lived on through the name of York County (York County, Ontario) (which was later split into Toronto and York Region (Regional Municipality of York)), and continues to live on through the names of several districts within the city, including Yorkville (Yorkville, Toronto), East York, and North York, the latter two suburbs that were formally amalgamated into the megacity of Toronto (Amalgamation of Toronto#1998 amalgamation) on 1 January 1998. thumb left A garrison was established at what would eventually become Fort York (File:FortYork1804.jpg), built to protect what would be the new capital of Upper Canada.

Antigua Guatemala

this to the cop and tip her a little, and she will slow down for you. They too have a time constraints and want to let you have a full 20 minutes on top of the hill. Robberies have occurred on this hill without police escort, and resulted in the death of one tourist who refused to give up his valuable (locals say "don't be afraid, just be safe"). Poor people live up on the hillside, and will not let anyone take you up the steps, unless they are uniformed police. *


%) 2,108 (0.83%) Economy thumb right View toward Constanța shipyard (File:Constanta shipyard.JPG) As of 1878, Constanța was defined as a "poor Turkish fishing village." As of 1920, it was called "flourishing," and was known for exporting oil and cereals.

Zamboanga City

;, meaning "poor taste," "vulgar," "common," "of low quality," "tacky," or "coarse" for the chavacano language which was developed in Cavite City, Ternate and Ermita, and also derived from the word chavano which was coined by the people of Zamboanga --Explanation. Six different dialects have developed: Zamboangueño in Zamboanga City, Davaoeño

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