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Yerba Buena Island

English and Spanish common name, Yerba buena, is an alternate form of the Spanish (Spanish language) ''hierba buena'' (literally meaning &quot;good herb"), generally used to describe local species of the mint family (Lamiaceae). The island is currently part of District 6 of the City and County of San Francisco. According to the United States Census Bureau, Yerba Buena Island and Treasure Island (Treasure Island, California) together have a land area of 2.334&nbsp;km<

, is an alternate form of the Spanish (Spanish language) ''hierba buena'' (meaning &quot;good herb"). The name was bestowed by pioneer Catholic (Catholic church) priests of Alta California as they settled an area where the plant is native. It was so abundant there that its name was also applied to the settler's town adjacent to Mission San Francisco de Asís. In 1846, the town of Yerba Buena (Yerba Buena (town)) was seized by the United States during the Mexican-American War, and its name


attempts to prohibit "peddling in the market" have been cited as causes for the protests. As a result of the protest, the Chongjin local government "posted a proclamation allowing peddling in the market." Good Friends, “North Korea Today,” No. 113 (Mar. 14, 2008) On August 24, 2008, a clash occurred between foot patrol agents and female merchants, which escalated into a "massive protest

rally". It was reported that the Chongjin local government issued verbal instructions relaxing the enforcement activity until the time of the next grain ration. Administrative divisions From 1948 to 1960, 1967 to 1977, and 1987 to present, Ch'ŏngjin was governed as a part of North Hamgyong Province. From 1960 until 1967, and again from 1977 to 1987, Chongjin was administered as a Special cities of North Korea directly governed city

Les Cayes

the exclusion of Haitians from positions of authority in the government and constabulary, now known as the ''Garde d'Haïti''. In 1930, Sténio Vincent, a long-time critic of the occupation, was elected President, and the US began to withdraw its forces. The withdrawal was completed under US President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR), in 1934, under his &quot;Good Neighbor policy". The US retained control of Haiti's external finances until 1947. Schmidt, Hans. ''The United States

Snoqualmie, Washington

with the Snoqualmie tribe in 1851 in search of coal. Near the current location of Meadowbrook Bridge, Hancock was told by his guides that the land was known as "Hyas Kloshe Illahee", or &quot;good productive land". Hancock took this useful information back with him to the area now known as Tacoma. During the 1850s, tensions were very high between the native populations and the new settlers claiming the land as their own. In 1856, in response to these tensions, Fort Alden was built

Sabha, Libya

between Sabha (Sabha, Libya) and Ubari and is rendered in Arabic as ''bilad al-khayr'' &quot;good land". There is a widespread Arabic folk etymology of the name, connecting ''tawariq'' "abandoned by God ", reflecting the religious disapproval of residual animist practice among the Tuareg by orthodox Muslims. Population The region's inhabitants include the nomadic Tuareg (Tuareg people) in the southwest and the Toubou (Toubou people) in the southeast


is the largest settlement on the island The people of Nevis who are not in the tourist business tend to be very shy, but are friendly and helpful once you get past the initial shyness, which can take some time. It is appropriate to greet everyone you pass or meet, saying either, &quot;good morning," &quot;good afternoon," or &quot;good night" (which is said instead of &quot;good evening.") Nevisians in general attend church regularly. Cursing in public is against the law. Provocative

Gladstone, Oregon

The Oregonian date October 15, 2014 Public safety & quality of life thumb City Hall and municipal court (File:City Hall - Gladstone, Oregon.JPG) Some polling data suggests that Gladstone citizens are satisfied with city services they receive and a large majority consider Gladstone a particularly &quot;good excellent" place to live.

Renfrew, Ontario

; The river flows from Algonquin Provincial Park to the Ottawa River east and north of the town of Renfrew (Renfrew, Ontario). The river's name is thought to come from the French (French language) "''bonne chère''" meaning &quot;good eating", which suggests that early explorers found an ample supply of game animals in this region. The turning point in Davies' life came when he read in England of the riches to be made in the Klondike (Klondike Gold Rush) and immediately set

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