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You Go ", finishing second, and he won the contest in 2008 (Eurovision Song Contest 2008) in Belgrade, with the song "Believe (Believe (Dima Bilan song))". He has had several Russian no. 1 hits. DATE OF BIRTH December 24, 1981 PLACE OF BIRTH Ust-Dzheguta, Karachay–Cherkessia, Soviet Union

Czechoslovak Socialist Republic

Bloc countries, Czechoslovakia was declared the first country after "our great ally, the fraternal Union of Soviet Socialist Republics" which achieved socialism (3 years before Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and 5 before Socialist Republic of Romania). Thus the constitution's preamble said that "socialism has won in our country" and so "finishing the socialist construction, we are changing over to building an advanced socialist society


'''Dorotea "Doris" Dragović''' ( ) (born 16 April 1961, Split (Split, Croatia), Yugoslavia, today Croatia) is a Croatian singer-songwriter. She represented Yugoslavia in the Eurovision Song Contest 1986 (Eurovision Song Contest 1986) with the song "Željo moja", finishing the 11th with 49 points, and Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest 1999 (Eurovision Song Contest 1999) with the song " Marija

Magdalena ", finishing fourth with 118 points. '''Dorotea "Doris" Dragović''' (


;Flying the Flag (for You)", finishing 23rd out of 24 entries after receiving 19 points in the final. The song reached number 5 in the UK Top 40 Singles Chart on 13 May 2007 after having been available for download for two months prior. After winning an FA Cup medal in the 1976 Final, Channon was back at Wembley days later to score twice in England's 4–0 win over Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland national football team); he


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of the year in Greece. Commons:Category:Greece Wikipedia:Greece Dmoz:Regional Europe Greece


participated nine times at the Swedish Melodifestivalen and one time at the Norwegian (Norway) Melodi Grand Prix. She has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest twice, in 1982 (Eurovision Song Contest 1982) (as a part of the Swedish pop and country group Chips (Chips (band)) with the song "Dag efter dag", finishing 8th) and in the 1985 (Eurovision Song Contest 1985) (solo) with the song "Bra vibrationer (Bra vibrationer (song))", finishing 3rd. '''Anders Beer Wilse''' (12 June 1865 - 21 February 1949) was a Norwegian (Norway) photographer whose photography visually documented Norway in the early to mid-20th century. '''Avdalen''' is a small side valley of the main Utladalen valley in the municipality of Årdal in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. It is located within the Utladalen Landscape Protection Area, which was established along with the adjacent Jotunheim National Park in 1980 and covers about Commons:Category:Norway Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Wikipedia:Norway


the arrest, Black and Norton were released. Education Cox attended Finch College in Manhattan, New York, a since-closed women's college best known as a "Finishing School" for affluent young women. At her graduation on June 14, 1968, her father served as a special guest speaker. ref>


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;) was a German (Germany) euro disco recording act (musician) of the 1970s. The group (musical ensemble) was originally named '''Silver Bird Convention''', or '''Silver Bird'''. Silver Convention represented Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 1977 with "Telegram", finishing eighth. The entry had only English (English language) lyrics (with considerably more words than their past hits), but was allowed to enter in spite of the language rule (Rules of the Eurovision Song Contest#Languages) being reintroduced this year, because the song was chosen to represent Germany before the reintroduction was announced. In 1994, Rhonda Heath returned to Eurovision, providing backing vocals and keyboards for the German entry "Wir Geben 'Ne Party" performed in German (German language) by Mekado. This entry did better than Silver Convention's effort, finishing third out of the 25 entries in Dublin. The '''CH-53 Sea Stallion''' is the most common name for the Sikorsky (Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation) '''S-65''' family of heavy-lift transport helicopters. Originally developed for use by the United States Marine Corps, it is also in service with Germany, Iran, Israel, and Mexico. The United States Air Force operated the HH-53 "Super Jolly Green Giant" (Sikorsky MH-53) during the late- and post-Vietnam War era, updating most of them as the MH-53 Pave Low (Sikorsky MH-53). In the 8th century, the Franks became standard-bearers of Roman Catholic Christianity in Western Europe, waging wars on its behalf against Arian Christians, Islamic invaders, and pagan Germanic peoples such as the Saxons and Frisians. Until 1066, when the Danes (Danish people) and the Norse (Norsemen) had lost their foothold in Britain (Great Britain), theological and missionary work in Germany was largely organized by Anglo-Saxon missionaries, with mixed success. A key event was the felling of Thor's Oak in 723 near Fritzlar by Boniface, apostle of the Germans and first archbishop of Mainz. The Queen and her family were forced to evacuate the palace for Britain (United Kingdom) (from which the Queen's family, but not the Queen herself, would move on to Canada) when the German (Germany) army invaded the Netherlands during World War II. The Nazi (Nazism) administration planned to demolish the palace, but the comptroller convinced them not to. However, the palace was damaged beyond habitation. Non-ratification The Anglo-Ottoman Convention was only part of a wider bargaining process and the complexities of the competing European commercial interests in the region prevented its ratification. Russia, France, and Germany (and later Italy) also had been pressing the Ottoman government for railway concessions. Ratification was further complicated by the fact that most of the Powers themselves were engaged in bilateral negotiations with the Ottoman Empire just as the British. Also, attempts to obtain oil concessions from the Ottoman government added to the complexity of commercial arrangements. Finally, the Ottomans and British emerged as enemies within months of the Anglo-Ottoman Convention of 1913, as the outbreak of World War I diminished any hope left for ratification. Wilkinson, 61, 66, and 96. It was first described in 1826 for an occurrence in the Harz Mountains, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany and named after its discoverer, German mineralogist and mining geologist, J. K. L. Zincken (1790–1862). http: doclib hom zinkenite.pdf Handbook of Mineralogy http: min-4417.html Mindat Two large swine production companies that export mainly to the USA, Germany and Japan, a recycled containerboard mill and box factory privately owned by Sonoran investors, as well as one brewery belonging to the FEMSA group (recently acquired from Heineken), are among the main industries in Navojoa. '''IG Metall''' (German (German language): ''Industriegewerkschaft Metall'', "Industrial Union of Metalworkers'") is the dominant metalworkers' union (trade union) in Germany. Analysts of German labor relations consider it a major trend-setter in national bargaining. As a metalworkers' union, it represents workers in the motor vehicle industry. Significantly, IG Metall represents both blue- and white-collar workers. Principal subsidiaries Juniper's principal subsidiaries (Subsidiary) hold its international operations. They include Juniper Networks K.K. (Japan), Juniper Networks B.V. (Netherlands), Juniper Networks International Limited (Cayman Islands), Juniper Networks FSC Inc. (Barbados), Juniper Networks U.K. Ltd. (United Kingdom), Juniper Networks GmbH (Germany), Juniper Networks France Sarl (France), Juniper Networks Australia Ltd. (Australia), Juniper Networks Hong Kong Ltd. (Hong Kong), Juniper Networks South Asia Ltd. (Hong Kong), Juniper Networks China Ltd. (Hong Kong), Juniper Networks Canada Inc. (Canada), Juniper Networks International, Inc and Juniper Networks India Pvt Ltd (India). Separately, Juniper also owns the "Juniper Acquisition Corporation". Commons:Category:Germany Wikipedia:Germany Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany

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