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"Строительство первого железнодорожного моста соединяющего Китай и Россию начнется в 2009 году" (Construction of the first railway bridge connecting Russia and China will start in 2009), 2008-11-27. WikiPedia:Jiamusi

Richfield, Minnesota

." Construction began in 1908, eventually reaching Northfield in late 1910. Olson, Russell L. (1976). ''The Electric Railways of Minnesota''. Minnesota Transportation Museum, Hopkins H. M. Smyth Co., St. Paul. Grading began on an extension to Faribault (Faribault, Minnesota) in 1911, but the company never secured an entrance into Faribault and abandoned the project. Route description State Highway 77 serves as a north–south route between the cities of Apple Valley (Apple Valley, Minnesota), Eagan (Eagan, Minnesota), Bloomington (Bloomington, Minnesota), Richfield (Richfield, Minnesota), and Minneapolis. The route is constructed to freeway standards over its entire length. Most of the route is posted 65 MPH speed limit. The route is located in Dakota County (Dakota County, Minnesota) and Hennepin County (Hennepin County, Minnesota). Behr, the second of four boys, was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on December 30, 1973 to Patricia Ann Steiner and David Behr. After his parents' divorce, Patricia moved her sons back to Richfield, where Jason attended St. Richards Elementary, a private grade school. Behr first started acting at the age of five when he participated in a school play as a sunflower. By age eight he was doing commercials for Stomper Trucks and modeling for local department stores. Behr continued to perform throughout his school years. In 1992 he graduated from Richfield Senior High School, in Richfield, Minnesota. At the age of 19, after a chance meeting with Hollywood manager Marvin Dauer in Minneapolis, Behr moved to Los Angeles. In his early acting career, he appeared in over 75 commercials, and in 1995 landed the role of Tyler Baker in the racy Showtime (Showtime (TV network)) comedy series ''Sherman Oaks''. It ran for two seasons until it was cancelled in early 1997. Career Carlson is originally from Bloomington, Minnesota, and attended the Academy of Holy Angels in Richfield, Minnesota. In addition to acting, she has also modeled (model (person)), including ad campaigns with Miller Lite, Rembrandt, and Oliver Peoples sunglasses. http: kelly_carlson She appeared in the August 2004 issue of ''Maxim (Maxim (magazine))'' magazine and on the cover of the October issue of ''Stuff (Stuff (magazine)) Magazine''. '''Hennepin County Medical Center''' ('''HCMC''') is a Level I trauma center based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the county seat of Hennepin County (Hennepin County, Minnesota). The primary 422-bed facility is located on five city blocks across the street from the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, with satellite clinics in Minneapolis, Brooklyn Center (Brooklyn Center, Minnesota), Brooklyn Park (Brooklyn Park, Minnesota), St. Anthony (St. Anthony, Minnesota) and Richfield (Richfield, Minnesota). HCMC has been listed among America's Best Hospitals by ''US News & World Report'' magazine every year since 1999. Some patients come a long distance to be treated at HCMC because of the recognized trauma surgery specialists, transplant services, stroke specialists, advanced endoscopy hepatobilliary center, and hyperbaric oxygen chamber. EMS HCMC also provides emergency medical services for the Cities of Minneapolis, Golden Valley (Golden Valley, Minnesota), Shorewood (Shorewood, Minnesota), Eden Prairie (Eden Prairie, Minnesota), St. Louis Park (St. Louis Park, Minnesota), Hopkins (Hopkins, Minnesota), St. Anthony (St. Anthony, Minnesota), Woodland (Woodland, Minnesota), Excelsior (Excelsior, Minnesota), Deephaven (Deephaven, Minnesota), Tonka Bay (Tonka Bay, Minnesota), Richfield (Richfield, Minnesota), and most of Minnetonka (Minnetonka, Minnesota) (south of Interstate 394). There are 23 ambulances, 3 medical director vehicles and 4 supervisor units utilized in its fleet (as of May 9, 2008). A MCI trailer is on hand for MCI incidents in its coverage area. HCMC EMS logged over 57,000 911 calls in 2007. Amateur career Steve Christoff grew up in Richfield, Minnesota and graduated from Richfield High School (Minnesota). As a member of the Richfield High School hockey team, he earned team MVP his junior and senior year, and was selected to the Minnesota High School All-State First Team and the U.S. High School All-American Team during his senior year in 1975-76. http: 1978 78024.html He led his school to a state runner-up (Minnesota high school boys ice hockey) his senior season and was one of the most highly recruited U.S. hockey players in 1976. Before turning professional, Christoff attended the University of Minnesota where he played for the Minnesota Gophers for three seasons in 1976–79. He led the team in scoring during his second year with 66 points (32 goals and 34 assists) and was named to the WCHA All-Star Second Team. During his third year, he led the team in scoring again with 77 points (38 goals and 39 assists). In what turned out to be his last collegiate game on March 23, 1979, Christoff scored a goal and earned an assist to help Minnesota win its third NCAA (NCAA Men's Ice Hockey Championship) title in school history with a 4-3 victory over North Dakota (North Dakota Fighting Sioux men's ice hockey). He made his international debut for Team USA at the 1979 Ice Hockey World Championship (1979 World Ice Hockey Championships) tournament in Moscow. thumb 250px Front of former Chi-Chi's restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia (File:Former Chi-Chi's restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia.png). Chi-Chi's was founded in 1975 in Richfield, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis by restaurateur Marno McDermott and former Green Bay Packers player Max McGee. :''For the school in Richfield, Minnesota, see Academy of Holy Angels.''


and education. It was again awarded the "Green City" prize in 2014, where the parameters measured included: energy efficiency, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, recycling and waste separation, water and sewage, environment-friendly "green" construction, public gardens, environmental education, beauty of the city, environment-friendly "green" commerce and industry, care of urban public grounds and nature, and urban management. ref name "ReferenceB">

Jewish Autonomous Oblast

начнется в 2009 году" (Construction of the first railway bridge connecting Russia and China will start in 2009), 2008-11-27. wikipedia:Jewish Autonomous Oblast commons:category:Jewish Autonomous Oblast


- 2010 align right 4,072,292 Vital statistics :Source: Russian Federal State Statistics Service class "wikitable" - ! ! width "70pt" Average population (x 1000) ! width "70pt" Live births ! width "70pt" Deaths ! width "70pt" Natural change ! width "70pt" Crude birth rate (per 1000) ! width "70pt" Crude death rate (per 1000) ! width "70pt" Natural change (per 1000) ! width "70pt" Total fertility rate - 1970 align "right" 3,817 align "right" 63,498 align "right" 28,004 align "right" 35,494 align "right" 16.6 align "right" 7.3 align "right" 9.3 - 1975 align "right" 3,825 align "right" 63,096 align "right" 31,802 align "right" 31,294 align "right" 16.5 align "right" 8.3 align "right" 8.2 - 1980 align "right" 3,850 align "right" 67,743 align "right" 36,067 align "right" 31,676 align "right" 17.6 align "right" 9.4 align "right" 8.2 - 1985 align "right" 3,868 align "right" 76,839 align "right" 39,101 align "right" 37,738 align "right" 19.9 align "right" 10.1 align "right" 9.8 - 1990 align "right" 3,952 align "right" 63,899 align "right" 38,157 align "right" 25,742 align "right" 16.2 align "right" 9.7 align "right" 6.5 - 1991 align "right" 3,975 align "right" 58,240 align "right" 39,638 align "right" 18,602 align "right" 14.7 align "right" 10.0 align "right" 4.7 - 1992 align "right" 4,005 align "right" 53,271 align "right" 43,539 align "right" 9,732 align "right" 13.3 align "right" 10.9 align "right" 2.4 - 1993 align "right" 4,030 align "right" 46,772 align "right" 50,738 align "right" style "color: red" -3,966 align "right" 11.6 align "right" 12.6 align "right" style "color: red" -1.0 - 1994 align "right" 4,050 align "right" 47,296 align "right" 54,267 align "right" style "color: red" -6,971 align "right" 11.7 align "right" 13.4 align "right" style "color: red" -1.7 - 1995 align "right" 4,074 align "right" 45,622 align "right" 51,734 align "right" style "color: red" -6,112 align "right" 11.2 align "right" 12.7 align "right" style "color: red" -1.5 - 1996 align "right" 4,091 align "right" 45,228 align "right" 49,600 align "right" style "color: red" -4,372 align "right" 11.1 align "right" 12.1 align "right" style "color: red" -1.1 - 1997 align "right" 4,103 align "right" 43,776 align "right" 49,354 align "right" style "color: red" -5,578 align "right" 10.7 align "right" 12.0 align "right" style "color: red" -1.4 - 1998 align "right" 4,113 align "right" 44,465 align "right" 48,470 align "right" style "color: red" -4,005 align "right" 10.8 align "right" 11.8 align "right" style "color: red" -1.0 - 1999 align "right" 4,119 align "right" 41,368 align "right" 52,608 align "right" style "color: red" -11,240 align "right" 10.0 align "right" 12.8 align "right" style "color: red" -2.7 - 2000 align "right" 4,117 align "right" 41,642 align "right" 53,550 align "right" style "color: red" -11,908 align "right" 10.1 align "right" 13.0 align "right" style "color: red" -2.9 - 2001 align "right" 4,112 align "right" 42,793 align "right" 55,001 align "right" style "color: red" -12,208 align "right" 10.4 align "right" 13.4 align "right" style "color: red" -3.0 - 2002 align "right" 4,104 align "right" 45,481 align "right" 57,836 align "right" style "color: red" -12,355 align "right" 11.1 align "right" 14.1 align "right" style "color: red" -3.0 - 2003 align "right" 4,095 align "right" 45,583 align "right" 58,237 align "right" style "color: red" -12,654 align "right" 11.1 align "right" 14.2 align "right" style "color: red" -3.1 - 2004 align "right" 4,084 align "right" 45,733 align "right" 57,726 align "right" style "color: red" -11,993 align "right" 11.2 align "right" 14.1 align "right" style "color: red" -2.9 - 2005 align "right" 4,074 align "right" 44,094 align "right" 57,787 align "right" style "color: red" -13,693 align "right" 10.8 align "right" 14.2 align "right" style "color: red" -3.4 - 2006 align "right" 4,064 align "right" 45,055 align "right" 55,319 align "right" style "color: red" -10,264 align "right" 11.1 align "right" 13.6 align "right" style "color: red" -2.5 - 2007 align "right" 4,060 align "right" 51,453 align "right" 55,144 align "right" style "color: red" -3,691 align "right" 12.7 align "right" 13.6 align "right" style "color: red" -0.9 - 2008 align "right" 4,059 align "right" 54,493 align "right" 55,568 align "right" style "color: red" -1,075 align "right" 13.4 align "right" 13.7 align "right" style "color: red" -0.3 - 2009 align "right" 4,062 align "right" 55,587 align "right" 53,227 align "right" 2,360 align "right" 13.7 align "right" 13.1 align "right" 0.6 align "right" 1,74 - 2010 align "right" 4,067 align "right" 57,093 align "right" 54,457 align "right" 2,636 align "right" 14.0 align "right" 13.4 align "right" 0.6 align "right" 1,77 - 2011 align "right

Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

ranch in Carmel (Carmel-by-the-Sea, California), Monterey's Pebble Beach golf course. The scenes at the Monterey house were shot at studio's Golden Oak Ranch in Placerita Canyon, where Mitch's ranch was built. It was the design of this set that proved the most popular, and to this day the Walt Disney Archives receives requests for plans of the home's interior design.


October 2010, accessed 4th March 2011. it is currently being developed into Nepal's second international airport. "Construction of international airport in Nepal's Pokhara inaugurated", ''Xinhuanet'', 9th December 2009, accessed 4th March 2011. In 2011 Buddha Air, a Nepali private airline, will begin international flights from Pokhara to Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport


of Brampton, Ontario, Canada. With over a million square feet of retail space and more than 280 outlets, it is one of Canada's largest shopping malls. Regarded as a super regional mall (Shopping mall#Regional), the Bramalea City Centre has a market of more than 500,000 residents and attracts 12 million visitors annually.

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Scranton (Scranton, Pennsylvania) (Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport) Rhode Island logo_image 200px (Image:MoheganSunArena2.PNG) location 255 Highland Park Boulvevard Wilkes-Barre (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania), Pennsylvania 18703, United States broke_ground September 15, 1997


"25%" style "float:right;text-align:center;clear:all;margin-left:3px;font-size:85%" - ! bgcolor "black" colspan "3" style "color:white" Construction - !bgcolor # e0e0e0 colspan 3 construction activity -Bgcolor # efefef ! width 60% Destination ! width 20% m 2 ! width 20% % – Align left '''Housing 401,530 65.61''' – Align left ''' Commercial 63,456 10.37''' – Align

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