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towards North. Many Serbs who used to live in the town settled in Győr and Komárom (Komárno). Those who stayed in the town elected a "duke" called ''Đurđe'' (1543–46). In 1567, the town was populated by (mostly Calvinist) Hungarians and Serbs. In 1698, after the expulsion of the Turkish, the whole of Csepel Island (Csepel-sziget), and thus Ráckeve too, became the land of the victorious Prince Eugene of Savoy. The new landlord had his mansion built


?code_modalite 24451&Code_indicateur 0301007&Submit3 Envoyer Recensement de 2004 (Institut national de la statistique) The city lies . Ancient history thumb left 200px Capsa in Roman times was near the "limes romanus" called Fossatum Africae (File:Fossatum.png) Findings at prehistoric sites in the area suggest a thriving Mesolithic

Monastir, Tunisia

", called in Tunisian Arabic), is a city on the central coast of Tunisia, in the Sahel (Sahel, Tunisia) area, (20 km south of Sousse and 162 km south of Tunis). Traditionally a fishing port, Monastir is now a major tourist resort. Its population is about 104,535. It is the capital of Monastir Governorate. History thumb left The Ribat in Monastir (File:MonastirRibat.jpg) Monastir was founded on the ruins of the Punic

Afghan Transitional Administration

. However, this Interim Administration, which was not broadly representative, was scheduled to last for only six months, before being replaced by a Transitional Administration. The move to this second stage would require the convening of a traditional Afghan "grand assembly", called a Loya Jirga. This Emergency Loya Jirga (2002 loya jirga) elected a new Head of State and appointed the Transitional Administration, which, in turn, would run the country for a maximum of two more years

Susanville, California

convention of the National Education Association. This book contained an article that sung the praises of this "soon-to-be-world-famous highway" called El Camino Sierra. While noting that it was still mostly an unimproved trail, the article assured the readers that county and state officials were working frantically to upgrade the route and, with the aid of convict labor, this would soon be a "boulevard the entire distance from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe." The article

Province of Saxony

settlement was set on 24 October 1815, by which Russia received most of the Napoleonic Duchy of Warsaw as a "Kingdom of Poland" – called Congress Poland – but did not receive the district of Poznań, Grand Duchy of Poznań, which was given to Prussia, nor Kraków, which became a free city (Free City of Kraków). Prussia received 40% of Saxony – later known as the Province of Saxony, with the remainder returned to King Frederick Augustus I of Saxony Frederick


capitals (Capital (political)) in Brazil, there are parties everywhere (os Bailes de Carnaval). Also like many other cities in Brazil, Cuiabá holds its own off-season Carnaval ("Carnaval fora de época", or "micareta"), called Micarecuia. Transportation International airport thumb right Marechal Rondon International Airport Marechal Rondon International Airport (CGB) (File:Vista externa aeroporto rondon.JPG). Marechal Rondon International Airport connects


the existing barn on the Andalinis' property. Simpson, Paul, pp.24–27 To resemble the Andalinis' barn as closely as possible, Higgins had his crew locate 100-year-old wood to match the look of the Andalinis' barn. The episode "Hourglass" called for several scenes to take place at the White House. Instead of building their own set, the ''Smallville'' producers called John Wells (TV producer) John Wells

;Metamorphosis", Vancouver was holding a farmers' market, which proved beneficial to the ''Smallville'' crew, as "Metamorphosis" called for a similar event to take place in the episode. The market was on the verge of ending, so the filmmakers shot what wide-angle scenes they could at the time, and filmed a close up conversation between Whitney and Clark at the Andalini's farm, weeks after the initial market shooting. Other filming locations include Vancouver's Pacific National Exhibition and Burnaby's (Burnaby) Swangard Stadium. The Pacific National Exhibit provided a storage silo for a scene in "Hourglass", which involved Harry Bollston (Eric Christian Olsen) attacking Martha Kent (O'Toole) in the Kents' corn silo. "Hothead" director Greg Beeman, who had previously worked with Gough and Millar on ''The Strip (The Strip (U.S. TV series))'' and ''Martial Law (Martial Law (TV series))'', used Swangard Stadium, as a substitution for Smallville High Stadium, for the opening football scene that took place at night. Simpson, Paul, pp.28–31 *'''The Bay Centre (Bay Centre)''', Victoria, British Columbia: When Eaton's went bankrupt, the former Eaton's store (1990-1999) in this mall was occupied for a short time by Sears Canada's "eatons" experiment, and afterwards by a Sears store. When Sears vacated the mall, the "Victoria Eaton Centre" was renamed to reflect the mall's new department store tenant, the Bay. *'''Metropolis at Metrotown (Metrotown)''', Burnaby, British Columbia: The Eaton Centre Metrotown opened in 1989. With the departure of the Eaton's store a decade later, the Eaton Centre and the nearby Metrotown Centre were incorporated into one mall. *'''Cityplace (Cityplace (Winnipeg))''', Winnipeg, Manitoba: Formerly "Eaton Place", this shopping and office complex occupies the former Eaton's mail order warehouse, and is located behind the city's new arena, the MTS Centre (the site of the former downtown Eaton's store, now demolished). birth_date

Wilsonville, Oregon

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