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El Puerto de Santa María

, and El Puerto de Santa María. In 1933 the Jerez ''Denominación de Origen'' was the first Spanish ''denominación'' to be officially recognized in this way, officially named ''D.O. Jerez-Xeres-Sherry'' and sharing the same governing council as ''D.O. Manzanilla Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Sanlúcar de Barrameda)''. Wines From Spain The "Sherry" brand Spanish

Gore, New Zealand

of modern New Zealand work, including several notable pieces by Ralph Hotere. Gallery webpage at The Flemings "Creamoata Mill" is an iconic local building, with Flemings "Creamoata" brand of porridge once considered the National Breakfast,


that says "My merchant loved money more than family, he left me to go to Fuliang to buy tea last month". This suggests that one thousand years ago Fuliang was already well known for its tea. In 1915, Fuliang's "Fuhong" brand tea won a golden prize in the World's Fair in Panama. Leping City, the "Vegetable Township of South China (Northern and southern China)", is a major vegetable growing and processing area for Jiangxi Province

Grand Duchy of Baden

groups frequently sought permission to migrate to Australia, the United States, Canada and Brazil so that they could practice their own particular "brand" of Lutheran or Evangelical worship. In particular, the Old Lutheran communities in Missouri, South Australia, and Ontario, Canada came from this movement. These communities maintained strong ties to the homeland, continued to speak German over generations, and developed extensive education and mission programs such as that offered at the seminary in Neuendettelsau, in Franconia. Early life Morgenthau was born, the 9th of 11 living children, in Mannheim, Grand Duchy of Baden in 1856 into an Ashkenazi Jewish family of twelve children. He was the son of Lazarus (Lazarus Morgenthau) and Babette Morgenthau. His father was an extremely successful cigar manufacturer who had cigar factories at Mannheim, Lorsch and Heppenheim, employing as many as 1,000 people (Mannheim had a population of 21,000 during this period). Having suffered a severe financial setback during the American Civil War, due to an 1862 tobacco tariff on imports, which closed German tobacco exports to the US forever, the family emigrated to New York in 1866. There, despite a considerable 'nest egg' of cash, his father was unsuccessful in re-establishing himself in business, as his development and marketing of various inventions and his investments in other enterprises failed. Henry however, attended City College of New York, where he received a BA (Bachelor of Arts), and later graduated from Columbia Law School. He began his career as a lawyer, but he made a substantial fortune in real estate investments. Balakian. ''The Burning Tigris'', p. 219. He married Josephine Sykes in 1882 and had four children: Helen, Alma, Henry Jr. and Ruth. Morgenthau built a successful career as a lawyer and served as the leader of the Reform Jewish community in New York. France (Second French Empire) Background After the Battle of Worth, Crown Prince Frederick (Friedrich III of Germany (Hohenzollern)) detached General von Werder (Karl Wilhelm Friedrich August Leopold, Count von Werder) to move south against the fortress of Strasbourg. At the time, Strasbourg (along with Metz) was considered to be one of the strongest fortresses in France. Werder's force was made up of 40,000 troops from Württemberg (Kingdom of Württemberg) and Baden (Grand Duchy of Baden), which lay just across the Rhine River from Strasbourg. The French garrison of 17,000 was under the command of the 68-year-old General Uhrich (Jean Jacques Alexis Uhrich). Kling was born in Bammental in the Grand Duchy of Baden. He completed his training as a salesman in 1916-1921, and was an employee in Dortmund until 1924. He worked for various building companies until 1928, was unemployed until 1929, and was the editor of the newspaper ''Berlin am Morgen'' between 1929 and 1933. Early life He was born and raised in Heidelberg, Grand Duchy of Baden, German Empire (now Baden-Württemberg, Germany). His parents were Louis Carl ''Moritz'' Sommerlath (1860–1930) who was born in Chicago, Illinois in the United States who was from an armigerous (Coat of arms) family of the German (Germans) Bourgeoisie, and his wife ''Erna'' Sophie Christine Waldau (1864–1944). Genealogics - Leo van de Pas - Walther Sommerlath. In the mid 1920s, Walther Sommerlath moved to São Paulo, Brazil where he worked for the steel company Acus Roechling Boulerus do Brasil, a subsidiary in the German steel group Roechling. In 1837, Baden (Grand Duchy of Baden) joined the South German Monetary Union. This caused the Gulden to be reduced slightly in size, as it was now worth four sevenths of a Prussian Thaler (Prussian thaler). After various requests from the Catholics of Switzerland, Pope Pius VII put an end to Wessenberg's reformist plans in that part of the diocese by severing the Swiss cantons from the Diocese of Constance, in a Brief of 21 October, 1814. On 2 November of the same year the Pope ordered Bishop Dalberg to depose Wessenberg without delay from the office of vicar-general. Dalberg kept the Pope's order secret, though in the beginning of 1815 he temporarily replaced Wessenberg as Vicar general by Canon von Roll for private reasons. In the summer of 1815 he requested the government of Baden (Grand Duchy of Baden) to confirm the appointment of Wessenberg as his coadjutor bishop with the right of succession. The government acceded to Dalberg's wish, but Rome refused to recognize the coadjutorship. After working at the Duke of Baden Brewery of the Black Forest region in Baden (Grand Duchy of Baden), Germany (German Empire), Francis Xavier Matt I immigrated to the United States in 1880. Matt worked at the Charles Bierbauer Brewery as lead salesman and brewmaster in Utica for a few years before reorganizing it into The West End Brewing Company in 1888. right thumb 150px alt Napoleon hoped to wipe out Hiller's command. Napoleon hoped to wipe out Hiller's command. (Image:Napoleon-imperial-guard.png) On 1 May, Legrand and 1,400 troops caught up with Schustekh's 850-man rear guard between Riedau and Kallham. The Dragoon Regiment of the Grand Duchy of Baden charged the 3rd battalion of the ''Jordis'' Infantry Regiment # 59, which was drawn up in square. Waiting until the foot soldiers fired a volley, the dragoons then charged and broke into the square. After their commander, Oberstleutnant Beck was cut down, 706 officers and men of the ''Jordis'' battalion laid down their weapons. Two squadrons of the ''Kienmayer'' Hussar Regiment # 8 suffered 10 killed, 50 wounded, and 23 captured. The Badeners reported losing only three killed and 10 wounded, though a large number of their horses were killed. Smith, 296 There was a clash between General of Division Claude Carra Saint-Cyr's vanguard and General-Major (Brigadier General) Frederick Bianchi, Duke of Casalanza on 2 May at Räffelding, three kilometers southeast of Eferding. The Baden Dragoons lost 14 casualties, while Austrian losses were unreported. Smith, 297


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Inland Empire

Moline, Illinois

. Quad Cities to LaSalle–Peru U.S. Route 6 crosses the I-74 Bridge from Bettendorf, Iowa south into Moline (Moline, Illinois), concurrent (Concurrency (road)) with Interstate 74. It remains with Interstate 74 for 5 miles (8 km) until the intersection with Interstate 280 (Interstate 280 (Illinois-Iowa)) south of the Rock River (Rock River (Mississippi River)). U.S. 6 then turns east at the Quad Cities International Airport. It intersects Interstate 80 as it leaves the Quad Cities area, and closely parallels I-80 for the rest of its length in Illinois.


. Drink Crimean wine, best to buy in supermarkets or in a company outlet shops. Also drink Ukrainian vodka - ''horilka''. "Hortitsa" brand of horilka is recommended. Sleep Budget * As with the rest of Crimea it's possible to find private accommodation, just look for people (mainly women) with signs "Housing" (Russian: Жильё) near the railway station. It's considerably cheaper than hotels


. Beer is easy to come by and cheap, though. Better beers available in Vitebsk include own brands of "Nikolayevskoe" and "Dvinskij Brovar". "Baltika", a Russian brand, and Minsk's "Olivariya" brand are the most advertised and easily found. Sleep Hotels in Vitebsk are seriously overpriced, but decent accommodation can nevertheless be found. Foreigners staying in Belarus should know that hotel prices are different for foreigners than they are for CIS citizens. In *"Eridan", the best located, continuously renovated hotel of 4 stars, an individual should expect to pay $60-$120 a night. *"Luchyosa" (opened in 2007) is also overpriced but the quality of service is similar to that of in Eridan. *Hotel "Vitebsk" is located by the river Dvina and, despite its Soviet entourage, provides guests with all necessary amenities (known up-to-date in Belarus). *Hotel "Vetraz", near the hotel "Luchyosa" on the banks of the Dvina river. The best way to experience the Soviet-style hospitality. Apart from the hotels mentioned above, there are a number of smaller private hotels spread across the city. Vitebsk Yellow Pages would be the best way to find more opportunities for accommodating yourself in this lovely city. Stay safe Belarusians are typically quite friendly to foreigners, sometimes too much, however. Some less scrupulous individuals intoxicate visitors to such a degree that it's easy to rob them. The best rule is to never accept a drink from a stranger but never refuse one from a trusted friend. Western men are advised that attentive females encountered in dancing clubs and bars are highly likely to be con artists. The typical ploy is that after you take her to a private location, her large "boyfriend" emerges to accept your "apology" for toying with his girl. Your apology will come in the form of cash. Registration is the single most important safety precaution. Admittedly, this is the means by which the government keeps track of the movement of foreigners under the guise of visitor safety. However, being caught with a registration older than three days can result in complicated situations. Hotel agents will automatically register when you check in. Registration for staying in a private residence, however, can be complicated and requires a long wait at a local office that can be exceedingly hard to find. Police in Belarus are well-known for being closed-minded. Given the largely homogenous fashion sense of people in Belarus, wild aberrations in clothes or hairstyle may single you out for suspicion of possession of narcotics. Again, have that registration with you at all times. Go next WikiPedia:Vitebsk Commons:Vitebsk Dmoz:Regional Europe Belarus Localities Vitebsk


years later in the Korean War, was forced to watch his mother being shot. '''KYMCO''' (trade name for the ''Kwang Yang Motor Co, Ltd'' (

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