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businessmen and other settlers arrived to stay. The settlers came primarily from Scandinavian countries, such as Norway and Sweden, and many settlers also came from the United States. At that time the settlement was known as the hamlet of Stoney Creek. In 1904, Stoney Creek began receiving mail service, its first businesses began to open, and its first RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) officer (Constable "Blue" Smith) arrived. File:Sifton in Wetaskiwin.jpg thumb

by tutors in Naples, and ultimately graduated from the University of Naples in civil engineering. He spent several years

working for the governments of Australia and New Zealand in this capacity, before voyaging to the United States to visit his sister. From there he came to Winnipeg in 1895, ultimately becoming one of the first residents of Wetaskiwin in 1896.. There he married Ida Eberhard, with whom he had three children: Arthur (1896- 1971 - born in Ollon because of his father's distrust of the young Canadian medical profession<


was 2,866,615 inhabitants at the 2010 census whom 1,980,774 lived in the built-up (''or metro'') area made up of 4 urban districts. The name of the city in Mongolian means &quot;Blue City"—Kuku-Khoto in Mongolian—although it is also wrongly referred to as the "Green City." Perkins (1999), p. 212. The color blue in Mongol culture is associated with the sky, eternity and purity; in Chinese, the name can be translated as ''Qīng

Chéng'' (

Dryden, Ontario

high mascot on the Trans-Canada Highway. The city holds an annual Moosefest festival, during which musical performances, children's activities and a fishing tournament known as The Walleye Masters are held. Several annual music concerts are held featuring local musicians. "Come Together" is an annual December 27 or 28th concert, and "Kickin' Country" is a mid April country show. Both featuring local acts. The &quot;Blue Moon Festival" is a daylong


Nelson 's &quot;Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" and Hank Williams' "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry". Her voice reminded me of Tanya Tucker, it had strength and character, a lot of feeling. She's a star, she deserves an opportunity". Bailey later said "She sang a few songs that she had written, and I thought to myself, this kid is like nineteen years old, where does she get


;, and 1937 "Galerie Mouradian-Vallotton." He participated in several Paris Salon exhibitions, marked the beginning of his artistic &quot;blue phase," which lasted from 1929 to 1933. In the later years, he devoted himself to painting his hometown Sombor, its landscape, people and milieu. In summertime he painted in the cities of Dalmatia, including Mlini, Cavtat, and Dubrovnik. In 1399, the city acquired the area between Ragusa and Pelješac, called


and neighborhood leader Pact of Social Integration bgcolor "red" &nbsp; - Juán Nacer Villagómez Ledezma Public health doctor, former docent, former functionary of the Health Ministry and former chief of the Planning Unit of the Departmental Health Service MAS-IPSP (Movement for Socialism (Bolivia)) bgcolor &quot;blue" &nbsp; - Verónica Berríos ''chosen as interim Mayor 19 June 2010'' Vladimir Paca Lezano ''alternate serving since June 2010

'' Berrios: Laboratory worker, lawyer, sociology student MAS-IPSP (Movement for Socialism (Bolivia)) bgcolor &quot;blue" &nbsp; - José Santos Romero Campesino leader, former leader of Chaunaca Subcentral of the campesion federation, and member of the Association of Milk Producers of Potolo MAS-IPSP (Movement for Socialism (Bolivia)) bgcolor &quot;blue" &nbsp; - Marlene Rosales Valverde Businesswoman and leader of Fourth Federations of Shopkeepers

of Sucre. MAS-IPSP (Movement for Socialism (Bolivia)) bgcolor &quot;blue" &nbsp; - Lourdes Millares Lawyer, former national Deputy for NFR and former head of PODEMOS parliamentary delegation Pact of Social Integration (''ran with Sucre First'') bgcolor "red" &nbsp; - colspan "5" '''Sources:'''


at Aiud History Museum, Aiud, Romania. The Roman geographer Pomponius Mela (2,i) and the historian Pliny the Elder, writing in the first century AD, also list the Agathyrsi among the steppe tribes. Pliny alludes to their &quot;blue hair." ''The Fourth Booke of Plinies Naturall History'' * Aiud, Romania *


that, there is one major institute in Orsk: Orsk' humanitary-technological institute. There are also a number of different schools and colleges, State Drama Theater, Museum of Local History, Laboratory of Archeological Studies, Children's Art Gallery, Children's Folk Theater &quot;Blue Bird", and a municipal brass band. Some of the peculiar landmarks of industrial Orsk are forty archeological monuments including ancient settlements, mass and single grave sites. Those that have been excavated

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