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. Murray publication-place London title Five years in Damascus: Including an Account of the History, Topography, and Antiquities of That City; with Travels and Researches in Palmyra, Lebanon, and the Hauran author Josias Leslie Porter publication-date 1855 oclc 399684 chapterurl http: stream fiveyearsindamas02port#page 116 mode 2up chapter From Kunawat to Busrah *

for Travellers in Syria and Palestine publication-date 1858 oclc 2300777 chapterurl http: books?id 3kNTAAAAcAAJ&pg PA524 chapter Bozrah * *

and Syria publication-date 1876 chapterurl http: stream cookstouristsha13ltdgoog#page n465 mode 2up chapter Busrah * External links *Catholic Encyclopedia on Bosra * Official website

Rainy Lake

;, meaning "It always is raining", referring to the Rainy River (Rainy River (Minnesota–Ontario)), though the language does not quite support that claim. He also cites

that the lake was also known as "Ouichichick" (Ojibwe (Ojibwe language) word ''Gojijiing'' or Cree (Cree language) ''Kocicīhk'', both meaning "at the place of inlets"). Early documents lists the portion of Rainy Lake east of the Brule Narrows as "Cristinaux Cree Lake"

the latest authorities. publisher J. Cary, Engraver & Map-seller publication-place London accessdate 2013-12-11 Recreation on Rainy Lake Voyageurs National Park On Rainy Lake, Voyageurs National Park maintains an extensive network of over boat-in camping sites, hiking trails, and designated snowmobile trails for winter use. Fishing The lake is popular for sport and recreational fishing for species such as Walleye, Northern pike

Mocha, Yemen

, Climate table url http: location 30007 publisher accessdate 4 October 2013 Sister cities * Further reading ;Published in the 19th century *

: stream orientalcommerce01milb#page 96 mode 2up chapter Mocha * *


Corporation (MCC), to renew the area and upgrade the living and working standards of the artisans in the medina. The approach of the project is probably one of the most ambitious for an Arab medina and therefor of exemplary character ( The Open International Project was won by the London based architecture practice Mossessian & Partners (Michel Mossessian). Further reading ;Published in the 19th century *

New Haven author1 Jedidiah Morse authorlink1 Jedidiah Morse author2 Richard C. Morse title A New Universal Gazetteer publication-date 1823 edition 4th chapterurl http: stream newuniversalgaze00morsrich#page 257 mode 1up chapter Fez *

4428176 chapter (Fez) chapterurl *

Batangas City

;center Plaza Mabini File:BatangasPier80828acg.jpg Port of Batangas File:Mount Banoy.JPG Mount Banoy File:TsBatangasPoblacion7324CityHall 02.jpg Batangas City Hall Footnotes References *

, Philippines accessdate 2010-07-09 * * Official Website of the Local Government of Batangas City

Veliky Novgorod

Veliky Novgorod City Portal *Veliky Novgorod for tourists *The Faceted Palace of the Kremlin in Novgorod the Great site *Veliky Novgorod's architecture and buildings history *

Travels_into_Poland_Russia_Sweden_and_Denmark. author William Coxe authorlink William Coxe (historian) publication-date 1784 oclc 654136 chapterurl http: stream travelspolandrus01coxe#page 444 mode 2up chapter Novogorod *

chapterurl http: stream cu31924028397929#page n159 mode 2up chapter Novgorod the Great *


* *

Hand-book for Travellers in Russia, Poland, and Finland edition 2nd chapterurl http: stream handbookfortrav00michgoog#page n376 mode 2up chapter Grodno ;Published in the 20th century * *

publication-place Leipzig title Russia with Teheran, Port Arthur, and Peking chapterurl http: stream russiawithtehera00baed#page 44 mode 2up chapter Grodno publication-date 1914 oclc 1328163 External links Grodno in the Geographical Dictionary of the Kingdom of Poland (1881) *This article may be expanded with text translated from :ru:Гродно

Batoche, Saskatchewan

of the aspen parkland biome. This community consisted mostly of Francophones and Roman Catholics.

Nin, Croatia

station was built. References * official site


Fontemoing publication-place Paris author Edmond Bernet publication-date 1912 language French External links * Falling Rain Genomics, Inc.: "Ghadamis, Libya" * Azzouz, Intisar (1980) "Ghadames, Libya" ''In'' Safran, Linda (ed) (1980) ''Places of Public Gathering in Islam: proceedings of seminar five

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