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Oro Valley, Arizona

Identification which provides parents with a "biographical docket" of their child's information, the Citizen's Police Academy to increase the public knowledge of the Oro Valley Police Department, and the Darkhouse program where homeowners can request that police members check their vacant residences while they are out of town. The Oro Valley Citizen Corps Council, appointed by the Mayor, is also a task force involved in community public safety. Education Public schools in Oro Valley are administered by Amphitheater Public Schools of Tucson. Oro Valley is served by four elementary schools, two K-8 schools, one middle school, and three high schools (Canyon del Oro High School, Ironwood Ridge High School) and the new BASIS Oro Valley. In 2007, ''Newsweek Magazine (Newsweek)'' rated both Canyon del Oro and Ironwood Ridge in the top 5% of public schools (Public school (government funded)) in the U.S., two of only 12 schools in Arizona included on the list. "Area high schools snag top honors" (broken link) Tucson’s BASIS Charter School made Newsweek's list of the top ten public high schools in the nation. BASIS, which ranked sixth on the 2010 list, also made the list in 2009, when it ranked fifth, and in 2008, when it was ranked first in the nation. BASIS was the top-ranked Arizona school this year. http: Newsweek2010PressReleaseOroValley.pdf Oro Valley also has three private schools, two of which include high schools (Pusch Ridge Christian Academy and Immaculate Heart Preparatory School.) Public schools serving Oro Valley include: align "center" class "wikitable" ! School !! Year founded - Canyon del Oro High School 1962 - Ironwood Ridge High School 2001 - Richard B. Wilson K-8 School 1996 - Coronado K-8 School 1976 - L.W. Cross Middle School 1974 - Copper Creek Elementary School 1988 - Painted Sky Elementary School 2000 - Mesa Verde Elementary School 1978 - Winifred Harelson Elementary School 1960 Sites of interest thumb right upright 1.0 Catalina State Park (Image:Catalinastateparkbyandruvalpy.jpg) in Oro Valley *Steam Pump Ranch: Located in the heart of Oro Valley, the Steam Pump Ranch dates back to the mid-1870s when George Pusch settled in the area. Pusch was an Arizona state legislator and delegate to the original Arizona Constitutional Convention in 1910. The ranch is in the process of being preserved by the town and includes several original buildings from the ranch itself. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in September 2009.


, exhumed and formally identified. A secret report by Yurovsky, which came to light in the late 1970s, but did not become public knowledge until the 1990s, helped the authorities to locate the bodies. Preliminary results of genetic analysis carried out on the remains of a boy and a young woman believed to belong to Nicholas II's son and heir Alexei, and daughter Anastasia were revealed on 22 January 2008. YEKATERINBURG, 22 January 2008 (RIA Novosti) The Ekaterinburg region's chief forensic expert said, "Tests conducted in Yekaterinburg and Moscow allowed DNA to be extracted from the bones, which proved positive," Nikolai Nevolin said. "Once the genetic analysis has been completed in Russia, its results will be compared with test results from foreign experts." Nevolin said the final results would be published in April or May 2008. Certainty about the remains would definitively put an end to the claim that Anna Anderson could be connected with the Romanovs, as all remaining bodies would be accounted for. DATE OF DEATH 17 July 1918 PLACE OF DEATH Yekaterinburg, Russian SFSR While some areas improved during the Brezhnev era, the majority of civilian services deteriorated, with the physical environment for the common Soviet citizen falling apart rapidly. Diseases were on the rise wikipedia:Yekaterinburg commons:Екатеринбург


in February; his request was denied. Finding no peace there either, Stoke chairman Albert Booth told Matthews he would not be allowed to leave the club, and 3,000 City


. thumb right 140px Jiang Qing, ca. 1936 (Image:Jiang Qing 1930s.jpg) With her career established, she became involved with actor director Tang Lun, with whom she appeared in ''Scenes of City Life'' and ''The Statue of Liberty (The Statue of Liberty (Tang film))''. They were married in Hangzhou in March 1936, however he soon discovered she was continuing her relationship with Yu Qiwei. The scandal became public knowledge and he made two suicide attempts before their divorce became final


; British officials in the memo also discuss a proposal by President Bush to provoke Iraq, including using fake UN planes, to manufacture a pretext for the invasion he had already decided on. (NY Times, March 27, 2006. Best evidence of that false intelligence has been Niger uranium story because on March 14, 2003 (before the invasion) it became public knowledge that president Tandja Mamadou signatory has been forged.

West Germany

to the creation of the post-war West German (West Germany) intelligence apparatus, came to include the use of Nazi (Nazism) war criminals. Critchfield defended his actions when the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act of 1999 made it public knowledge, disputing that Gehlen himself was a war criminal but admitting to a ''Washington Post'' reporter that "there's no doubt that the CIA got carried away with recruiting some pretty bad people". Now the term ''Fachabitur'' is used in most parts of Germany for the ''Fachhochschulreife''. This school leaving certificate was introduced in West Germany in the 1970s together with the ''Fachhochschulen''. It enables the graduate to start studying at a ''Fachhochschule'', and in Hesse also at a university within the state. In the Gymnasium (Gymnasium (school))s of some states it is reached in the year before the ''Abitur'' is reached. However, the normal way to receive the Fachhochschulreife is the graduation from a German ''Fachoberschule'', a vocational high school also introduced in the 1970s. The term ''Notabitur'' is used for a qualification which existed only during World War I and World War II. It was granted to male German Gymnasium (prep school) students who voluntarily enlisted for military service before graduation. The Notabitur during WWI included an examination, roughly equivalent to the Abitur exam. The WWII Notabitur, in contrast, was granted without any examinations. After the war this was a major disadvantage for Germans with this qualification since it was, unlike its WWI counterpart, generally not recognised in West Germany and never recognised in East Germany. Upon founding in 1949, West Germany had eleven states. These were reduced to nine in 1952 when three south-western states (South Baden, Württemberg-Hohenzollern and Württemberg-Baden) merged to form Baden-Württemberg. From 1957, when the French-occupied Saarland was returned ("little reunification"), the Federal Republic consisted of ten states, which are called the Old States (Old states of Germany) today. West Berlin was under the sovereignty of the Western Allies and neither a Western German state nor part of one. However, it was in many ways integrated with West Germany under a special status. The '''Reichstag building''' ( Chronik 30 Jahre – History of Post SV Berlin Rugby, accessed: 11 April 2010 - ''Flight of the Eagle'' ''Ingenjör Andées luftfärd (:sv:Ingenjör Andrées luftfärd (film))'' 1982 Jan Troell Sweden, West Germany, Norway ''Ingenjör Andées luftfärd'' Per Olof Sundman 1967 Novel - First documented in the 13th century, Berlin became the capital of the Kingdom of Prussia (w:Kingdom of Prussia) (1701–1918), the German Empire (w:German Empire) (1871–1918), the Weimar Republic (w:Weimar Republic) (1919–33) and the Third Reich (w:Third Reich) (1933–45). Berlin in the 1920s (w:1920s Berlin) was the third largest municipality in the world. After World War II, the city, along with the German state, was divided - into East Berlin (w:East Berlin) — capital of the German Democratic Republic (w:German Democratic Republic), colloquially identified in English as East Germany — and West Berlin (w:West Berlin), a political exclave (w:exclave) (surrounded by the Berlin Wall (w:Berlin Wall) from 1961 to 1989) and a ''de facto'' (although not ''de jure'' (w:Allied Control Council)) state of the Federal Republic of Germany (w:Federal Republic of Germany), known colloquially in English as West Germany (w:West Germany) from 1949 to 1990. Following German reunification (w:German reunification) in 1990, the city was once more designated as the capital of all Germany. NATO (w:NATO) has been present in Germany since the end of World War II and its presence played an important role in the Cold War, when Germany was split into West Germany (w:West Germany) and East Germany (w:East Germany). The 27,000-pages of documents released on Tuesday reveal that while the United States (w:United States) and West Germany (w:West Germany) knew the location of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann (w:Adolf Eichmann) two years before his capture, the fact was kept secret. The documents were declassified as part of the Nazi War Criminals Disclosure Act (w:Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group) of 1998.


assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, the Nazi (Nazism) Reich Protector of German-occupied Prague, number-two man in the SS, and a chief architect of the Holocaust, who was known as "The Hangman of Prague." The real Heydrich was assassinated by Czech resistance fighters parachuted from a British plane in Operation Anthropoid, but in the movie, which was made during World War II before the full story had become public knowledge, Heydrich's killer is depicted as a member


; The Kon-Tiki Museum houses Thor Heyerdahl's Kontiki and Ra2. thumb 300px left Historic buildings at Norsk Folkemuseum (File:Telemarkstunet Norsk Folkemuseum 0.jpg) The National Museum (National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design) holds and preserves, exhibits and promotes public knowledge about


as a punishment and reminded Scott that it was an order he had received. A short while later Wright ordered Scott to do the same to another seaman. The next morning Scott reported the matter to Commander Baldwin Walker who reported Scott to the Captain for disrespect and disobedience of a lawful order. Captain Fellowes threatened Scott with a court martial and reported him to Sir William Burnett, the Physician-General of the Navy. When this affair became public knowledge, an Admiralty

White House

US$ (United States dollar)150, and had his driving license in the state suspended for two years, although the White House had claimed 30 days. The Smoking Gun: Archive This incident did not become public knowledge until it was reported by Erin Fehlau of Maine FOX affiliate WPXT-TV in the week before the 2000 election (United States presidential election, 2000). Alicia C. Shepard "A Late-Breaking Campaign Skeleton," ''American Journalism Review,'' December 2000 Haupt was promoted to brigadier general (Brigadier general (United States)) on September 5, 1862, but he officially refused the appointment, explaining that he would be happy to serve without official rank or pay, but he did not want to limit his freedom to work in private business (and he privately bridled at the protocols and discipline of Army service). His appointment was eventually rescinded on September 5, 1863, and he left the service on September 14. During that year as a general, however, he made an enormous impact on the Union (Union Army) war effort. The Civil War was one of the first wars in which large-scale railroad transportation was used to move and supply armies rapidly over long distances. He assisted the Union Army of Virginia and Army of the Potomac in the Northern Virginia Campaign, the Maryland Campaign, and was particularly effective in supporting the Gettysburg Campaign, conducted in an area he knew well from his youth. His hastily organized trains kept the Union Army well supplied, and he organized the returning trains to carry thousands of Union wounded to hospitals. After the battle (Battle of Gettysburg), Haupt boarded one of his trains and arrived at the White House on July 6, 1863, being the first to inform President Lincoln that General Robert E. Lee's defeated Confederate (Confederate States Army) army was not being pursued vigorously by Union Major General George G. Meade. On July 1, 1971, Felt was promoted by Hoover to Deputy Associate Director, assisting Associate Director Clyde A. Tolson (Clyde Tolson). WikiPedia:White House, Tennessee Dmoz:Regional North_America United_States Tennessee Localities W White_House

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