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Oryol Oblast

fundraising events such as an annual summer party in Zürich. Information on Swissôtel official site. The company has supported particular projects including that in Lavrovo, Oryol (Oryol Oblast), Russia. Few months after the German invasion of USSR in the autumn of 1941, Saburov organized first guerrilla units in Bryansk (Bryansk Oblast), Oryol (Oryol Oblast) and Sumy (Sumy Oblast) regions occupied by the enemy. His partisan unit numbered around 1800 men and during the winter of 1941-42 effectively harassed German troops operating behind the enemy lines. On May 18, 1942 Saburov was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union as well as Order of Lenin for personal heroism and his contribution to the Soviet war effort. '''Livny''' ( Wikipedia:Oryol Oblast Commons:Category:Oryol Oblast

Federal Emergency Relief Administration

entirely new federal agencies, the Works Progress Administration and the Social Security Administration. Projects FERA operated a wide variety of work relief projects, including construction, projects for professionals (e.g., writers, artists, actors, and musicians), and production of consumer goods. The construction and professional projects elicited criticisms of "make-work," i.e., that little of value was produced. File:Women stuffing mattresses - NARA - 285192.jpg thumb

Bo, Sierra Leone

generous donations in cash, food, clothing, educational and agricultural. Bo District Development Association has been involved in various projects including sponsorships in Sierra Leone and the UK, for example the introduction of the BODDA Civic Award in which the people of Bo are annually awarded for their contributions towards nation building and community development (this is an effort to encourage the people of Bo in national development and citizenship); donation of two hundred computers and other school materials to various schools in Bo in 2007; donation of medical equipment to the Bo Government Hospital and books to the Bo Regional library in January 2010. In August 2006, in partnership with the British Council Sierra Leone, they were able to facilitate a one month tour for six artists from Bo with the aim of promoting awareness of global issues through music and encouraging global citizenship through the linking of youth groups in the UK and Sierra Leone. The Organisation also awards scholarship to students from poor family backgrounds who are unable to meet their educational needs. Education As in most parts of Sierra Leone, the Krio language is widely spoken in the city Bo, although English (English language) is the official language spoken at schools and government places. The Mende language is also widely understood by the city's residents. Bo has one of the highest literacy rates in Sierra Leone. The city is home to Bo Teacher's College, and hence to many primary schools as well as several secondary schools, including one of the elite secondary schools in West Africa, The Bo Government Secondary School (Bo School) (commonly known as Bo School). Bo school was founded in 1906 by British (United Kingdom) educationist Leslie Probyn to educate the children of Bo Town. The school has a long history of producing the elite of Sierra Leone, especially the country's top politicians. It is situated on The town lies on the eastern shore of Sherbro Island, on the Sherbro River estuary, and was once larger than Freetown, but lack of roads to the mainland meant that the population has declined. Bonthe is about 60 miles south-west of Bo (Bo, Sierra Leone) and 187 miles south-east of Freetown. The inhabitants of the town belong mainly to the Sherbro (Sherbro people) ethnic group.

Middlesex County, Ontario

"parl" Willson was also a director of the London Mutual Fire Insurance Company. ''The History of the County of Middlesex, Canada'', Danel Brook & Muriel Moon He was born in County Wicklow in Ireland in 1793 and came to York (Toronto) in 1820. He worked with John Ewart (John Ewart (architect)) as a master carpenter on a number of construction projects, including the new


is enjoying adjacent development projects including a new biking and walking trail along the BeltLine from Piedmont Park to Inman Park, as well as the pending redevelopment of Ponce City Market, the old Sears building, which later became City Hall East. Ponce City Market is slated to become a major multi-use development including a gourmet food hall of national importance. Behind Ponce City Market is the brand new (2011) Historic Fourth Ward Park. In July 2014 the Atlanta City


century, Amecameca was the scene of several industrialization projects including a beer brewery, wheat mills and workshops producing saddles and metal objects. There was some minting of copper, silver and gold as well. In 1871, Father Fortino Hipolito Vera y Talona founded a number of business and cultural enterprises such as the first polytechnic school and a press which printed both religious and cultural articles. Until the Mexican Revolution, most of the arable land in the area

Watts, Los Angeles

of African American migrants, mostly from Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Texas, who left segregated Southern states in search of better opportunities in California. During World War II, the city built several large housing projects (including Nickerson Gardens, Jordan Downs, and Imperial Courts) for the thousands of new workers in war industries. By the early 1960s, these projects had become nearly 100 percent black, as white flight whites moved on to new suburbs


wheat, on the Feast of Saint Barbara has been a tradition in Jifna for several centuries. Festivals In April–May 2005 Jifna hosted the first annual International Artists' Workshop in Palestine. The festival, known as the "Jifna Spring" was the first held in a rural village instead of a major city such as Hebron or Ramallah. During the festival, dozens of artists from all over the world collaborated on several projects, including stone

Old Montreal

of Montreal exists. Montreal municipal politics were also going through an important upheaval. Jean Drapeau became Montreal mayor on October 24, 1960. Within the first few years of his tenure, Drapeau oversaw a series of infrastructure projects, including the expansion of Dorval airport (now Montreal-Pierre Elliott


construction projects including the Nampho Dam. '''Chongjin Airport''', known within North Korea as '''Orang Airport''', is a small airport located approximately 40 kilometres from Chongjin, North Hamgyong in North Korea. Built by the Imperial Japanese Army, Chongjin Airport is now controlled by the Korean People's Army. The airport is normally used by the military, though a small number of commercial passenger flights also operate

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