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of Shangqiu is mainly professional training oriented, with an increasing number of such colleges coming into sight ever since the 1990s. Colleges and universities *Shangqiu Normal University (商丘师范学院) *Shangqiu Professional Training College (商丘职业技术学院) *Shangqiu Medical College (商丘医学高等专科学校) *Shangqiu Institute of Technology (商丘工学院) *Shangqiu University (商丘学院) Society and culture Lying in the heart of the North China Plain, Shangqiu benefits from a deep cultural tradition. The first star observatory in China, Ebo Tai, was established in Shangqiu. Yingtian Shuyuan, one of the largest four official education agencies in north Song Dynasty, is located in the Suiyang district of Shangqiu. The Suiyang traditional city, which was built in 1511 during the Ming Dynasty, is one of the best protected traditional cities in China, and was enlisted as one of the famous historical cities in China by the central government in 1986. The rich culture also raised many famous cultural figures. Cangjie (Cāng Jíe 仓颉), the legendary inventor of Chinese characters, was living in Shangqiu in the far-ancient periods. Zhuangzi (Zhuang Zhou) (Zhuāng Zǐ 庄子), the great ancient philosopher of China, was born here around the 4th century BC. Another great philosopher, Mozi (Mò Zǐ 墨子), living in the same period as Zhuangzi, was also a Shangqiu native. The famous woman warrior, Hua Mulan (Huā Mùlán 花木兰), was also among the great figures of Shangqiu. Tourist attractions * The ancient city of Suiyang (睢阳古城) * Temple of Hua Mulan (木兰祠) * Former residence of Zhuangzi (庄周故里) * Ebo Tai, the first star observatory of China (阏伯台) * Mangdang mountain tourism site (芒砀山文物旅游区) Famous people of Shangqiu * Cangjie (仓颉) * Zhuangzi (Zhuang Zhou) (庄子) * Mozi (墨子) * Hua Mulan (花木兰) * Jiang Yan (江淹) * Hou Fangyu (侯方域) * Xiaolan Huangpu * Xu Zhiyong (许志永) Miscellaneous *Shangqiu is also a Roman Catholic diocese. *Dazhouzhuang village, the hometown of the heroine Hua Mulan, lies about ; born March 7, 1967, in Zhecheng (Zhecheng County), Shangqiu, Henan) is a Chinese retired professional women's basketball player for the China women's national basketball team and the Women's National Basketball Association.


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buildings, constructed since 1968, in 1972. According to its website, it employs around seven hundred people in Bronnitsy alone, or 10% of the town's workforce. NII-21 (21st research institute of the Ministry of Defence (Ministry of Defence (Russia))) is Russian military's primary facility for testing wheeled vehicles. Establishment of NII-21 in the 1950s was followed with much-needed professional training facilities; Moscow

Ávila, Spain

to what has been called ''brick Romanesque'' style. Centers of Mudéjar art are found in other cities, such as Toro (Toro (Spain)), Cuéllar, Arévalo and Madrigal de las Altas Torres. 250px thumb Ávila Police Academy (Image:Academia Policía.JPG) If the applicant has been chosen, they will receive professional training in Ávila (Ávila, Spain)'s police academy for six months. Whilst trainees reside at the academy, they learn about Spanish law, receive firearms and self

Ko Tao

IDC Dive Resort url http: email address lat long directions Chalok Ban Kao Beach, south Ko Tao phone tollfree fax hours price content PADI 5 star IDC gold palm resort with friendly staff, good facilities and a BBQ and beach bar to relax in the evenings. Dive instructor courses and professional training programmes with a divemaster. * Commons:Category:Ko Tao Wikipedia:Ko Tao

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; * '''Midwest College of Cosmetology''' provides professional training courses in cosmetology, nails, massage therapy, instructor training, skin care and hair removal. The program also includes professional rules and regulations, anatomy and physiology, salon business management, customer relations, and marketing.


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(professionalization). Université de Ouagadougou (2004-2005). Retrieved on The '''Red Volta

Kaluga Oblast

is to make sure that the regional pharmaceutical manufacturers have adequate highly qualified staff to run modern GMP companies. The training center will implement a German dual professional training model, which has been adapted to the Russian conditions. By way of a pilot the training center has jointly with Tuv Rheinland Group offered training to 23 employees of the plant of Berlin Chemie AG in Kaluga. Transport and Logistics An advanced logistics infrastructure, new centers, terminals

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