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, producing heavy rain over the state of Veracruz until dissipating over the mountains of San Luis Potosí late on June 29. Hundreds of homes were damaged, and several towns, including Naranjos and Chinampa, about 60 miles (95 km) south of Tampico, were severely flooded, but the only reported fatalities were the two occupants of a car that was swept away by floodwaters in Naranjos.

Gaithersburg, Maryland

between September 4 and September 6, producing heavy rainfall in central portions of the state and tidal flooding along the western shoreline of the Chesapeake Bay. Rainfall totals include and the road narrowing to four lanes before it reaches an intersection with Maryland Route 118 (Germantown Road). From here, the road passes more homes and a shopping center prior to crossing Maryland Route 27 (Ridge Road). According to the United States Geological Survey (w:United States Geological Survey), the tremor occurred 05:04 a.m. local time, at a depth of 5 kilometers (3.1 miles). The epicenter was located 2 kilometers at the southeast of Germantown (w:Germantown, Maryland), Maryland (w:Maryland); 4 kilometers at the northwest of Gaithersburg (w:Gaithersburg, Maryland), Maryland; 5 kilometers at the southwest of Montgomery Village (w:Montgomery Village, Maryland), Maryland; 34 kilometers at the northwest of Arlington (w:Arlington, Virginia), Virginia (w:Virginia); and 35 kilometers at the northwest of Washington, D.C.

Omak, Washington

In July 2012, a severe thunderstorm occurred in Omak, producing heavy rainfall, gusty winds and hail, and forced the temporary closure of U.S. Route 97 (U.S. Route 97 in Washington) and requiring repairs to public streets.


hurricane began producing heavy rainfall throughout the island. Two hours later, strong winds began affecting the island, and while moving across the island Flora produced winds of up to .

Nassau, Bahamas

. Producing ''Heavy Nova (Heavy Nova (album))'' in 1988, Palmer again returned to experimenting, this time with bossa nova rhythms, heavy rock and white-soul balladeering. He repeated his previous success of "Addicted to Love" with the video of "Simply Irresistible (Simply Irresistible (song))", again with a troupe of female "musicians". The song reached #2 in the US and was Palmer's final Top Ten hit there. The ballad

National Hurricane Center

track.png The origins of Hurricane Lenny were from a low-pressure area that was first observed in the southwestern Caribbean Sea on November 8. It developed an area of convection (convection (meteorology)) but remained poorly defined for the next few days. Thunderstorms spread across the region, producing heavy rainfall in portions of Mexico and Central America. On November 13, the system became better organized; a Hurricane Hunters flight later that day discovered a surface circulation (atmospheric circulation) and winds (Maximum sustained wind) of about 35 mph (55 km h). The data indicated the development (tropical cyclogenesis) of Tropical Depression Sixteen at 1800 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) about 175 mi (280 km) south of the Cayman Islands. Dave Roberts, a forecaster for the National Hurricane Center (w:National Hurricane Center) (NHC) said "There's a good chance this system could be a Category 5 in the next 24 hours". The storm is expected to move northwestward, threatening the Baja California (w:Baja California) peninsula over coming days. "There's no watches or warnings in effect, but we would like residents and tourists in the area to monitor the progress of the storm", said Robbie Berg, another hurricane specialist. There are conflicting reports as to whether Hurricane Ida (w:Hurricane Ida (2009)) is responsible for the flooding, with a spokesman for the United States National Hurricane Center (NHC) (w:National Hurricane Center) in Florida (w:Florida) attributing the rain to a separate, low pressure system.


at increasing the efficiency of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom were all eventually refused. In 1863, Yung Wing was dispatched to the United States by Zeng Guofan to buy machinery necessary for opening an arsenal in China capable of producing heavy weapons comparable with those of the western powers. The arsenal later became Jiangnan Shipyard. '''John Samuel Yu''' AC (Order of Australia) ( ; born: 12 December 1934) is a distinguished paediatrics doctor. Born


on the scale. It struck Nicaragua at peak intensity, killing dozens, and later hit southern Louisiana. Until 2003, Hurricane Ginger (Hurricane Ginger (1971)) held the record for the longest known duration of an North Atlantic tropical cyclone, lasting 27.25 days from early September to early October; it is currently the second longest-lasting Atlantic hurricane. Ginger moved ashore in North Carolina, producing heavy rains and damaging winds. An unnamed storm in August attained hurricane status further north than any other Atlantic hurricane. * Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Information and Photos - South Dakota Birds and Birding * Stamps for El Salvador, Nicaragua, United States * Scissor-tailed Flycatcher photo gallery VIREO


April 1940, the ''Deuxième Bureau'' (French military intelligence) removed of heavy water from the plant in Vemork in then-neutral Norway. The plant′s managing director, Aubert, agreed to loan the heavy water to France for the duration of the war. The French transported it secretly to Oslo, to Perth (Perth, Scotland), Scotland, and then to France. The plant remained capable of producing heavy water.

Puerto Rico

Fabian was the only tropical storm to move over or near Cuba or Florida, producing heavy rainfall but no damage. Hurricane Grace (Hurricane Grace (1991)), the final named storm of the season, provided the energy that led to the development of a powerful nor'easter known as the Perfect Storm (1991 Perfect Storm). Originating from an extratropical storm, the Perfect Storm intensified while moving westward toward New England, leaving $200 million in damage and causing coastal damage from Puerto Rico to Florida and northward through Canada. It later transitioned into a hurricane over the Gulf Stream, finally dissipating over Nova Scotia on November 2. The '''Puerto Rico men's national basketball team''' represents Puerto Rico in international basketball competitions such as the Olympics (Basketball at the Summer Olympics), the World Championship (FIBA World Championship), and the Americas Championship (FIBA Americas Championship). The team, selected by the Puerto Rican Basketball Federation, historically comprised only players from the National Superior Basketball league, but in the 1990s began to include Puerto Rican players playing abroad professionally. Early years Puerto Rico´s first appearance at a World Championship was in 1959 (1959 FIBA World Championship) in Chile, where, led by Juan "Pachín" Vicéns (Juan Vicéns), who averaged 22 points per game, the team finished 5th with a record of 3–6. In 1963 (1963 FIBA World Championship), at Puerto Rico's second World Championship appearance which took place in Brazil, the team, led by Rafael Valle and Juan "Pachín" Vicéns (Juan Vicéns), opened the tournament winning two straight games. Yet, after losing other six games back to back, ended its participation with a win over Italy (Italy national basketball team), obtaining the 6th place. Production In the fall of 1970, after the commercial failure of the ''Sunflower (Sunflower (album))'' album, the Beach Boys hired Jack Rieley as their manager. Rieley, a DJ, had impressed the band with his falsified credentials (a supposed Peabody Award-winning stint as NBC bureau chief in Puerto Rico) and ideas on how to regain respect from American music fans and critics. His first initiative was to have the Beach Boys record songs with more socially aware lyrics. Rieley also insisted that the band officially appoint Carl Wilson "musical director" in recognition of the integral role he had played keeping the group together since 1967. Most importantly, he demanded the completion of "Surf's Up (Surf's Up (song))" for release by composer and erstwhile bandleader Brian Wilson, a song that had taken on mythical proportions in the underground press since the demise of ''Smile'' three years earlier. He also organized a guest appearance at a Grateful Dead concert in April 1971, further enhancing the Beach Boys' once-lacking hip credentials. Minor league career The Twins assigned Oliva to the class-D Wytheville (Wytheville, Virginia) Twins in the Appalachian League, where he played in 64 games and lead the league with a .410 batting average, though with a low fielding percentage of .854. Commons:Category:Puerto Rico WikiPedia:Puerto Rico Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Puerto Rico

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