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Tanjung Pinang

Plantar II'''). They will be at least 50% cheaper than at the resorts. * Fakes: Just like in most of South-East Asian countries, pirated goods are available openly. DVD and music CD are everywhere, often not more than one Singapore dollar for a DVD. Quality is "ok". You can test the quality before you buy. * Tea & Coffee: The most popular brand for tea in Tanjung Pinang is called ''Teh Prendjak'' by PT.Panca Rasa Pratama. It has a very unique flavor that you can find in nowhere. Most

Pottsville, Pennsylvania

the 18th Amendment (Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution), Yuengling (David Yuengling) stopped making beer and moved to production of "near beer". The three brews produced in this time were the Yuengling Special (the most popular brand), Yuengling Por-Tor (a version of their "celebrated Pottsville Porter"), and finally, the Yuengling Juvo, which was a cereal beverage. Then-owner Frank Yuengling (Frank D. Yuengling) also opened the Yuengling Dairy, which

Milwaukie, Oregon

for Growth url http: milwaukie econdev edoverview.html accessdate May 1, 2009 Existing attractions include a Sunday farmers' market and restaurants, coffee shops and stores. Bob's Red Mill is a modern-day gristmill and natural foods company based in Milwaukie while across the street is the headquarters of Dave's Killer Bread a popular brand of organic whole-grain breads. Milwaukie is the home of Dark Horse


;. Carbonated water is available as well, but you must specifically ask for water with gas (''eau avec gaz'') or Garci (the most popular brand). Expect to find a Coke for around 0,800 to 1,5 TND (depends if in a supermarket or hotel). The favorite beverage of the locals is tea, with many tea based specialties being available at the many cafes and restaurants around town. A favorite amongst locals is the au menthe (tea with mint leaves and sugar) and the aux ammandes (tea with crushed almonds and almond essence). Most locals will drink it while smoking from the chicha (the local name for a hookah). Expect to be offered tea while buying things of relatively high value (over 60-70 dinar) from shops in the souk. Being a city in a Muslim country, alcohol may be rather hard to find and quite expensive, because of little demand. Some cafes and stores will sell wine and beer, since many locals also drink these beverages. Expect to pay 2-3 dinar for a 0.3 bottle of local beer (invariably Celtia brand), and 2-12 dinar for a bottle of local wine in a store (double in a bar). Hard alcohol is very hard to find and extremely expensive (more expensive than even in the Nordic Countries), since most locals avoid it. Your best bets are hotel bars (3-6 dinar for 50 ml of vodka or gin) and Magasin General supermarkets (state owned stores, the only ones authorized to sell hard liquor - one is located on 7 November avenue, near the Sousse Palace hotel). A bottle of gin or whiskey is about 80-120 dinar. No alcohol is sold on Fridays. Sousse is one of few places in Tunisia with somewhat animated nightlife (mostly during high season though). There are 2 kinds of places: normal bars, clubs, discos (upscale) and dodgy cabarets (low scale). The last ones are local oriented (music and crowd), and though might represent some interest as a phenomenon, are often frequented by hustlers, which, mixed with a cheap beer, tend to end up in arguments and mass fights (quickly resolved however). Many bars and discos are located in hotels, though most famous ones are standalone venues. '''Living Banana Saloon disco'''. Free entrance, 5 TND beer, party time 0:00 - 04:00 everyday. Conveniently located in Sousse hotel zone near Samara hotel and Movenpick, these venues although themed differently (ambiance and music), share the same positioning ("VIP") and owner ("Bora-Bora" open air disco). More chilled touristic crowd; dress smart. '''Be One B1 club disco'''. Free entrance, 5 TND beer, party time 0:00 - 04:00 everyday. Located in Port Kantaoui near Houria Palace hotel and Vincci Resort. A sophisticated venue with nice relaxed and partying more tunisian crowd, european arabic dance music, lots of couches, 2 bars, dancefloor and a high platform for cheeky girls to dance in the middle. In low seasons tends to get crowded by 02:00. Dress smart. '''Edge bar'''. 4 TND beer, party time 23:00 - 02:00 everyday. Located in Cesar Palace hotel between Sousse and Port Kantaoui, Avenue 14 Janvier, near Les Oliviers. One of the many hotel bars (with separate entrance), this one though is somewhat classy with nice and relevant (4 stars hotel) more tunisian crowd, mixed european arabic music. A good place for pre-party on your way to B1. Dress normal. Sleep Don't compare the category directly to european hotels. Expect to take a star (or even two) from these hotels. 4 5 star hotels are recommended. Budget * Dmoz:Regional Africa Tunisia Localities Sousse Commons:Category:Sousse


to the driver. Stay healthy Tap water in Indonesia is not potable. So do not drink your hotel tap water unless you boil it first. Bottled water is very popular and not expensive, popular brand is Aqua, Ades, and 2 Tang. You can find bottled water in department stores and mini mart such as Indomart, Alfa Mart and in small street stalls. If in unfamiliar establishments or where you have no assurance of sanitation standards then take care with ice used in drinks, or water served to the table, ask

Allentown, Pennsylvania

to Allentown's proximity to Philadelphia, cheesesteaks are also popular. Yocco's Hot Dogs, a regionally well-known hot dog and cheesesteak establishment with six area locations, was founded in 1922 by Theodore Iacocca, uncle of Lee Iacocca. In addition, A-Treat (A-Treat Bottling Company), a regionally-popular brand of carbonated (Carbonation) soft drinks, has been based in Allentown since 1918. Sports

Greenville, South Carolina

part of the United States, Mrs. Eugenia Duke of Greenville, South Carolina, founded the Duke Sandwich Company in 1917 to sell sandwiches to soldiers training at nearby Fort Sevier. Her homemade mayonnaise became so popular that her company began to focus exclusively on producing and selling the mayonnaise, eventually selling out to the C.F. Sauer Company of Richmond, Virginia, in 1929. Duke's Mayonnaise, remains a popular brand of mayonnaise in the Southeast, although


. Max Factor & Company was a related, two-family, multi-generational international cosmetics company before its sale in '''1973''' for $500 million dollars. Presently, the Max Factor name is a popular brand of Procter & Gamble Co. (Procter & Gamble), which purchased the company in 1991. Born Radek Miszczak, Andrzej Cała: Beaty, Rymy, Życie: Leksykon muzyki hip-hop. Poznań: Kurpisz S.A., 2005, s. 375. ISBN 83-89738-75-9


Frucor date 13 April 2003 archiveurl http: web 20080619035054 http: default,153.v archivedate 19 June 2008 making it the most popular brand of energy drink in both countries. V is made in New Zealand and Australia by Frucor. V is available in six varieties, each sold in both 250 mL cans, 350 mL glass bottles and limited edition (Limited_edition#Limited_edition) 300 mL aluminium bottles, V has also recently released 500 mL cans. V

Papua New Guinea

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