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Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission

for the tests, rallying and pressuring the elected Prime minister Nawaz Sharif to take the decision. Benazir had political intelligence from within

Inter-Services Intelligence

, and sustaining military rule in Pakistan. The ISI was reorganised in 1966 after intelligence failures in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, and expanded in 1969. Khan entrusted the ISI with the responsibility for the collection of internal political intelligence in East Pakistan. Later on, during

; ref * Joint Intelligence X :coordinates all the other departments in the ISI. Intelligence and information gathered from the other departments are sent to JIX which prepares and processes the information and from which prepares reports which are presented. * Joint Intelligence Bureau :responsible for gathering political intelligence. It has three subsections, one devoted entirely to operations against India.<


on his thinking. Namier emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1906 and became a British subject in 1913. During World War I, he fought as a private with the 20th Royal Fusiliers in 1914–15 but was discharged owing to poor eyesight. He then held positions with the Propaganda Department (1915–17), the Department of Information (1917–18) and finally with the Political Intelligence Department (Political Intelligence Department (1918 - 1920)) of the Foreign Office (1918–20). At the Versailles Peace Conference (Paris Peace Conference, 1919) of 1919, Namier served as part of the British delegation. His area of responsibility was Poland, and his relations with the chief Polish delegate, Roman Dmowski, were antagonistic owing to Dmowski's anti-Semitism. Namier was seen as one of the biggest enemies of the newly independent Polish state in the British political environment. He changed the earlier proposed Curzon line by detaching the city of Lwów (Lviv) from Poland with a version called Curzon Line "A". It was sent to Soviet diplomatic representatives for acceptance. The earlier compromised version of Curzon line which was debated at the Spa Conference was renamed Curzon Line "B". http: personalNarrative ThesisI.htm http: pss 259884 http: lib tria tria10.htm '''Lechia Gdańsk''' ( Commons:Category:Lviv Wikipedia:Lviv Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine Provinces Lviv Oblast Lviv


exchange arranged by the Swiss Red Cross. He volunteered to return to China and was subsequently detailed to Joseph W. Stilwell as a member of an elite political intelligence team. The Arab slave trade originated before Islam and lasted more than a millennium. It continues today in some places. "Know about Islamic Slavery in Africa"


the U.N. investigators cheques paid to him by the late Hariri. Kanaan was Syria's most powerful intelligence chief in Lebanon, which was ruled by Syria until its military withdrawal earlier this year. He returned to Damascus (w:Damascus) in 2002 as political intelligence chief and joined the cabinet (w:cabinet) in 2004 (w:2004). "The government of Syria has kept this a secret because they don't want to be embarrassed," said Joshua Landis, a Fulbright Scholar living in Damascus (w:Damascus). "It's the ultimate sign of their weakness, because they can do nothing about this," said the professor from the University of Oklahoma (w:University of Oklahoma). WikiPedia:Damascus commons:دمشق


Dominican Republic

of the business complaints of the UFC, the U.S. embassy in Guatemala sent alarmist political intelligence to Washington, D.C. — that Guatemalan President Arévalo Bermejo allowed political rights to Guatemalan communist parties. Moreover, in keeping with his spiritual socialism philosophy, President Arévalo Bermejo supported the Caribbean Legion, a group of reformist Latin American military officers and intellectuals (Intellectualism) who plotted to depose (Deposition (politics)) right


Ioseliani won. She was then promptly crushed by Xie Jun (8½-2½) in the championship at Monaco 1993. Ludden was interned by the Japanese in Shanghai the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor but was released the following year in what was then Portuguese East Africa (now Mozambique) as part of a diplomatic exchange arranged by the Swiss Red Cross. He volunteered to return to China and was subsequently detailed to Joseph W. Stilwell as a member of an elite political

intelligence team. thumb 200px The Monument to the People's Heroes (Image:ShanghaiMonument to the People's Heroes.jpg) The '''Monument to the People's Heroes''' is a concrete structure in Shanghai, China. The structure is located at the confluence of the Suzhou Creek and the Huangpu River, within the grounds of the Huangpu Park. Foreigners of British origin who lived in Shanghai in extraterritorial areas from 1842 (due to the Treaty of Nanjing

White House

but was assigned to be H.R. Haldeman's liaison to the Committee to Re-elect the President (CRP) when it was formed in March 1971. CRP would become the center of the Watergate scandal. His duties at CRP focused on areas that he had previous experience with; as an advance man during 1970 mid-term election campaigns, he oversaw political operations. He testified as such before the Senate Watergate Committee and stated that John Dean oversaw all political intelligence-gathering


Army (United Kingdom) Territorial Army Anti-Tank unit (Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars). Following a course at the Staff College, Camberley, Major 'Freddy' Birkenhead was assigned to the Foreign Office's Political Intelligence Department, popularly known as the Political Warfare Executive, or PWE for short. He saw action in Croatia, as second-in-command of a sub-mission headed by Randolph Churchill, under Brigadier Fitzroy Maclean (Sir Fitzroy MacLean, 1st Baronet)'s 37th

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