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, a few kilometers to the northwest of Bohicon. He was a wise ruler, respected by the people. He enacted laws, named ministers and developed the bureaucracy, religious cult, and political culture that would characterize Dahomey. Houegbadja's symbols were a fish (houe), fish trap (adja), and war club hoe (kpota). Akaba had to build his own palace because of a particular custom of the Abomey royal family. At the death of each of the kings of Abomey, his palace became a funeral


-political culture, which would help in creating an Islamic State with well-defined institutions. The tradition of Islamic reform which was started in the reign of Korau was carried further during the reign of Sarkin Katsina Maje, who was noted for his desire to implement Islamic practices among his people. The outcome was that those among his subjects who were nominal Muslims were made to observe the obligatory prayers, and bachelors were forced to get married in order to live a decent life. Another

Petrolia, California

mi km , a trip of over an hour by car. Politics The area is liberal in political culture. Because of its isolation, the Mattole Valley has cultivated a reputation

Orono, Maine

nation , gained political subvention during the formation of Czechoslovakia. After the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1993, and the formation of independent Slovakia motivated interest in a particularly Slovak national identity.

Van Nuys, Los Angeles

the district, repair streets and energize the political culture of a district known for voter apathy." James Nash, "Leaving Office Ruth Galanter Offers Some Advice," ''Los Angeles Daily News,'' June 30, 2003 '''Woodley''' is a station on the Los Angeles Metro Orange Line (LACMTA Orange Line), in the Los Angeles County Metro Liner (Metro Liner (Los Angeles County)) system. It is named after adjacent Woodley Avenue, which travels north-south and crosses the east-west busway route. The station is in the Van Nuys (Van Nuys, Los Angeles) district of Los Angeles, in the San Fernando Valley.

Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan

At the meeting, association president Robert Campkin discussed how the unity of local mines would help increase the retrieval of lignite coal. The price of lignite

French Fifth Republic

of Power in France's Fifth Republic'' (2014) * Praud, Jocelyne and Sandrine Dauphin, eds. ''Parity Democracy: Women's Political Representation in Fifth Republic France'' (2011) * Rogoff, Martin A. ''French Constitutional Law: Cases and Materials'' (Durham, Carolina Academic Press, 2010. Thody, Philip. ''The Fifth French Republic: Presidents, Politics and Personalities: A Study of French Political Culture'' (1998) http

Carpathian Ruthenia

to Ukraine. The Treaty and its consequences dominated Hungarian public life and political culture in the inter-war period. In addition, the government of Hungary swung more and more to the right in those years; eventually, under Regent Miklos Horty, Hungary established close relations with Benito Mussolini's Italy and Adolf Hitler's Germany. The alliance with Nazi Germany made possible Hungary's regaining of southern Czechoslovakia in the First Vienna Award of 1938 and Subcarpathia (Carpathian Ruthenia) in 1939. But that and the subsequent military conquest of Carpathian (Carpathian Mountains) Ruthenia in 1939 still did not satisfy Hungarian political ambitions. These awards allocated only a fraction of the territories lost by the Treaty of Trianon, and in any event, the loss that the Hungarians resented the most was that of Transylvania. The music of Haydamaky is inspired by various ethnic music from around the world, especially from various regions of Ukraine, such as Polesia, Bukovina, and Transcarpathia (Carpathian Ruthenia). Other influences include the Romanian folklore, punk music (punk rock) sound of Shane McGowan and by the reggae of such bands like Burning Spear and Black Uhuru. Sometimes Carpatho-Rusyns (Rusyns) and Ukrainians who emigrated from Carpathian Ruthenia in the 19th century and the beginning of 20th century identify as Russian Americans. More recent emigres would often refer to this group as the 'starozhili', which translates to mean "old residents". This group became the pillar of the Russian Orthodox Church in America (Orthodox Church in America). Today, most of this group has become assimilated into the local society, with ethnic traditions continuing to survive primarily around the church. In the late 1920s, external pressure on the part of the Polish authorities seriously impaired further growth of Plast on its territory, and eventually led to an outright abolition of Ukrainian Scouting in 1928 in the Volyn region, and in Halychyna in 1930. However, Plast continued to flourish in Carpathian Ruthenia, the ethnic Ukrainian area within Czechoslovakia, and maintained a close liaison with the underground Scout units in parts of central Ukraine under the Soviet Union until World War II and Western Ukraine under Poland. **Patriarch Filaret (Mykhailo Denysenko) expanded by Irpen (User:Irpen) 07:13, Jun 9, 2005 (UTC) *New stub: '''Carpatho-Ukraine''', mostly material from Carpathian Ruthenia. ''—Michael (User:Mzajac ) Z. (User talk:Mzajac )  2005-06-7 02:10 Z '' *Wrote a bit of history for '''Ukrainian National Republic''', up to the start of the Directoriya. As a result of First Vienna Award Czechoslovakia was forced to give up territory to Poland and Hungary (southern Slovakia and Carpathian Ruthenia. While conflicts with Polish forces were minor, clash with Hungarian forces and partisans (''Szabadczapatok'') was more intense (starting in November 1939). From January to March 1939 (until Czechoslovakia was dissolved) heavy clashes occurred between Hungarian forces and guard and the army in Ruthenia. Czechoslovakian units were forced to withdraw in three directions - to Slovakia, Poland and Romania. During March the units also faced local insurgents (''Sičovci'') attempting to establish independent Ruthenian state (Carpatho-Ukraine).

Republika Srpska

* In '''Belgium''', the Flemish Region has an exclave, the municipality of Voeren (Fourons), whereas Wallonia also has an exclave, the municipality of Comines-Warneton (Komen-Waasten). The territory of the German-speaking Community of Belgium is also composed of two parts separated by a part of the French Community (French Community of Belgium). Apart from Baarle-Hertog, there are two municipalities consisting of non-contiguous parts: Ixelles Elsene (Ixelles) in the Brussels Capital Region and Mesen in West-Flanders. * In '''Bosnia and Herzegovina''', Posavina Canton is part of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina situated between Republika Srpska and Croatia. In this canton, Orašje is adjacent to Brčko District, which belongs to both entities, but Odžak is a true exclave. * In '''Brazil''': Residents of Gorazde try to maintain life in the town, now sieged by Serb-dominated areas of Republika Srpska. They suffer from destruction of basic infrastructures, shortage of utilities such as electricity, and hunger. Food supplies airlifted by U.S. C-130s flown from Germany help relieve food shortages, but Bosniaks have to risk their lives in the long winter trail to reach the airdropped packages.


in the Donbas (about 40%) and the Crimea (about 30%). Soviet conspiracy theories and political culture in Ukraine:Understanding Viktor Yanukovych and the Party of Region by Taras Kuzio (23 August 2011) Currently there are three major new airport terminals under construction in Donetsk, Lviv and Kiev, a new airport has already opened in Kharkiv

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