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Liverpool, Nova Scotia

Mouzar''' pronounced MOW-zer (born May 20, 1983 in Liverpool, Nova Scotia) is a Canadian (Canada) curler from Halifax, Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality). She currently plays lead for Kirsten Wall's Oakville, Ontario rink. JDI is also the largest shipbuilder in Canada with ownership of shipyards in Halifax (Halifax Regional Municipality), Pictou (Pictou, Nova Scotia), Liverpool (Liverpool, Nova Scotia), Shelburne, Nova Scotia Shelburne

Richfield, Minnesota

Current plans call for a center high-occupancy toll lane or price-dynamic shoulder lane, for the exclusive use of buses, high-occupancy vehicles, and drivers willing to pay the dynamically priced toll, running from Lakeville to downtown Minneapolis. Minneapolis Urban Partnership Agreement Minnesota Department of Transportation Urban Partnership Agreement '''Jessica Schultz''' (born January 2, 1985 in Anchorage, Alaska) is an American curler from Richfield, Minnesota. She currently plays lead for Erika Brown. :''For the school in Richfield, Minnesota, see Academy of Holy Angels.''

Anchorage, Alaska

, Minnesota . She currently plays lead for Erika Brown. - 150. Anchorage, Alaska '''KYES-TV''' 5 5 2006 UPN Fireweed Communications Corporation - '''Alyeska''' is an archaic spelling of the Aleut (Aleut people) word ''Alaska'' meaning "mainland", "great country", or "great land". The American (United States) state of Alaska derives its name from this word. Alyeska is related to the word ''Unalaska'' (or Ounalashka

Jacksonville, Florida

. He plays lead and rhythm guitar. He is also a founding member of The Rossington-Collins Band along with former Lynyrd Skynyrd bandmate, Allen Collins. He is the only original member still with the band. DATE OF BIRTH 1951-12-04 PLACE OF BIRTH Jacksonville, Florida


, hiking, music, art, and stereo photography (Stereoscopy). He plays lead guitar in Max Q (Max Q (Astronaut band)), a rock and roll band. His Canadian (Canada) parents, William, a land (Real estate) surveyor (Surveyor (surveying)), and Joyce Robinson, reside in Moraga, California. The '''Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize''' is a Canadian (Canada) literary award presented by Rogers Communications and the Writers' Trust of Canada after

in office. '''Dawsonite''' is a mineral composed of sodium aluminium carbonate hydroxide, chemical formula

. '''Donald "Don" Bartlett''' (born April 1, 1960 in Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador) is a Canadian (Canada) curler (curling) from Edmonton, Alberta. Until April 26, 2006, Barlett played lead for Kevin Martin (Kevin Martin (curler)). '''Andrew Gibson (Gibby


, frontman and manager of the band Behemoth, which he started when he was still a teenager. He also plays lead, rhythm and acoustic guitar (Steel-string acoustic guitar). For a brief time he used the alias Holocausto, WikiPedia:Poland Commons:Category:Poland Dmoz:Regional Europe Poland

United States

March 20, 1959), better known by his ring name '''Sting''', is an American (United States) professional wrestler (Professional wrestling), signed to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). He is best known for his years in World Championship Wrestling (WCW). '''Emily Saliers''' (born July 22, 1963) is an American (United States) singer-songwriter and member of the Indigo Girls. Saliers plays lead guitar as well as banjo, piano

and guessed which position he played. '''Gary Robert Rossington''' (born December 4, 1951, Jacksonville (Jacksonville, Florida), Florida, United States) is a founding member of Southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd. He plays lead and rhythm guitar. He is also a founding member of The Rossington-Collins Band along with former Lynyrd Skynyrd bandmate, Allen Collins. title Biography: Gary Rossington last Dillon

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